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Are you allowed to have 2 part-time jobs?

are you allowed to have 2 part-time jobs

Are you allowed to have 2 part-time jobs? - With increasing prices and a continuously decreasing economy, more people struggle to make ends meet. If you are one of them and find it hard to manage your expenses with just one job, you might often wonder about getting another part-time job.

But before you decide on going for multiple jobs at once, there are a lot of legalities and terms and conditions you have to look out for. Honestly, it entirely depends on the policy of the company you are currently working with as a part-time employee and the employment contract you signed at the time of your appointment.

Most of the time, it isn’t compulsory for employees to let the people at their current job know of the new offices or companies they are joining as an added side hustle. But to ensure that you don’t get trapped in any legal proceedings in the future and save yourself from much hassle, it’s best to check with your current company and be as transparent with their administration as possible.

Also, due to the ever-expanding sea of social media, your employer will sooner or later find out about the fact that you have more than one job. It’s better to tell him beforehand to avoid any embarrassment in the future.

The fact that most companies don’t really mind two jobs, be it a full time job or part time, as long as it’s not affecting your performance might also motivate you to be true to your employer.

4 Ways to Balance Two Jobs

If, after checking with your company’s policy and having a one-on-one conversation with your employer, you’ve finally decided to get a second part-time job, here are some tips that can help you balance two part time jobs at once.

1. Make A Schedule & Manage Your Time

Time management is the most crucial thing that will help you manage both of your part time jobs successfully and keep your focus right without burning out. Though managing your time effectively is hard, you can follow these steps and perform this task efficiently.

Get Day Planner

According to a research report published by Carleton College, Northfield, Minnesota, daily time management and planning tasks regularly causes a significant increase in your productivity.

Though most people don’t give much importance to daily planners, they continue to struggle to manage their time effectively. But even if you don’t believe in making to-do lists and writing all your tasks down in one place, we highly recommend you try it once.

When you start a second part-time job, your schedule will get almost entirely packed, making it even harder for you to finish all the tasks by the end of the day. So, if you are struggling to sort your time out, it’s time to invest in a day planner.

Once you start writing down all of your tasks in one place before the next day commences, you will wake up with a more productive and fresh mind, adding to your motivation too.

Don’t Complicate Your Tasks

Another thing that stops you from getting started with your daily tasks and you end up procrastinating all day is their complex nature. To avoid this, it’s better to break all the tasks into simple, easy-to-follow steps and try to reach the final goal gradually.

You can also mix and match multiple tasks and reduce them to give more time to your part-time jobs. For example, instead of assigning separate slots to jog, walk, and go to gum on your checklist, skip driving to the gym and do jogging or walking on your way to it.

Creating To-Do-Lists

This is more or less a mixture of the two points we have explained above. To-do-list is a smaller and reduced version of daily planning. Here you create lists of the smaller tasks that support one big goal you want to achieve throughout the day. This is another effective strategy to keep you away from procrastination and manage your second jobs effectively.

2. Selecting The Right Second Job

The next thing to look out for is the nature of your second part time job. Though you always need to keep multiple things in mind while choosing a job, including your capacity, potential, and skillset, you must be even more cautious when deciding on the second one of the two jobs. Here are a few things you need to pay heed to while selecting a second part-time job for yourself.


One of the primary reasons that compel most people to go for multiple jobs is generally money-related. If you are also deciding on getting another part-time job because of additional income, you need to upgrade your skills and go for a job that pays you more than what you are getting from your current role.

For example, if you are a software firm writer, you can also start working as a freelance writer to earn more money. Similarly, teachers can work as private tutors; graphic heads can start giving graphic designing lessons, and much more.

Changing the Field

Another reason why some people try getting multiple jobs is their desire to switch their filed because of a conflict of interest. If the position you are currently working in isn’t what interests you, and you want to start anew somewhere but aren’t ready to take any risks, you should get part-time jobs in your field of interest.

You can even get other jobs at a place that’s entirely new for you and learn new skills that might help you excel more in your life and open the doors of new opportunities.


The third and most important thing that is also going to save you from getting all burnt out in the future from your jobs is the location of your new office. To keep yourself from additional expenses and getting tired in a short period, try finding the second of the two jobs you do near your day job or in your neighborhood.

3. Efficient Management of Finances

You can be entirely sure that two part-time jobs will get you a large amount of cash. But once you get your hands on all that cash, you need to be extra mindful in spending the income coming to you. Remember the day planner thing we talked about earlier? You are supposed to do more or less the same with your financial management.

At the beginning of every month or even before that, i.e., during the end days of the last month, make a budget list. Draw a line in the middle and write all your needs on one side and all your wants on the other. Once you get your paychecks from both jobs, spend first on your needs and once you have a good amount left, start considering your wants.

While doing so, don’t ever forget about the debt you have to pay off, the house rent, electricity bills, and all such compulsory duties.

4. Spend Quality Time With Yourself & Your Friends and Family

It requires a lot of effort and discipline to maintain a work-life balance, but as they say, you've got to do what you have to do; we have brought some tips for you to follow if you want to spend quality time with your loved ones. Also, this is one way to give yourself a break and feel relaxed and calm.

Don’t Skip Exercise

Most workaholics often skip their exercise and gym, which eventually tires them up for the entire week. Moreover, you can’t take gym and other physical activities for granted as they aren’t just beneficial for your physical well-being but equally good for your mental health and reduce stress.

So, while making your schedule or filling up your daily planners, ensure to include exercise in that and don’t ever reach the point where you keep ignoring the exercise box every other day due to your hectic routine of balancing multiple jobs.

Develop Healthy Eating Habits

Nothing can boost your immunity and positively affect your mood more than good food. Unlike what most people think, good food doesn’t always mean junk meals or other unhealthy snacks. In fact, you never feel relaxed after consuming all that heavy food.

If you want to keep yourself active and fresh throughout the next week, it’s better to make a meal plan to follow for the next week and stick to that. Include as many healthy food items as possible, as junk food will make you feel tired and lethargic. 

Give Yourself a Break

If you don’t want to overburden yourself and eventually get all burn out at the end because of all the extra workload you are taking from your clients, it’s crucial to take a day off for at least one day of the week.

On the contrary, if both your part-time jobs are too hectic, allowing you to take merely a few hours of break throughout the day, switch off all your gadgets during that free time and spend some alone time with yourself. You can’t begin to imagine the positivity and calmness this will bring to your life.

Spend Time With Your Loved Ones

Even if your schedule is busy and occupied, try your best to free it up, sit with your friends and family and spend as much time as possible with them. This will prevent you from getting detached from your surroundings and give you a reality check now and then.

Sort Out Your Sleeping Schedule

To be able to shine at both of your part-time jobs, you need to be extremely mindful of your sleeping schedule. A healthy mind lies in a healthy body, and getting adequate sleep is the most significant thing to help you with this. No matter how tempting staying awake at night seems, don’t sacrifice your night’s sleep for anything.

Some Flexible Side Hustles

At this point, you have almost all the things sorted to join the second job including the answer to the question that was troubling you i.e., whether you can have a second part-time job or not to some tips to help you maintain a balance between them.

To help you a bit in finding the right second part-time job, we have listed down some flexible side hustles that you can choose from.


Over time, more and more people are moving towards freelancing or remote jobs. Some still deal with it as a side hustle, while others have finally taken it up as a full-time job. With freelancing, you won’t struggle much in keeping up with your schedule and can join as many projects as you want per a week. Also, managing two remote jobs won't be too hard for you.

Online Tutoring

With this job, you can decide on the number of hours you want to invest in a day and can earn as much money as you want. Also, tutoring isn’t a hard job considering that you know what subject you are good at and have experience explaining its main concepts to others.

Ride-share drivers and the service industry are some other lucrative side hustles or part-time jobs you can consider and earn a decent amount.

Final Thoughts

To summarise this whole discussion, we would like to add that we genuinely believe in the saying “Better safe than sorry.” So, before getting started with your new job, it’s best to check your company’s policy or contract and consult with the HR department, if possible.

You need to be extra cautious about any conflicts that may arise in the future because many employers don't feel secure if you decide to work in the same field for two different organisations. To be safer, you can also discuss your side hustles with an advocate and seek legal advice on this matter.

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