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Can I have 3 jobs at once?

Yes, it is possible to have 3 jobs at once. If you have enough time and energy to work 3 jobs, it’s totally possible. You should take into account that all jobs combined should not exceed more than 44 Hours per week (read your contract). If you have multiple jobs because you want to learn new skills, you should go for it. Yet, if you just want to boost your income by working multiple jobs, there are a few things you should think about.

There is a clear difference between working for three different employers and working for 2 employers and freelance 1 job. If you want to freelance (for example write your own blog or do simple task on fiverr), a 3rd “job” might be unstable but less demanding on your time and energy.  In general, working three jobs is very, very tough and will likely consume all your time.

Things you should consider when you want to work for three different companies:

How far apart are the 3 jobs? (Enough time to travel between jobs?)

If the three jobs are very far apart, you might spend 2-4 hours every day travelling back and forth. This time if of course unpaid. Soon you will get annoyed and also stressed out about being on time. It might also be very expensive to travel from one job to another and you might end up paying 200+ SGD per month to go from one place to another. Depending on your circumstances, this might not be worth it at all.

Could you just earn more at your current job?

You should ask yourself if it is possible to simply work more hours at your first or second job. Maybe the hourly pay is not great, but you would save time and money travelling to your third job. You can even ask your boss for a raise if you consider working more hours. You can establish yourself as a core team member. Working more hours at your existing job might also be great for career advancement. Your boss considers you more committed and might even offer you a promotion. After a while you might even earn more working 2 jobs than working 3 jobs.

Do you have enough time for 3 jobs?

It might sound attractive. More jobs, more money. The time it takes to complete the work, over time, travelling back and forth and preparing for work might take too long. If your third job takes an additional 20 hours per week, you might have to rush for your first two jobs. Over time, you might also burn out. In the long-run, it might not be worth it to work three jobs if you get very tired and you have to stop all three.

Do you have enough energy for 3 jobs?

Working three jobs takes a toll on your energy. Do you have what it takes to work three jobs over a long period of time? You may find that over time, you run out of energy and fall into depression. Then, you have to take a break for 6-12 months. It is important to regularly exercise and eat clean in order to have a high level of energy for a long time.

Does your employer allow this?

Depending on your contract, you might need to check with your employer if you are allowed to have so many side hustles. Your employer might be totally against it and even outright forbid you to take on more jobs. Your employer wants you to do great work for them and they do not want you come to work late, tired and distracted. You might want to check with your employer first.


It is possible to have 3 jobs as long as you do not regularly exceed 44 hours per week.  It might be very exhausting to work at that many jobs and there might be a long travel time between jobs. Maybe it is even better to work more hours at your first or second job. Spending more time at your current job also gives you the opportunity to deepen your knowledge of the processes of your current employer. You might even get promoted. On the other hand, having 3 jobs allows you to have a very diversified income. In other words, it doesn’t matter if you get fired from one job, because you have two others.

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