4 Best Part Time Jobs that Don’t Require Experience

Looking for jobs with the HIGHEST PAY and LOWEST EXPERIENCE? Workclass.co has ranked the top 4 part time jobs with NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED. Be sure to read the article or you will MISS OUT on the best part time LOBANGS in Singapore.

Why are there jobs that don’t require experience?

Many of you may be scratching your head right now. Why would any employer be okay with unskilled candidates?

For the gig economy, most of the jobs are rather simple. Most job seekers will be able to perform the task with little or no training. For instance, jobs like temperature screener and packer only require employees to perform repetitive tasks. That is the reason why these employers are willing to recruit students or elderly with no prior experience.

Another reason is that the employer is more focused on recruiting job seekers who can start immediately. These part time jobs are part of the gig economy. Job Seekers normally would not consider these jobs as their main career. These gig jobs may mainly serve as a job to feed their belly before they get employed into a full time position. The gig jobs also provide opportunities for students to earn some easy quick cash.

Without further ado, let's proceed to the top 4 best part time jobs that do not require experience.

Covid-19 related jobs.

Salary$1800 to $3300
Salary$1800 to $3300
Jobs IncludeTemperature Screener, Social Distancing Ambassador, and Vaccination Assistant
Job ScopeScan Temperature, Patrol Designated Area, Enforce Safe Distance, and Inject Vaccines
BenefitsNot physically tiring, Fast employment, and Relatively Good Pay

The frontline/Medical sector is a booming industry right now! Everyday, we see hundreds of applications for Temperature Screener and Social Distancing Ambassador positions. These jobs are high in demand because applicants can basically start the very next hour after getting employed. Furthermore, these jobs are high in number; you can see more than 20 new frontline jobs on our website everyday. Be sure to apply to Covid-19/Medical/Social Distancing Jobs now before positions are taken up. Visit our COVID-19 blog for more detailed explanations of the Frontline jobs.

2) Warehouse Jobs

A Warehouse worker doing simple manual labour.

Salary$1400 to $2400
Salary$1400 to $2400
Jobs IncludeProduction Admin, Packer, and Warehouse Assistant
Job ScopeMaintain Equipment, Pack Goods, and Perform Manual Task
BenefitsSimple Job, Flexible Working Hours, and Opportunities for Overtime

The Warehouse sector is another industry that receives tons of applications everyday. Warehouse jobs have been popular in the blue collar industry due to the simplicity of the job. Employees are only expected to perform simple manual labour. The hardest part of warehouse jobs may be inventory, which only requires job seekers to read simple english off a list.

The salary is high. Not to mention, workers will be asked to work overtime regularly. For those that love to grind for extra $$$, this job is perfect for you.

3) Admin Assistant

An admin assistant doing administrative work.

Salary$1400 to $2800
Salary$1400 to $2800
Job ScopeFiling Documents, Liaising with Customers, and Inputting Data
BenefitsNot Physically Taxing, Stable Income, and Regular Working Hours

Basically it is the standard 9 am to 5 pm job. A Lot of our users love applying for administrative jobs because of the flexible “work from home” arrangement amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Mothers may want to consider admin jobs as it allows you to take care of your children while earning some income for the family.

An administrative assistant has a wide range of job scope. Read the administrative assistant article for more details.

Some clerical jobs can earn decently well. But be prepared to be thrown lots of duties for those jobs that offer a high pay. You may even need to do some accounting or customer service if the company requests it. Be sure to read the job description carefully before applying.

4) Customer Service

A customer service staff working in a call centre.

Salary$1600 to $2500
Salary$1600 to $2500
Job ScopeManage Appointments, Welcome Customers, Update Client Records, and Advise Clients
BenefitsStable Income, Get to know some Client, and Simple job scope

One of the jobs that is in high demand. You will most likely work in call centres or frontdesk reception areas.

The main job scope of a customer service worker is to answer customer’s enquiries and provide good service. For the ladies who are relatively sociable, you should apply for customer service jobs.

Some higher paying customer service jobs may require their employees to do some accountancy and admin work. Other than that, the customer service jobs are relatively simple.

Where to apply for jobs?

After reading this article, you should have a rough sensing of the trending jobs right now.

Start applying before it is too late.

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