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Are you in need of a part-time job? If you are a student, then you may be looking for ways to make some extra money. Luckily, there are many options available to you. In this blog post, we will discuss how to find a part-time job that is perfect for students!

It is common for college students to want more pocket money, whether to meet basic or secondary needs. The thing they need to do to get money is work for sure. As they still have school to attend, they can't work full-time nor use the college degree because they're not graduated yet. Part-time jobs make the best solution for college students who want to get more money, more experienced, and skill development.

Since college students mean they're not graduated yet and have not received the degree, it is possible to put high school or any equivalent formal education degree to qualify for the job vacancy requirements. They are also allowed to inform the employers that they're still a college student in their resume.

This honest information will give the college student or candidate a proportional amount of work because employers will take account of that information and consider how to make it work if they actually want to hire them.

In this era, many job markets are open to potential candidates or employees who have not yet earned their college degrees. So throw away if you, a college student who wants to **work part-time**, worry about lack or no job vacancy for college students. There are varieties of job vacancies available for college students and it's up to you on how to pursue it.

As an industrialized country, Singapore is also one of the countries that offer various job vacancies at any level. There is a big demand to fill the various jobs in such a busy and developed country to maintain their fast-paced productivity. Thus making job vacancies available for college students at entry-level is possible and getting more common.

In this article, you will be informed about taking part-time jobs for college students in Singapore. This article will provide reasons to consider taking a part-time job as a college student in Singapore, how to find the job vacancy, and what are the job options available for them.


Mentioning the chance of receiving more money by taking a part-time job as a college student is the basic interest of this idea. The reason they want it is also to gain financial independence.

They can use it to fulfill their basic to secondary needs but also wish it to not interfere with their school activity. By working early, gaining income early, keeping it as a healthy routine, they will also learn to manage the money well earlier and that will also be beneficial for their future.

By working early, you will gain experience and develop your skills early. It will also help you to survive such a competitive world. The fast-paced life in Singapore should already have warned you since you were young. That you have to keep going and accelerate your skills if it's possible.

This world is making the younger generation start everything early. Such as attending school early, getting a job as soon as you finished school, or, getting a job while you are still a student. All of these must have been done and expecting to build a career as early as possible.

This reality makes the young generation think that they have to hustle from such a young age. Despite such a situation, it is necessary to focus on the solution as well. So you will not only be burdened by the problems but also focus on bettering yourself and actually make progress for yourself. At the end of the day, you are your own person that needs to survive this life.

Technically, taking a **part-time job as a college student** is also beneficial to build both soft skills and hard skills, and eventually, a portfolio. Having part-time job experience can be beneficial for you after graduating from college. The experience itself will lead you to a certain path you used to be anxious about.

When you make decisions early, it tends to give you a better vision of what you should be doing and what you can do at the moment. This set of thinking will lead you to a better way of making decisions. Thus making experience is a vital aspect of taking a part-time job.

You must be aware that when you are working part-time, it still requires your time. The time you usually spend resting will be reduced or gone because you have to work, then study, or switch in between them. Working part-time, even if it's not full-time, still consumes your time. In this case, it will train you to set priority the efficient way.

It will also be followed by the fact that you learn about time management by doing so. Learning as you do it is the best way to learn effectively. The young college students usually can be competitive themselves. They want to make themselves busy. Applying for a part-time job is an option they can choose to exert their young excessive energy the right way.

Lastly, the reason to work part-time as a college student is to build a network. To have valuable connections is really necessary to survive in this life. You would want to work part-time and manage a good and healthy relationship with coworkers until the end, even when you don't work there anymore.

All of these positive qualities can be achieved by taking part-time jobs as college students. Sure you'll be extra busy once you are accepted to work. Your routine will not be the same. There's already a lot that you can gain from having experience of working part-time. You'll gain more when you decide to work full-time.

In Singapore itself, the minimum legal age to start working is 13 but they are only allowed to perform light duties. While the minimum age to work in industrial settings is 15. Both are required to submit their individual medical reports and notify the Singapore Ministry of Manpower (MOM). This also applies to college students who apply for jobs.

In conclusion, there are few keywords we can take from the reasons college students should consider taking part-time jobs. First, you earn money from your work that can be additional to fulfill your basic or secondary needs. Second, develop experience, skills, and a portfolio that is absolutely important for your career path in the long-term.

Third, learning about time and money management early can help you to be wise in the future. Last, building a network is important as ever because it can be beneficial for you in the future and you would want to leave a good impression on your coworkers for that.

These thoughts and reasons eventually lead college students to take part-time jobs because it's available for them and it is beneficial for them in many ways as already explained above.

There are job portals available that give options about the availability of job vacancies based on your qualifications and confidence. However, to meet the qualifications of the job advertisement is important, but you also need enough confidence to try out what challenges you.

The first thing that might challenge you before taking a part-time job is finding the job itself. Here are a few job portals where you can try to find part-time jobs as a college student in Singapore.

  • Workclass.co is the most popular job search website in Singapore.
  • LinkedIn is the most common job portal site that available all around the world

The thing that you must pay attention to get the right job vacancy, you have to make sure to put the right keywords. They are part-time, students, your recent academic or formal education degree, and the field you wish to apply to. Those are the standards that you can apply to find the job vacancy that you wish.

If you wish to work at the college you are in, make sure to always check the information platforms such as the college website and social media. The college usually also post job vacancies on the college website. Other than that, you can use the network that you already have. Such as professors, friends, and many others that can offer you a part-time job.


One of the best places to look for jobs is in your school or college. There are many benefits associated with working at a campus: convenience, flexibility, and experience. Here are some ideas that might work well as part-time employment while you're still studying (and after graduation too):

1. Work in an administrative office

If you enjoy writing documents or doing data entry then this could be perfect! You won't need any special skills other than being able to type quickly and accurately on Microsoft Word/Excel etc. It pays reasonably well ($12-$15 per hour) but hours will vary depending upon how busy they are at any given time during term time so don't expect full week commitments.

2. Work in the library

Are you looking for a job that has flexible hours? Consider working in your school's library. You will get to know all of the books and be able to help students find what they need! This could also lead to future employment opportunities such as being employed at one of New York City's many private libraries once you graduate from college or university if that is something which interests you (and I do highly recommend it!).

3. Tutor other students

If you're good at a particular subject like Maths or English then this could be the perfect option for some extra cash. Tutors are usually paid per hour so it can add up quickly too! This job might not pay as much, but there are many benefits associated with working on campus: flexibility, convenience, and experience.

4. Teaching assistant

An assistant for teaching helps professors with giving lessons in a class, preparing lesson notes, and setting up classroom equipment. They also assist by taking attendance, keeping class records, calculating grades, supervising students during tests, and enforcing the rules.

This part-time job is a great option if you want your part-time job is in line with your major. Especially if you want to pursue being a researcher, academician, and other profession related to your major.

The salary for this job can vary as it depends on the educational institution's budget and the accreditation. The better the accreditation, the institution usually has a better budget for the assistant.

5. Library assistant

Library assistant is one of the popular part-time jobs for college student in Singapore. A librarian assistant helps a librarian in managing the college library. They are responsible for cataloging, sorting, and shelving books according to category, helping readers to locate books, checking books in and out of the library, registering new readers, and responding to requests and inquiries.

The more crowded the library, the more work you have to do as a librarian assistant as the library for each college can vary.

One can be more crowded because the students often visit the library. There's a case where the library is rather empty. There's a chance to receive a higher salary working in a crowded library. Also, the library building is usually near to the class or in the strategic spot. So you can switch between class and work in the library faster. It enables your mobility very well both as a student and library assistant.

To help you better understand which options might work well for you, there are various part-time jobs that can give college students from a high salary to a decent one depending on your preferences.

You can find part-time work off-campus in your local area by looking online or asking around friends/family members who may know of any vacancies close by. There is also plenty available during summer months when school isn't in session which makes things easier because they don't have to worry about classes getting canceled due to exams etc. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. Driver

Driver working for an independent contractor means they're responsible for taking riders from their pick-up location to the destination. They partner with ride-share platforms to accept ride requests, use maps, and GPS tools to locate places, and collect payments.

Usually requirements are needed to get this job such as a valid driver's license, insured vehicles in approved working condition, and a clean driving record. The three requirements are common as the standard to ensure the safety of the driver, rider, and contractor.

Another option available is to be an online driver. The requirements are mostly the same but you also must have your own car. GrabCar is one of the platforms in Singapore where you can make money by driving people or customers to their destination. It works similarly like taxi.

This option gives you the freedom to manage your time well. You can work when you don't have class or academic activity, fill the time by taking orders, and eventually make money from this. It's not the case if you work for an independent contractor because you have to follow the agreed rules and work time.

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2. Campus Representative

The duty of the campus representative is to creat content for flyers and posters about their company's products and services to hand out on campus. Then distributing the samples, organizing campus events, and other marketing activities. You might also be needed to manage the product's website and social media communities.

This job probably doesn't sound common for many of us, but this job is one of the **high-paying jobs for college students**. It makes this job a quite promising starter for the young. Also, this job is related closely to marketing which is one of the highest absorptions of labor. It means that the potential to work in marketing is promising and even better to start it early.

3. Barista

Barista is one of the popular part-time jobs for college students in Singapore. Now, everyone already knows about this. The rise of cafe culture impacted the need to hire more baristas and eventually lead to this point. A barista works in a coffee shop, taking requests, making drinks, receiving payment, and handing out completed orders. They also clean the place, restock supplies, welcome the customers, become a marketer for the coffee shop by advertising the products and informing customers about the products, and many more.

As coffee shops have become a lifestyle, more young people visit coffee shops. Hiring college students who are usually also young is not only better at learning new skills in a short time, but also attracts more customers. It is visible as to how most if not all coffee shops hire young baristas.

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4. Resident advisor

Resident advisors are trained, college-aged mentors that help to create a supportive and safe environment for students living in dorms or other student housing.

This job is only available for colleges that provide student housing or dorm facilities. They have responsibilities such as making sure the residents follow the rules and regulations of the building, providing updates of new housing policies, and acting as a liaison between residents and housing officials.

The average salary of this job is rather high but the opportunity isn't that many. In Singapore, the college has already hired people and usually doesn't hire more workers or students. Still, if this job offer is available, it's something you can reckon because of the flexible working hours.

5. Teller bank

Banks usually give high salaries to the workers and it's quite common knowledge. A teller is responsible for cash and check transactions such as withdrawals, deposits, transfers, money orders, and many more. The job also involves paperwork, resolving any customer issues, and verifying information provided at the counter.

This job is quite rare to be open for college students and part-time but it can give you a high salary. If you are interested in this job, it is necessary to always keep yourself updated about the job vacancy. They don't hire many candidates and make it a competitive environment nevertheless.

6. Transcriptionist/transcriber

A transcriptionist's job is to write down the recorded files. They can work for doctors, journalists, and other professionals who need audio material to be transformed into text. This job allows you to work remotely and independently. You can also work as a freelance transcriber and receive a decent amount of money.

7. Dog walker / groomer

The duty of a dog walker is picking up dogs from their owners' homes and taking them out for exercise and socialization. Their job is to take care of the dog. This job exists because the dog owners are usually too busy to take care of the dog but they want the dog to be taken care of well.

Related to the dog walker, there's another option to work as a groomer. If the dog walker's job is to take care of the dog, the groomer's job is to clean the pet. This job is commonly available to take care of cats and dogs.

If you love cats and dogs, this job is highly recommended. If you're accepted, you will receive training before working and you don't have to worry about having zero experience before because you'll get them as soon as possible. So, I think this position is a very suitable job for a student. Especially you can work with part-time jobs position

8. Blogger / Content Creator

The terms of blogger might have changed a bit. In this era, you can gain money by running content on your writing blog, YouTube, Instagram, and many other platforms that allow you to make money by blogging.

A blogger is responsible for carrying out research on the topics they write, editing, and proofreading their work and uploading the content on the blog. They also moderate comments, respond to comments, and perform Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for the site.

As for the bloggers on YouTube that are usually called as content creators work the same as bloggers in terms of providing content for the public. The additional task a content creator on YouTube must do is to create the video. It requires set skills of creating and editing videos.

Working as a blogger and content creator is a job that you can learn by yourself and develop your skills as your audience is growing bigger. It is also a rather flexible working hour for the college students but you'll have to learn about time management the most efficient way and you have full freedom toward your time as well as be responsible about it.

9. Virtual / administrative assistant

In the age where jobs can be done virtually and remotely, it also enables another job title to manage the older job title. It is called a virtual assistant.

A virtual assistant's job is taking phone calls and messages, responding to emails, setting up meetings, making travel arrangements, and managing social media accounts. The other main duties are managing schedules and issuing invoices and receipts.

Not only is this job required in this era, but the job's requirement is knowledge about information and technology as well as professional management skills. As virtual assistant can be considered as a new job title, there are many people unfamiliar with this. But with a decent salary, you might want to apply and learn about this job quickly.

Administrative assistant, on the other hand, is rather an older job title but still relevant and needed in any field. Their job is quite similar to the virtual assistant. But the existence of the technology is what makes them slightly different. However, it depends on the company and what they need. Both job titles are almost similar and require a similar field of study also.

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10. Babysitting

This is always a popular option for students as it tends to be very flexible with hours. You could also offer to pet-sit or house sit which can be great if you have any experience in that area!

11. Waitressing/Bartending

Many restaurants and bars are always on the lookout for part-time staff, especially during busier times of the year like summer. The hours may not be as flexible as some other jobs, but the tips can make up for it!

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12. Retail work

Retail work is one of the popular part-time jobs for student in Singapore. Most retail stores hire temporary workers around the holiday season (Christmas, Easter, etc.), so keep an eye out online or through job agencies in your local area.

Find Now! Retail Jobs in Singapore

13. Lawn mowing/cleaning

This can be a great way to get some extra cash during the summer months when school isn't in session and you have more time on your hands! There are always people looking for someone who will come by their house once or twice per week and take care of this type of work so if it interests you then give it a shot!

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Freelancing is a great way to make money, but it does take some time before you start making decent amounts of cash. It's also important that you choose an industry where there are plenty of opportunities so don't just pick something because it sounds interesting to find out how many other people want this type of work done too!

If there aren't many jobs available then maybe consider choosing another path instead. Freelancers can work from home or anywhere else in the world; however, if your goal is long-term financial stability then I would recommend building up clientele locally first before venturing off into new territory!

Some ideas for freelancing include:

14. Writing and editing

this one might be a little more obvious as there are always people looking for help with writing assignments, blogs, website content, etc.

15. Design work

If you have any experience in graphic design or web design then this is a great option to consider! There are always businesses and individuals who need help creating new logos, flyers, social media graphics, etc.

Find Now! Graphic Designer Jobs in Singapore

16. Tutoring

I touched on this earlier but it's worth mentioning again because there is a lot of demand for tutors across all grade levels and subjects. If you have the skills and knowledge to share then this could be a very lucrative option for you!

17. IT services

Do you know how to fix computers? Are you an expert at setting up Wi-Fi networks? These are just a couple of examples of the many IT-related services that people are always looking for.


image** It Technician Jobs in Singapore

The great thing about freelancing is that there are no limits to what you can do or how much money you can make; it all depends on your skills, abilities, and willingness to work hard! As long as you have an internet connection then you can start making money right away which is a huge plus in today's economy.

Networking is an essential part of any job search. If you want to get a good-paying gig then make sure that your resume is up-to-date and ready for prime time! You should also consider joining some professional networks where people in the same industry as yourself can connect easily.

If you are a student and looking for ways to make some extra money, getting a part-time job is a great option. There are plenty of opportunities out there, so take your time in finding the right one for you.

Remember to keep up with your studies; working while attending school can be challenging but it's doable if you manage your time well.

You could even advertise yourself as available at certain times throughout the year like before holidays etc., which would also allow them to plan with any special requests they might need help completing while away from home; just make sure that both parties agree on payment terms beforehand (cash only please).

Other than the aforementioned high paying part-time jobs that college students can choose as an option, you might also be interested in working as a babysitter, research assistant, delivery service driver, brand ambassador, bookkeeper, social media community manager, tutor, fitness instructor, freelance writer, massage therapist, and app tester.

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