Best Answers To Why Do You Leave Your Job?

One of the most common questions interviewers ask is, “Why do you want to leave your current job?” The hiring manager want to know why you’re leaving so they can learn more about what’s important to you in a job and how you handle undesirable situations in your previous job. Out of many questions you have prepared before the interview, this question was not on your preparation list. Should you be honest about the toxic environment on your last job that makes you want to leave or find another good reason? Honesty is good, but in this case, you should reword any bad things that are happening at your current workplace or last position. Job interviews is when you show positive things and even if bad things are happening, make sure they are out of your control.

  • Looking for new opportunity to grow your career goals
  • If you have worked for years at the same company, you may face a dead-end job where you can't step forward to a higher position. Explain this to the recruiter or hiring managers that you didn't have option to advance your position with the current employer, therefore you're looking for new job to move onto higher position.

  • Leaving because you want to switch career into new industry or that your last job didn't actually match the job description.
  • Perhaps it's a burn-out or you have new interest you want to pursue. Tell to the recruiter or interviewer that you have new interest and passion you want to chase as your new career, and the job position you're applying for is very suitable with what you're looking for. Or you are simply looking for a career transition.

  • You're planning to relocate, so you had to leave your current job
  • You may want to move to another city or move out of your hometown, but the current job will be very far away from your new place that's why you want to leave your current job that is closer to your new place. Your last job is too heavy and you need a work life balance

  • You're looking for better pay and benefits
  • You've asked to your previous employer for a raise in your current position and more benefits but they say not possible anytime soon due to company's financial. You can tell to the recruiter or interviewer about this and explain why you deserve for a raise at your current job.

  • You're looking for a new challenge
  • Your current employer can't give you new things to learn or more responsibilities you've asked for and you feel like it's time for new challenge. Since you can't get it from them, now you're looking for it from another company.

  • The company downsized and layoffs happen. You were terminated or let go
  • This is out of your control and something that nobody expects. You can be open and honest about this reason to the recruiter or interviewer.

  • The company is facing bankruptcy
  • Same as the reason above just tell it like it is. You need to get a job before your employment with the current employer ends.

  • There is personal issue
  • For example you have to take care of your sick family member or you are dealing with your own health issue, the current job could make your health condition worse.

  • You're not actively looking for new job, but you were approached, and invited to the job interview
  • Probably your friends or former colleagues refer you to this job. You did not apply but as a courtesy, you sent your resume, and attend the interview. Let the interviewer knows about this.

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It is important for you to prepare the best answers to the most common job interview question, “Why did you leave your last job”. Of course, interviewer wants to know why you want to leave your last job and also your previous working experience and why you want to try working in a new environment.

This question is a little bit tricky to answer because the interview wants to determine whether it can be a risk to take you as employee and if this will the right job for you. As a representative for the new working place, the interview wants to know whether you want to leave your last job for good reasons or not as well as your working commitment.

Dealing with that question, you need to answer that wisely and also answer short but wisely. It is because from your answer, the interviewer will get insights regarding to who you are and how you handle the challenges in the work environment. Here are several examples of answers to answer that question.

Change in career

Sometimes you might work in the area which is not your passion and you need to takes it as soon as leaving college since you want to make money soon. If this condition happens to you and the job vacancy that you would like to apply is in line with your passion, in such a case, you can answer as follow:

“I realized that the my real passion is serving people because I am excited when meet and share with other people but I got a different working opportunity as soon as I graduated from the university. Now, I am ready to develop my consulting skill. I am really passionate to take this possibility with your company.”

New working challenges

Some people probably have worked in their area of expertise for years but want to get more challenges and learn new skill related to their skill. it could be that you want to increase your problem solving skills or want a management position. If you experience this kind of situation and apply in a new company, one of the best answers to “Why did you leave your last job” perhaps it can be a positive response like this.

“I have worked seven years working in the last company and now I am ready to challenge myself and advance my professional expertise. I am enthusiastic to learn something new and know that this position will enable me to use my previous expertise and also gain more knowledge about visual design.”

Family responsibilities

The reason why people leave their prior job might come from external factors such as a family. Perhaps, they need to start a family before developing more their career or need to take care a family member in need. This is an example of answer related to family responsibilities and personal reasons.

“I resigned from my previous job because my mother needs to be prioritized due to her health condition. During a break from the professional working life, I kept myself well-informed with the career development and opportunities in my area of expertise. Now, I am ready to work again and develop my skill and professional expertise.”

The best answers to “Why did you leave your last job” are you shouldn’t talk negative about previous work and offer positive things to the new company.

You don't like the job

Many people don't like their jobs, you're not alone. But it doesn't mean you should state this reason right away. Explain the reason with the opportunity you look for. For example, at my current job I have gained communication skill, but there is no room for me to learn more skills so I'm looking for a career change that is challenging to improve my other skills. You also might have a problem with your former boss and need a new environment. However, you dont want to sound bitter when the interviewer asks the question, so just answer it from a positive light and give the whole truth.

You want more money

Everyone wants to get paid more but sometimes companies can't accommodate or maybe don't want to do so. In a job interview, you can explain that you have developed strong skills at your current job but you want a company that can value your skills and experience. You're motivated to get more pay and benefits that match with your skills and experience.

You don't like the company

It happens to some of us but you should reword this answer. Say this instead, although the company is a great place to work but my personalities don't align with the company culture. I didn't feel that I was a good fit therefore I'm looking for new company that will be fit in with my personalities.

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The only golden rule for a job interview is you shall not bad-mouth your current or former employer. Highlight about positive things that you have and can offer to the new company, instead of bashing your employer. Read this blog for some career advice if you are wondering how to answer this specific interview question. Find Best Jobs in Singapore

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