What is a cover letter and how do you write one?

How to write a cover letter?

Applying for a job that requires a cover letter? Except the only problem is that you have never written one before! Do not worry as this post has summarised all the important points that you will need to include in your cover letter.

A cover letter is a document with a maximum of one page, where you introduce yourself, highlight relevant skills and how those skills can add value. It is meant as an avenue to show your interests in the job and provide you with a higher chance of obtaining an interview.

Describe your current position and what led you to applying for the job, it would be good to add in the number of years of experience you have. Give reasons! Don’t just state that you are looking for a job and describe your motivations instead.

I’m a (current position) with ___ years of experience and I am looking for opportunities where I can make use of my skills in new and more creative ways. I’m excited at the possibility of bringing in my expertise and passion to help grow the company/ solve (problem company is facing).

Next, elaborate on your skills. Do your research about the company and explain how your skills can help add value to the company, especially if you know a problem the company is facing. Talk about how certain unique experiences have provided you with the skills needed to solve the problem. Some key skills that job recruiters are always looking for are adaptability and ability to pick up new skills fast.

I am aware that your company/ most companies in this industry are currently facing the problem of ___(explain the problem).
Go on to explain the experiences that led you to develop the relevant skills. Share relevant accomplishments.

Show your passion for the job. You want to come off as enthusiastic and eager as it can say a lot about your personality and attitude towards work. Try not to go overboard with the flattery, endlessly complimenting the company is not going to get you the job. Instead, pinpoint specific points that you like about the company such as the culture, working environment and so on. Be genuine and professional.


  1. Tell your story as to why you chose the company/ why you like the company
  2. Share your passion and how you want to contribute
  3. Provide insight about the company
  4. Do enough research about the company

The only disadvantage that a fresh grad has is the lack of experience. However, despite this, more often than not companies are looking for employees who are passionate about the role rather than someone who has the skills. In terms of experience, students can make reference to the internships they have done or even just their school achievements to explain how their skills were developed.

Always keep your cover letter within 1 page. No one would want to read a 3 page long cover letter. Keep it short and straight to the point, always remember to proofread you cover letter for grammar, spelling and flow.

Conclusion is, a cover letter is not compulsory for every job application and should usually be written for jobs at bigger companies, or if the competition is high. If the company specifically states a cover letter is not needed, sending one may result in the opposite effect.

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