20 Best Company to Work in Singapore

Looking for the best companies to work for in Singapore? You're in luck! Workclass, a global job search platform, has compiled a list of the top 20 employers in Singapore across various industries. Explore job opportunities and take your career to new heights.

Industry: IT, Internet, Software and Services

Google Singapore, ranked as the number one best employer in 2022, offers a fantastic work environment and incredible career growth opportunities. Join the Google team and shape the future of technology.

Industry: Government Services

EDB, Singapore's top governmental agency, is renowned for ensuring the welfare of its employees. Explore job openings at EDB and contribute to Singapore's economic growth.

Industry: Retail and Wholesale

The LEGO Group, famous for its play materials, offers exciting career opportunities in Singapore. Join the LEGO family and bring joy to children around the world.

Industry: Semiconductors, Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Technology Hardware and Equipment

Apple, the powerhouse behind innovative products, extends its positive brand image to its employees. Explore job opportunities at Apple Singapore and be part of their success story.

Industry: Banking and Financial Services

Wise, a financial service company, focuses on making international money transfers more accessible. Join the Wise team in Singapore and make a difference in the financial industry.

Industry: Packaged Goods

Procter & Gamble is a renowned company with a wide range of popular brands. Join P&G Singapore and contribute to creating innovative products that enhance people's lives.

Industry: Aerospace and Defense

Rolls-Royce's regional hub in Singapore focuses on manufacturing aerospace components. Join the Rolls-Royce team and be part of cutting-edge technological advancements in the industry.

Industry: Education

Tanglin Trust School, the oldest international school in Southeast Asia, offers a nurturing environment for both students and staff. Explore job opportunities and become part of the Tanglin Trust community.

Industry: Education

UWCSEA is committed to fostering curiosity and empathy among its students. Join the UWCSEA team and make a positive impact on young minds.


City Energy plays a crucial role in supplying piped town gas in Singapore. Explore career opportunities and contribute to Singapore's energy infrastructure.


UNIQLO, a rapidly expanding apparel company, values teamwork and community engagement. Join the UNIQLO team and be part of a global fashion brand.


Adidas Singapore, a leading sports brand, offers exciting career opportunities for sports enthusiasts. Join Adidas and contribute to the world of sports fashion.


FedEx is a top shipping and logistics company with a strong presence in Singapore. Join the FedEx team and be part of a global network of delivery excellence.


KLA, with its commitment to environmental and social activities, offers a fulfilling work experience. Join KLA and contribute to cutting-edge technological advancements.

Industry: Restaurants and Food Services

Starbucks Singapore creates a welcoming environment for both customers and partners. Join the Starbucks team and be part of a global coffee community.


Bank of America's people-centric approach and career development initiatives make it an excellent employer. Join Bank of America and shape the future of banking in Singapore.


Illumina Singapore provides exciting opportunities in the field of healthcare and genetic research. Join Illumina and contribute to advancements in personalized medicine.


SAS, a leading international school, offers a rich learning environment for students and staff. Explore career opportunities and join the SAS community.


Motorola Solutions is recognized as one of the best employers globally. Join Motorola Solutions Singapore and be part of a company committed to technological innovation.


JP Morgan Chase, a renowned financial institution, offers exciting career opportunities in Singapore. Join JP Morgan Chase and take your finance career to new heights.

These 20 companies offer incredible opportunities and excellent working environments. Explore the links and start your journey towards a rewarding career with these top employers in Singapore.

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