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20 Best Company to Work in Singapore

20 Best Company to Work in Singapore - First of all, you need to define what “best company” means. Most employees will agree that the best company is the company that pays their employees for what they’re worth. Their salary from the company itself should be able to meet the living needs of their employees.

In 2020, SEEK Asia, The Network, and Boston Consulting Group partnered to do the research and found out that Singapore is the eight top work destination. Singapore went up from 24th in 2014 to eight place in six year is a drastic change. According to the research, the result of this change is likely due to how well Singapore is managing their country during Covid-19 outbreak.

While Singapore attracts foreign people to work in Singapore, not many Singaporeans actually want to work abroad. The competitive workforce culture in Singapore is already known worldwide. It means not only this situation pushing Singaporeans to compete with each other but also foreign people. It’s also supported with the fact that competitiveness is also the selling point for talent.

This competitiveness drives people to work in their dream company, the best company in Singapore. What is the best company to work in Singapore?

Statista has released Singapore's best employers list in 2022. It is generated from surveys done by employees of companies eligible for this survey. The eligible company for the ranking is every company that has at least 200 employees. There are more than 1,700 employers listed by industry, employer databases, and desk research. This survey has collected data on over 17,000 employees. Here are the top 20 best companies to work in Singapore according to a Statista survey.

Industry: IT, Internet, Software and Services

Google Singapore ranked as number one best employer in 2022 for a reason. It means most of the employees participating in this survey chose Google Singapore as the best employer. They rated the employers based on their job, work environment, and the employer’s reputation. It also means that these employees are likely to recommend their company to family and friends.

This Asia-Pacific headquarters of Google was established in 2007. Through the years, this company is growing fast. As Google is getting bigger, this company also attracts foreign people to work in Google Singapore. It means Singaporeans would have to compete with foreigners as well to secure a job in Google Singapore.

Besides being known for the office’s breathtaking facilities, they also pay their employees well and give other benefits. For example, the average annual mid-level base salary for a product specialist position is S$116,000. A product specialist also receives a cash bonus S$24,000 for mid-level annually.

Industry: Government Services

EDB is Singapore’s first governmental agency to make the top 10 best employers in the past three years. Being ranked number second as best employers in 2022, they must have ensured the welfare of the employees. This led to EDB getting the second most votes from employees participating in this survey.

Industry: Retail and Wholesale

The third place belongs to The LEGO Group that got a score only 0.01 lower than EDB that scored 8.72. LEGO is popular as the manufacturer of play materials. In Singapore, they have several branches of business such as LEGO Education, LEGO Foundation, LEGO Ventures, and LEGO House that only moved from Denmark to Singapore in 2021. Not only does LEGO Group expand their business, but also ensure their employees are satisfied with their company.

Industry: Semiconductors, Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Technology Hardware and Equipment

Apple is a successful company behind iPhone, Mac, iPad, and wearables, home, and accessories. Their office in Singapore succeeded in not only extending the positive brand image and the company, but also the employees’ well-being in the workplace as it’s ranked in top five Singapore’s best employers in 2022.

Industry: Banking and Financial Services

Wise is a financial service company that works on making international money transfer cheaper, simpler, and more accessible. Their office in Singapore is known for giving the employees flexibility and more autonomy. This is the quality that makes the employees satisfied with the employer and workplace environment and make Wise ranked in top five Singapore’s best employers in 2022.

Industry: Packaged Goods

You are probably already familiar with the P & G company, especially if you also use their leading brands such as Gillette (shaving products), Head & Shoulders (shampoo and hair care products), Pampers (baby diaper products), and Tide (detergent products). In Singapore, this company has grown significantly since 1987. They are expanding to create more innovation with P&G Singapore Innovation Center (SGIC) and making an impact through community programs.

Industry: Aerospace and Defense

Singapore is the regional hub of Rolls-Royce that focuses on manufacturing aerospace. They also promote innovative research and development in the region through private and public partnerships. They work closely with Singapore’s top universities and government agencies. Their success can be tracked from how satisfied the employees working in Singapore Rolls-Royce are in the long-term.

Industry: Education

Tanglin Trust School Singapore is a British-based learning international school established in 1925, the oldest in Southeast Asia. Their employees work for this school 8.6 years on average. This number has ranked them number eight in Singapore’s best employers in 2022.

The school put forward a family-like environment and gave the employees room to grow through mentorship programmes. This programme includes providing mental and emotional support for the employees, also introducing culture, people, and environment of the school. It resulted in fostering a sense of belonging among the employees that also grew the spirit to look out for one another.

Industry: Education

Sharing a tight score with Tanglin Trust School, both scored 8.40. UWCSEA’s employees are professionally curious and always striving to do their utmost for the students by fostering curiosity, caring, compassion, and empathy. Their teamwork and dedication to their job at UWCSEA make this academic institution placed as number nine in Singapore’s best employers in 2022.

Industry: Utilities

City energy is a company that supplies piped town gas in Singapore. Other than that, they also have a retail branch business that sells home appliances. City Energy also won other awards such as Singapore Prestige Brand Award 2020/21 and Superbrands Singapore’s Choice in 2022.

Industry: Clothing, Shoes, Sports Equipment

UNIQLO is one of the successful clothing apparel companies in this era and is expanding in Asia rapidly. If there’s quality that can be seen in UNIQLO employees is how well they get along. They bond through team projects that involve the community. As a result of their strong relationship, they are likely to feel satisfied with the company they are working at.

Industry: Clothing, Shoes, Sports Equipment

Similar to UNIQLO’s company, Adidas is a company that sells clothing, shoes, and sports equipment. However, they scored 8.27, 0.03 lower than UNIQLO. Overall their score is still high.

Industry: Transportation and Logistics

According to Glassdoor, FedEx is one of the top shipping and trucking companies in Singapore. This company originated from the United States and started a branch in Singapore in 1998. As ecommerce business keeps growing significantly, FedEx Singapore also keeps growing and hiring more employees to meet the company’s goals.

Singapore itself is the world’s second busiest port in container volume terms and one of the trading center activities. Making companies in the transportation, logistics, and shipping field fit well to be established in Singapore. FedEx can be a successful company because of this reason as well as the employees’ hard work in making sure the company meets the goals.

Industry: Semiconductors, Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Technical Hardware and Equipment

Besides scoring 8.26 in the Statista survey, KLA also got an overall rating of 4.0 out of 5 from Glassdoor. 1,269 reviews are left anonymously by employees and 81% of them would recommend family and friends to work at KLA. The reason this rating should also be considered is the rating has been stable over the past 12 months which make the reviews quite credible.

This is also supported by the KLA programme that encourages employees to improve the environments in which they live and work by reinforcing the company's commitment to environmental, social and governance (ESG) activities. This programme also led the employees to look out for each other.

Industry: Restaurants and Food Services

As stated from Starbucks Singapore’s site, it’s part of the strategy to make the employees not only workers but also partners. It means the company has the strategy to ensure the employees are satisfied with their working environment. The company also actively encourages the employees to build strong teamwork.

This strategy succeeds because they are open about their awareness of how important it is for employees to have strong relationships among one and another. It can boost their sense of how well the workplace environment in Starbucks Singapore.

Industry: Banking and Financial Services

The strength of the Bank of America branch in Singapore is that they’re using a people-centric approach. It includes with them hiring diverse employees, develops and deploys technology to enable them in their work, supports them with wellness programmes and employee networks. They also encourage the employees to volunteer for causes close to their heart.

They also encourage the employees to start initiative and enable them to map out their career path. The company’s initiative to let the employees be more flexible and independent enough to do what they want to expand their career is truly admirable.

Industry: Health Care Equipment and Services

This is the second time Illumina is honored as one of Singapore’s best employers in 2022 consecutively. Started with 10 employees in 2008, they have 1,300 employees now. The significant growth is supported with the ecosystem they build to develop, grow, and thrive the best possible employees’ end-to-end experience as well as the company.

Industry: Education

SAS has received honor as one of Singapore’s best employers titles three times consecutively. It means that this academic institution has fulfilled the eligibility to be listed in the list of the eligible companies. The fact that they are on the list for three times in a row, means they succeed in maintaining the employees’ satisfaction with their experience of working in SAS. That they can ensure the employees’ wellness in their workplace through a programme the academic institution usually holds.

Industry: Telecommunication Services, Cable Supplier

Motorola Solutions has been recognized worldwide as a company that has the best employers. The list is quite long such as recognized by Forbes America’s Best Employers for Diversity and Best Large Employers in 2021, Built In Chicago 100 Best Places to Work in Chicago in 2021, Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index in 2021, Disability Equality Index Best Places to Work in 2021, Bloomberg Gender Equality Index in 2019, and many more.

As a tech company, their work focuses on technology leadership and Environmental, Social & Corporate Governance (ESG). This set of focus enables them to encourage the employees to be more conscious about their part in the company. That they’re not just employees but also have the capability to lead and share their initiatives related to the company’s fields.

Industry: Banking and Financial Services

JP Morgan Chase placed number 20 in the final list of this survey held by Statista and scored 8.08. Even though this score is lower, the company still holds as one of Singapore’s best employers in 2022 because JP Morgan Chase ticked off the eligibility to be in this list.

This company also provides a lot of learning scope and has a good work culture. It makes the employees have the tendency to feel comfortable with their workplace environment and also have less hurdles in expanding their career in this company.

The 20 best companies to work in Singapore mentioned above are taken based on a survey held by Statista for Singapore’s best employers in 2022. The companies listed above are rated by how satisfied employees are with their employer and their workplace environment, that make them would recommend the company they are working at to family and friends. 

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