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Best Career Quiz You Will Take This Year


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Best Career Quiz You Will Take This Year

Confucius once said, “Choose a job that you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”. Have you ever agonised over your career path? Don’t worry! You are not alone in this struggle! There are millions of people in this world that hope to find their dream job ASAP. Do not feel worthless just because you are unsuitable for some company. Sometimes, it is just a problem of misfit. A career change based on your personality may do the magic. Now, let's proceed to the free career quiz and find out your personality type:

Begin your personality quiz here!

1. If you’re going on a holiday! Pick a location

  • a) A solo adventure trip around unfamiliar European cities
  • b) A family trip to Hong Kong Disneyland
  • c) A volunteer learning journey to less-privileged countries
  • d) I am a hustler! I don’t have time for this travelling nonsense

2. What gets you most excited?

  • a) Discovering new things
  • b) Mentoring others
  • c) Helping the needy
  • d) Money

3) If you’re a boss, how do you envision yourself?

  • a) An easygoing boss - anything goes
  • b) A nurturing boss - I will help you if you need me
  • c) I don’t want to be a boss
  • d) HAHAHA, a slave driver of course!

4) How would you spend time with your significant other during the weekends?

  • a) Museums! We love art installations and cafes!!
  • b) Anywhere as long as we can spend quality time
  • c) Doing volunteer work!
  • d) Aiya! As if I have time to waste on them.

5) What would your office look like if you were a boss?

  • a) An open-style office - I don’t like enclosed spaces
  • b) A conventional one will do
  • c) I don’t wanna be a boss…
  • d) An atas office! Preferably located somewhere along Shenton Way.

According to the test, your personality type is...

Mostly A(s)Innovator
Mostly B(s)Caretaker
Mostly C(s)Humanitarian
Mostly D(s)Hustler

1) The Innovator

A promoter carrying the food for sale.

For the inquisitive and creative minds, an unrestricted work environment matches your personality. For starters, you can try the promoter industry. The promoter industry tests your creativity - a promoter needs to know how to persuade. A good promoter must be able to think of their product’s edge and weaknesses over their competitor. For instance, you will need to be able to promote the special features of your merchandise. Some more experienced promoters may even think of ways to refute criticism against their product and change it into the selling point. You will need to constantly put on the thinking caps and seek difficult questions in your mind. Furthermore, your office is ever-changing because you are likely to hop from place to place to advertise to different groups of audiences. For those who love to work to challenge your wits, we advise you to try promoter jobs.

One of the hottest industries in Singapore is the digital marketing sector. In this digitalized society, more companies are becoming aggressive in their social marketing campaigns. Digital marketers need to produce digital content that can come in the form of e-poster, promotional videos and social media blogs. If you are relatively interested in design and content writing, the digital marketing sector is definitely one sector you should look out for in your next job hunt.

2) Caretaker

A kindergarden teacher educating the kids.

Are you one of those types who loves to care for others? That is why you fall under this personality type. The caretakers love imparting their skills and knowledge to the younger colleagues. They are characterised by their “busybody” nature, which often leads them to give excessive help to the younger generations.

Some industries suitable for caretakers are the education sector and coaching sector. These industries are known for their helpful professionals who will take the extra mile to encourage their students.

An example of a job in the education sector is a preschool teacher. Preschool teachers teach relatively simple content to children aged 3 to 6. A normal preschool teacher can earn about $2000 in Singapore. For the other “elite” preschools, the pay can go up to $3000. Regardless of the “eliteness” of the preschool, this job is quite manageable and pays relatively well. Do consider trying as a preschool teacher if you really love to teach and interact with kids.

The coaching sector is another industry worth trying. If you are someone with athletic talents and hope to mentor people. You can sign up to be a private hire coach. The private coaching sector is rather lucrative. For instance, has a swimming coach job that pays up to $80 per hour. Why wait? If you are a certified swimming coach and wish to educate other people, hop on to our website now before the position is taken by the others.

3) The Humanitarian

Humanitarian helping the elderly.

Earning big bucks is not your main concern. You are more interested in helping the needy than being a corporate slave. For the humanitarian, you can try researching social enterprise, which is basically a business that aims to fund and employ the less privileged. Social enterprises are rare in Singapore because of the low profit and social stigma against disadvantaged workers. If you are really determined to carve a career focused on helping the underprivileged, do try to venture into social enterprises to provide maximum help.

Of course, there are other easier options like social work and therapists, which can help the disadvantaged in their own meaningful ways. For humanitarians who would like to be employed in the social work sector, you can try several organisations like MINDS or NGO(s) that aim to help the afflicted. These organisations do provide a modest salary that is sufficient for a frugal lifestyle. Being a therapist is another viable option as it has a decent salary and you can help others at the same time. Different types of therapists include behaviour therapist, family therapist, and pastoral therapist.

Hence, do check out the social work and social enterprise sector for those keen on doing humanitarian work as a living.

4) The Hustler

A hustler posing in an office.

Lastly, we have the Hustler. You are someone who focuses on personal achievements over other matters. To put it simply, you don’t give jackshit about other things except for earning profit and gaining recognition in your respective field. For the hustlers, the finance sector is definitely the industry you should pursue. You can enter the finance sector even without any prior knowledge in this field. For those that are interested, you can try for financial advisor jobs hosted on to kickstart your career. Depending on your sales, you can earn above $10,000 if your sales are really superb. The sales and closed deals are highly dependent on the hours spent on customer poaching. If you are someone that is really driven to find customers, this job is the right fit for you. Most importantly, this job does not require any fancy qualification to enter. Most financial planning companies are looking for motivated individuals that can help them to find customers. Be brave and try this golden opportunity out if you are the hustler type!

Hurray! Now that you have understood your personality and career prospects, do check out one of the top job portals in Singapore Remember that every choice that you make adds on or diminishes your life fulfilment. Be sure to choose your career wisely as it is going to be a skill you are honing for the rest of your life.

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