Can You Live on Part-Time Jobs Salary?

Can you live on a part-time job salary - Despite Singapore being the world's most expensive city, there are many opportunities for part-time jobs. A part-time job in Singapore enables you to earn a good salary based on your education and, to some extent, provides you with all the money you need to cover your monthly expenses. This article will show you how much money you can earn working a part-time job in Singapore.

What is a part-time job?

A part-time job is a unique type of employment, consisting of a short period, fewer hours, or it may be in the evening, at night, and on weekends. The primary purpose of a part-time job is to balance your monthly expenditures that are not fulfilled by a regular job or to get experience. If you are a student, you can also do part-time jobs to cover your fee and expenses.

How many hours is considered part-time in Singapore?

If you are asking about the proper and exact hours of a part-time job, the answer is quite difficult to tell you. Part-time job hours depend upon the nature of the job. Honestly speaking, in Singapore, a part-time job duration per day is about 5 to 6 hours. Sometimes in some cases, like the end of the year, in case of increased workload, and sometimes due to public holidays or festival holidays or the leaves of full-time employees, more work is pending, so it may be 10 hours. But when part-time employees do more work, they make more extra money.

Pros and Cons of doing a part-time Job

Doing a part-time job instead of a full-time job has many reasons; some students are doing it for their academic dues and their monthly expenses. On the other hand, some do it for the experience. Part-time jobs have some benefits and some drawbacks given as:

Pros of part-time jobs

Some pros are given:

  • It helps to increase your confidence level.
  • It helps to interact with people.
  • It helps to build up your personality.
  • It is the platform of experience.
  • It makes you regular and punctual.
  • It helps you to realize which profession is to your taste.
  • It helps you to manage your expenses.
  • It helps you to build up an attractive resume

Cons of a part-time jobs

On the other hand, part-time jobs also have some drawbacks:

  • Fewer wages.
  • No job security.
  • Health issues due to all-day work.
  • No benefits at the end, such as a pension.
  • No promotion.
  • Less satisfaction.
  • No pay when you are on leave due to an emergency.
  • Personal life can be affected, such as family and children.

What is the minimum wage in Singapore?

In Singapore, there is no law regarding minimum wages. According to our knowledge about minimum wages, it's about 1000$ to 1300$ per month in low-paying companies. If you think living a comfortable life in Singapore is easy to work, it's your imagination; most people in Singapore do both full-time and part-time jobs the fulfill their expenses. All the members of one family do their jobs to afford the high cost of living in Singapore.

Can you live on a part-time salary in Singapore?

When compared to other countries, Singapore's currency is too high. People with full-time jobs in Singapore have trouble meeting their basic needs on one salary, and only one person can live on a part-time salary. When you only work part-time, you should take the following steps:

Housing cost: Housing is the biggest expense that you will be born with, so try to get reasonable accommodation; you can cut the cost by living in a shared apartment or room.

Transport expenses: As you are doing only a part-time job, it is affordable for you to use public transport rather than your own car.

Food expenses: Cooking food at home is cheaper than eating outside in Singapore. When you get your salary every month, consider your food option and separate money for monthly groceries.

Utilities and other bills: Manage your wages for bills such as electricity, water, gas, phone, and internet.

Entertainment and leisure: if you want to go somewhere in Singapore for enjoyment or a trip with your family, you need to save money for your trip in your part-time job salary.

If you think about living in Singapore, your financial stability is more important than whether you live a happy and comfortable life in Singapore. Only a single person can be able to survive with a part-time job in Singapore.

How to make it work if you do choose to live on a part-time salary in Singapore

If you want to live in Singapore with only a part-time job, you have to manage all your basic needs within the amount of salary. If you do this, you may live a peaceful life in Singapore. Use all those things that are affordable for you. Some important tips are given:

  1. Make sure you have a realistic budget: If you are interested in a part-time job, and you will be sure to manage your basic needs within the amount of your part-time salary, make a list of your monthly expenses, including bills, rent, grocery, and shopping. This will help you to earn how much money in a month.
  2. Cut back on unnecessary expenses: If you want to survive within a part-time job salary, you must ignore facilities and comfort, such as cooking food at home instead of dining outside and using cheaper transport such as the bus instead of a taxi.
  3. Live with roommates: It is the best idea or plans to share your room or apartment with friends or colleagues; it will help you to save some money. By doing this, you must split the cost of rent, utilities, and other bills.
  4. Use public transport: People have a love-hate relationship with public transport services in Singapore. Public transport saves you money; in Singapore, public transport gives you comfort and a relaxing journey. You can read books on the bus and send your mail.
  5. Shop at the budget supermarket: In Singapore, many friendly budget superstores suit your basic needs. Before going to the supermarket, You can first search on google and find any affordable store.
  6. Make use of accessible or affordable entertainment options: Many organizations in Singapore arrange free events, including concerts, art galleries, expose, events to promote social work, and many others. Also, many parks and museums are free of cost, you may go at weekends and enjoy yourself with your friends and family.

The above discussion makes us think that living in Singapore with only a part-time job is quite difficult but not impossible. If we follow all the tips, you will live an enjoyable life in Singapore without any stress.

How to find part-time jobs in Singapore?

Finding part-time employment for your free time is not a big deal; you can do a job search from different sources. Some are given:

  • Jobs advertisements in newspapers.
  • Online websites(jobsDB, Craigslist)
  • By going to a job firm
  • By asking friends and family members about any part-time position
  • Visiting the company's websites
  • Going to an agency for a part-time employment

15 high-paying part-time jobs in Singapore that pay the best

In Singapore, there are a lot of part-time employment opportunities with good salaries, but your job position depends upon your qualifications and your experience. Here we have listed some of the best part-time positions in Singapore with good wages; you can select your dream job:

Fitness Trainer / Personal Trainer

Fitness is the key to good health, so being a fitness trainer as a part-time job is a good way of earning money. You can join any gym and give fitness classes, or you can do this job as a personal trainer. This job allows you to earn good money along with maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Website Developer

Coding and web development are other lucrative part-time career options. For some jobs, the charges can reach as much as $50/hr. If you choose to undertake web development work at a fixed price, then you can charge a minimum of $500. Of course, that depends mainly on how complex a website you are developing. To achieve this level of pay, the web developer must demonstrate to their customers the quality and success that he has achieved over the years. For this job, a high school diploma or bachelor's degree in computer science is required.

Tuition teacher

This job is only for qualified people because giving home tuition in Singapore is more expensive than giving a lecture in a school or academy. They get their salary according to the number of their degrees. The average pay for teaching a primary student may be 30$ to 60$ per day. So, being a tuition teacher is the best way of earning more money in Singapore.


If you enjoy photography, consider taking pictures for part-time work. Photographers can work in various events, such as marriage ceremonies or parties. In the beginning, you can only be the cameraman covering such events or working for a small business. But gradually, your work will impress many potential clients, which translates to more money. Part-time photographers can be extremely profitable and get $50 to $200 / hour. You will need a professional camera and a good knowledge of using the camera.

Music Teacher

Music is a passion for some people. That's why music teaching is a high-paying job. For part-time work, you will have to learn to play any musical instrument you wish. In the same manner, as teaching potential students, parents and their parents can check your musical education to determine the best possible opportunity. Let us suppose you'd like to teach piano part-time as it's a popular instrument. To be considered credible, you will need at least a grade 7 piano to grade 5 piano theory.

Taxi Driver

Part-time drivers earn a reasonable amount of money through driving. As a taxi driver, you also get incentives from the company, which usually require a good driving score and a low cancellation record.

Adult primary and secondary education teachers

As a part-time, you teach primary and secondary education to students. For doing this job, you have undergraduate degrees as well as experience teaching a student.

Freelance Writer

Freelance writing is the best way to earn more and more money; if you have good writing skills, you can make this your career and write Sales Copies, Articles, Blog posts, or anything that your clients need. This work relaxes you because there is no need to go somewhere; you complete your projects sitting at home. You earn almost 10$ to 60$ per hour or more than that.


You can do this job as a part-time position. When we go to a shopping mall or a children's park, we see mascots; they entertain the children, and their faces are covered. It is the best job for fun and entertainment.

Nurse practitioner

If you have a master's degree in nursing, you can do this job in your free time. After doing your job in the hospital for the first time, you can work as a caretaker of the patient in a patient's home. Through this job, you may earn a good salary.

Data entry

The benefit of this is a job to sit at home on your couch and earn money. If you are an expert in data entry, you earn a maximum of money in a month, it is a boring job but gives you good earnings.

Respiratory Therapist

As the job title suggests, respiratory therapists help the person with breathing difficulties. It is required to have an associate's degree to get this job. Some Respiratory therapists also have bachelor's degrees.

Delivery driver

In your free time, you get this job of parcel delivery from different services. You can also deliver food items from different restaurants and cafes.

Swimming Coach

It is an excellent part-time job as well as highly payable. As a swimming coach, you are responsible for teaching your students how to swim. You can teach them individually or take the class in a group in any swimming pool.

Mental health and substance abuse social worker

These professionals provide evaluations and treatments for people with substance use disorders and other mental illnesses. The minimum educational requirement for becoming a Mental health and substance abuse social worker is a bachelor's degree.


To conclude, we can say that in Singapore, it's very hard to survive by doing only part-time jobs, but it's not impossible. You can keep your expenses minimal and get a good-paying part-time job to meet your needs. You can also do 2 part-time jobs if your expenses are more than your income.

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