Best Packer Resume Guide You Will Read This Year, Best Packer Resume - WorkClass’s long-awaited resume series is back. Users have been requesting a packer resume guide. Many of our young packer job applicants were annoyed by the rejection messages

One of the reason is due to their lack of work experience. Recruiters normally look for workers with some basic knowledge of the warehouse industry. It is a very tedious process for the supervisors to constantly retrain new workers. Some factories even offer a higher salary to keep the veteran packers.

Many of you must feel disheartened at this point. Don’t worry. Let us walk you through the ways to write a good resume.

Why Bother?

Why bother doing a resume.

As an HR professional, we have several tea sessions with big companies like Shopee, Grab and Singpost. One of the most important things is the candidate’s ability to pay ATTENTION TO DETAILS.

As the work environment of a warehouse is rather risky, there is a high risk of injuries and accidents. If a worker is careless, it may result in many problems for the company.

To show that you are indeed meticulous and safety-conscious, you will need to write certain keywords in your resume (which will be elaborated later). A well-organised resume with few grammatical errors will show that you are indeed a careful and organised person.

There is no need to have a high educational attainment to be a packer. What is more important is that the candidate is responsible, careful and safety conscious.

What Are The Employers Looking For In A Packer Resume?

1) Clear Structure

Clear Structure.

Our previous resume series has elaborated on the Applicant Tracking System (ATS), and how it filters incomplete and messy resumes. The ATS is normally set to scan for these 7 Key Sections:

  • Header
  • Personal Information
  • Summary/Objective
  • Key Skills
  • Professional Experience/Work Experience
  • Education
  • Certifications (if any)

Those without these 7 essential sections are bound to get rejected even before the resume reaches HR. Do yourself a favour by formatting the resume in the above structure.

We also stressed the importance of parallel listing in our previous blog post.

Packer Table.

Parallel Listing means adopting the same grammatical structure for your bullet points. This is to ensure that your lists follow fluidly. For instance, in the “wrong” section above, the list starts with “maintaining”, a present participle, to the next sentence “operate”, which a verb. This makes a resume difficult to read and will highly possible to end up in the office’s trash bin.

Do yourself a favour by adopting a uniform grammatical structure between your bullet points.

Relevant Traits

Relevant Personality traits.

  1. Procedural
  2. Attentive
  3. Physically-Fit

Needless to say, some soft skills will make you stand out as a candidate. We have noticed that applicants that include these 3 qualities have a considerably higher chance of getting employed.

A procedural mindset is important, as a packer has a high chance of working in a production line, which requires a systematic approach towards assembling the material/goods. You can easily display this quality by crafting a well-structured resume, which employers think is a very good indicator of that quality.

An attentive mind is required of a packer. The most important aspect of a packer is his/her efficiency. If a worker can carry out the task quickly without committing any errors, he/she is an outstanding packer who is exactly what recruiters are seeking from a packer.

Physically Fit is a must. The guys are needed to carry heavy loads to different points in the warehouse. Some may need the male packers to do the loading and unloading of goods. Be sure to build up your strength before delving into the warehouse industry.

Statistically Driven Resume

Statistically driven resume.

Do not make casual claims about your efficiency in the achievement section. Back up your claim with statistical evidence. For instance, “Assisted in production overhaul from 8 to 5 seconds, helped the company save $1000 a year”. Read more about statistical driven resume HERE.

Where To Build Resume?

Where to build a resume.

The most important question. If you are experiencing any difficulty crafting a resume, WorkClass is here to help you. CLICK HERE to access WorkClass own resume builder. We wish you all the best for landing a packer/picker job.

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