10 Easiest Part-Time Jobs For University Students Singapore

Workclass.co - Part-Time Jobs For University Students Singapore - Financial independence is important for everyone.Whether you are University students or undergraduate immigrants in Singapore, getting part-time jobs can help you develop a source of income to support your education, explore the world, and maintain your other pass-time expenses.

Are you in search of some amazing and easy part-time jobs for university students in Singapore? Stay with us till the end of this article as we are going to reveal some of the most beneficial details and part-time job opportunities that would help you land your dream part-time job effortlessly.

It is a job that allows you to work for a few hours where you can fulfill and manage your other responsibilities. Especially if you are a student, a part-time job lets you earn some income without putting your studies on the back burner.

Before we hop on to the journey of exploring some outstanding part-time jobs in Singapore, it is crucial to evaluate its possibility. Are you a University student, wondering about whether you can work part-time or not in Singapore?

Here is some good news For you. If you have a student pass, you are allowed to work about& 16 hours per week and you can work for as long as you wish if you are on vacation.

The answer to your question is yes! Ministry of Manpower, Singapore permits the students to earn some income so that they can bear their expenses by working part-time during their school term.

Just make sure that you have a student pass offered to you by the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA).

Now when you have realized the possibility of working part-time, let's delve deeper to explore how much these part-time jobs help you earn in Singapore.

The amount of your income is entirely dependent upon the kind of work you have chosen for yourself. Some companies are high-paying as they require the skillsets that are in demand while the other employers pay low when they have a lot of supply of part-time employees already available in the job market.

However, some companies offer some additional benefits that are always worth considering before ending your job search. Usually, a student can earn between $1000 to $2500 a month with slight variation.

Yes, these part-time jobs can be beneficial for you provided you manage your time efficiently and you select the job types that help you take off your career. Some of the worth-mentioning benefits are as follows.

  • You get to test the waters before entering the real, giant job market.

  • You develop good communication skills and a broad professional network.

  • After graduation, you won't have to start from scratch.

  • You get to meet people, collaborate, learn from them, exchange creative ideas, and hone your skillsets in no time.

  • Not only this, you can create an impressive portfolio and resume that assist you to stand out in your career which a fresh graduate can't find easily.

Many part-time positions in Singapore are available when you explore the different job functions. However, selecting a suitable job for yourself should be based on your preferences, skill set, location, and subject of choice. It's better to go for the job type that assists you to get some hands-on experience in your education.

And if you are a student, you should also not forget to consider the working hours, work complexity, location, interest, and if it's manageable to go along with your studies or not.

What Part-Time Jobs Pay The Most In Singapore?

The pay varies with every different companies and the job types. After careful research, we have brought a list of high-paying jobs for you to narrow down your job search and let you set your job alert easily.

Remember that some companies do offer a paid internship that you can also explore which you can later join as full-time once your studies are completed. So you will not find any difficulty in landing a job as a fresh graduate.

Let's look at some of the different job types in Singapore that can help students to select the job of their choice.

1. Tuition Teacher

Do you have a good command of the subject and can explain it confidently by being tolerant? If that's the case, you can also think of giving tuition to juniors as one of the best part-time jobs. The pay can vary from one student to another depending upon the grade level and number of subjects.

If you are aiming to teach a high school student, you can charge from $20 to 25 while a college student can pay you $35 per hour. You can contact different tuition centres to get teaching jobs. You can also help your friends in explaining some of the tuition assignments when the term time comes near and they need your help.

2. Waiter/ Waitress:

If you are a cordial, hospitable, and attentive person and can serve the food in the nicest way, you can work as a waiter or waitress in a restaurant. The pay you can expect is $10 to $20 per hour. The best thing is that you have a high chance of earning more income excluding performance bonus for your amazing services.

Just be careful. If you land a good job, make sure you achieve customer satisfaction with your outstanding services.

3. Receptionist

Some jobs require an attractive personality and friendly conversation and strong administrative skills and someone who is able to deal with support operations of the company. If you own any traits like that, then any company would be glad to make you its part-time employee.

You can always get a chance of beefing up your communication and interpersonal skills in this position.

4. Brand Ambassador

Some brands require students to be the face of their brand but for that you have to be a people person. A strong public speaker a social person who loves to interact with people can be suitable for such a position.

If that sounds like you, try this position as this is totally meant for you and can pay you $15 to $20 per hour.

5. Sales Assistants

Companies keep looking for energetic, smart, and young people who are able to sell anything like hotcakes. Sounds interesting? If that captivates your attention, try this part-time position to beef up your marketing experience.

6. Time Logistic Helper/ Delivery Staff

Online stores are scaling up with rising shopping trends. There are plenty of job portals out there that can assist you to land the most flexible jobs for you where you can choose the working hours as per your ease.

You can also collect some performance bonus on delivering the product timely and efficiently. Check out these job portals in Singapore that can make your job search hassle-free.

7. Fitness Trainer

Are you a fitness freak who enjoys helping people to attain fit and healthy body? Start training people around you. They can be your friends, your family, and your neighbors or you can also be a part of an internship program. Once you make some name, you may start earning up to $60 to $70 per hour.

You can always add some colors to it by getting certified with thorough research to boost your career.

8. Taxi Driver

Driving a taxi is one of the easiest pass-time jobs. You can earn some bucks for yourself to support your learning, your parents, and your family.

All you need is to access a driving license and an awareness of important places in the City.

9. Freelance Writer

If you have a knack for writing and your ideas flow smoothly in your words then you can give it a try. The best part is that you can write from wherever you are. This also saves you from traveling expenses and time and this can assist you to earn $20 to $60 hourly.

if you are not willing to work for any specific company, you may always explore the ocean of websites available online like Upwork, Problogger etc. There are plenty of efficient Singapore job portals present. Set your job alert and land some of the most amazing writing gigs for you.

10. Website Developer

Website developers are high in demand with growing IT industry. If you possess a degree or diploma in it or any relevant subject of Computer Science and are good at developing impressive websites, this can be one of the best part-time job options for you.

You can start working from $50 per hour and for a specific project, you can charge up to $5000. Isn't it interesting?

Let's Narrow It Down

Working part-time can be tempting for some of you and can help you take care of your needs, fulfilling your responsibilities, and excel in your careers. However, you should always remember that studies come first.

When it comes to exploring part-time jobs in Singapore, check some of the easy part-time jobs available out there. However, don't forget to write an impressive job application before applying. Once you land your dream part-time opportunity, make sure to schedule your interview by making them aware of the available dates a few days ago to avoid any miscommunication.

And don't forget to choose your job type wisely. At the end of the day, it is one of the important decisions that we make before entering our professional world.

When you think of exploring full-time jobs/ part-time opportunities in Singapore, check out career works services pte ltd too. Research about the company and get ready to sign the contract with full confidence to enter the working world. Good luck!

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