7 Essential Tips For The Jobseekers To Get Hired Within 24 Hours

Workclass.com, Tips For The Jobseekers to Get Hired Within 24 Hours - With Covid-19, the whole world has seen a tremendous change. So is employability. Finding the right job can be difficult, especially in the current situation. However, with a lesser number of jobs and a higher number of applications, there is severe competition among the employees. Jobs are taken based on 'first come first serve'. Timeliness is the key. Applying to the right job at the right time makes it easier to get selected.

Looking for a warehouse job, packer job, or an admin job? Are you failing to get selected just because you have not applied earlier? Worry not. We are here to help you solve this problem of timeliness. Get your job today by following our '7 essential tips for the job seekers to get hired by their employers within 24 hours'.

1. Contact employer directly after application

Have you seen a job advertisement on the Internet that you are interested in? Apply for the job and follow up with the employer.

Always find the employer and contact them directly. Also, apply on the employer's website, or send your resume to the employer’s office. This helps the employers to take note of you at the earliest. Various mobile applications such as our WorkClass Website. This App is available for all the devices be it Android, iOS, or Telegram.

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2. Pick up your phone

If you are a job seeker, always remember to pick up all your calls. It may be the recruiter or the employer. During unfortunate situations, you might be unaware of the call or missed the calls. But make sure to call back the number, even if you are not familiar with the number since it might be from the company you have sent your job application to. It is the most critical part of a recruitment process, if an applicant does not attend the call or return the calls, it is a negative sign for the hiring company. Attending the call straight away or calling back immediately will be a positive sign.

3. Have a complete resume with at least 2 positions

The resume is the critical document that you submit to employers in a job search. The goal of sending your resume to the recruiters and employers is to quickly help them understand whether your skills will be a match for the position you have applied to. When creating a resume always keep in mind that you should at least include 2 positions with relevant experience for the employers to shortlist you quicker.

You can upload resumes directly from the WorkClass App

If you do not have a resume, you can create one using the app. You can add you experience and education!

At the WorkClass app, there is an option to upload your resume, if you have one. If you do not have a resume, you need to add your details in the experience and education section, and the app will create a resume automatically for you.

4. Apply to jobs in which you worked before

Applying for a job is not simple. Quite a lot of homework needs to be done before applying. Whenever you are searching for a job, look for a job that matches your experience.

So, here comes the question, what is relevant experience, and why is it important?

Search from different categories such as Warehouse, Transportation, Retail, Admin and more!

Employers will be happy to take you into their company if you have relevant experience. When choosing to apply to a new job, always choose the jobs that are relevant to your previous job for getting selected sooner.

5. Apply as soon as you see a job listing

The employment market is always on the lookout for new talents. In recent times, it is common that one job listing gets more than 50-100 applicants. Also, the jobs are likely to get filled up within 5 days from the posting date. Well, how do you get selected in such a severely competitive environment? You must be proactive. Once you see a job post, you must immediately apply to it. Only if you apply for it sooner, you will be contacted sooner and recruited sooner.

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The pro tip: When you are looking for a job, always search for the jobs that are posted recently i.e within 24 hours. You can filter them and apply them to the newly listed jobs immediately. This will show the employers that you are very keen on taking up this job and will be a chance to contact you at once.

6. In the phone interviews ask questions and be engaged

A telephonic interview is the first mode of communication between you and your potential employer. You must impress them over the telephone with your effective communication.

  • Recruiters are worried that the applicant will be a “No show” for the interview. Make sure to be on time and attend the call without fail. It is the first impression that you make, let it be the best one.
  • Pick a quiet, comfortable, and private space with no distractions so you can focus on the interview.
  • When you are speaking with the employer or recruiter, try to communicate and be engaged well without any fear and explain clearly to the questions.
  • Ask for doubts if you have any. The questions you ask must be relevant to the job and company.

7. If you have not heard back after 3 days, apply for more jobs

Finally, once the interview gets completed and you do not hear from the employer or recruiter again for 3 days, make sure to apply for other jobs, so you do not leave out on your opportunities to get other jobs. Applying for more jobs will increase the chance of you getting a job sooner.

The Bottom Line

With these 7 simple yet crucial tips, you are bound to be employed within 24 hours. Being proactive and consistent, the chances of getting your dream job is easy. Job seekers are widely searching for jobs through Mobile platforms in recent times, and thus creating applications that work on Mobile devices such as WorkClass will be a boon if it is used right.

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