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Account Executive Job Description - Account executive is part of the sales team whose role is leading communication between a business and clients. They are the key role in managing the company's clients, whether it's new or loyal clients. It takes strong passion in connecting with people to be a successful account executive.

The quality that makes account executives appealing to clients and companies is their competitiveness. Account executives usually are quite perceptible in pursuing their target or goal. It's visible that they want to gain as many top clients as possible and maintain their connection as best as they can.

Though it sounds like account executive is a job for ambitious people, anyone can challenge themselves. If you have a dream career of connecting with as many people as possible, an accountant executive probably is a good option. If you find this job interesting, eager to know more about the job description, read the rest of this article.

  • Create detailed business plans for the clients.
  • Ensure the business plan is feasible and strategic to reach the goals.
  • Find a client, connect with and keep them until the deal is secured.
  • Collect and secure new sales opportunities through networking and turn them into long term partnership. Maintaining networks can benefit the account executive and the company in the future. For example, they will be willing to use your company's service again next time and it will definitely benefit your company by revenue and good image as well.
  • After succeeding in selling the goods or securing the deal, provide service that makes the clients comfortable and consider using your service again.
  • Introduce and present the products to your prospective clients.
  • When you are assigned to handle a client, it's important to follow up the progress regularly. Contact them every two or three days to make sure the project's progress is going smoothly and according to the business plan.
  • If there's any trouble or complaint from the clients, you should respond to them well and this is probably when you need to prove that your good communication skills actually worked. After responding to the trouble, solve the problem with your team and make sure to solve it effectively.
  • Discuss and negotiate with clients until reaching final agreement.

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1. Diploma in Accounting

Many account executive job opportunities require candidates with Diploma in Accounting. Many also accept Diploma in Finance or fields related to business such as Business Administration and Marketing. Higher education degree is preferred. So if you intend to start your career in the sales sector as an account executive, you can consider studying Accounting.

2. Minimum 2-3 years' experience

Experience is valued highly in the sales sector. The longer experience that you have in this career, the company assumes that you are a high-flying account executive. That your years of experience and achievement as an account executive is potential in raising the company's revenue and improving the company's good image.

Do not worry if you're not qualified because you can't fulfill the year of experience requirement yet. There are job opportunities available for fresh graduates that you can apply for. You can also gain experience from an internship and state it on your resume so the hiring company has something to consider from your application.

If you're an Accounting student planning to work as an account executive when you have graduated, you should consider starting your career from now. It's better to build your career from now on.

Many companies also provide On the Job Training (OJT) for new employees. OJT is a training program for the new employee where they are introduced to their job and perform their tasks with guidance of the senior employees. The training period can last several months depending on the company's regulation.

Whether you are new in this job or just moved to a new job, you will receive OJT if you're a new employee in the company. Though you may already have experience as an account executive, OJT is excellent in introducing you to your new workplace. It's a great opportunity to make you adapt to the new workplace accordingly.

3. Proficiency in Microsoft Office

Microsoft Excel, Word, and most importantly, PowerPoint. These three are main apps an account executive should be adept at. Excel and Word are important because the two are main apps an account executive uses daily.

About PowerPoint, account executives usually need to do a presentation in front of the clients. In order to maximize their performance and make the clients understand better, creating a good PowerPoint is the key. This is also a task an account executive does regularly and it's better to be good at it to make this job easier.

Sometimes, an account executive is also required to be able to operate Microsoft Dynamics NAV. It's one of Microsoft Office apps that assists with finance, manufacturing, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), supply chains, analytics, and electronic commerce for small and medium-sized companies and local subsidiaries of large international companies. If you have the knowledge about this app, it would be advantageous because the company is likely to hire you.

4. Have knowledge of specific industry is preferred

The hiring company usually states requirements such as candidates must have or prefer to have knowledge in Goods and Services Tax (GST) and Enterprise resource Planning (ERP). These two are the knowledge that is directly related to this field of work.

However, the company would also appreciate it better if the candidates have knowledge in different industries. It has something to do with the potential clients. If they have extensive knowledge of other industries where their clients are working, it will be a great advantage.

For example, if an account executive works for clients working in the healthcare industry, they should also have knowledge in the healthcare industry. This can make both work on their project at ease and make the best result for catering toward the suitable industry.

5. Good Communication Skills

This qualification applies for both written and verbal communication skills. Account executives interact with people all the time in-person, on the phone, or over email. They discuss and follow up the projects with clients from start until the projects are cleared. It makes this job require someone who can are good at communicating in order to complete the job well.

6. Bilingual or multilingual is preferred

First of all, you need to be proficient in English both written and verbally. If you're fluent in English, you are already good. However, if you're also proficient in different languages, you must state them on your resume because your resume will be more advantageous.

The company is likely to hire you because most companies want to expand their business internationally. If they already have, they want to make the tasks that require communicating with clients or teams who are speaking different languages easier.

The languages that companies from Singapore mainly use are English and Mandarin. If you are planning to work as an account executive and want to develop your resume with languages proficiency, you should consider English, Mandarin, and other languages since people in Singapore speak various languages.

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Most account executives work full time, generally around 35 hours per week or five days a week, it depends on the company's regulation. There's also the possibility of working overtime to meet tight deadlines as well. If this happens, the company usually pays you more in lieu of overtime.

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The workplace depends on the sector of the company and their role is needed in a variety of industries. Account executives usually need a proper location to hold a meeting with clients. The ideal place is the company's meeting room that's designed to make both parties talk and discuss comfortably.

It's necessary because the accountant executives communicate with clients from the beginning when the deal is just a plan to the end when the deal finally comes true. It can take such a long process and both will go through all the stages to finally secure the deal.

The average salary of an account executive is S$34,408 per year according to Payscale. According to Singapore Indeed, the average is S$2,812 per month. Though the salary can be quite interesting, it also depends on the industry, location, and the scale of your workplace. Sales sector itself can be a lucrative career choice.

In Singapore, the top three companies that pay account executives high are Dell technologies, Cloudflare, and DocuSign. See how the three of them are under the technology sector. It means, if you aim for an accounting executive job that pays you well, you should consider working for a company engaged in the technology and services sector. 

Finally, an account executive is a job suitable for a person who is passionate about connecting with others. It's also an excellent career for a person who wants to gain excellent communication skills and is a high achiever. Whether the person has natural good communication skills or is eager to learn regardless of the skills. If it's you, then you should consider applying for this job and act now. You can start with finding available account executive job vacancies on

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