10 Emerging Jobs Since Pandemic

Workclass.co, 10 Emerging Jobs Since Pandemic - The world has changed since the pandemic hit every aspect of life at the end of 2019. Two years later, pandemic is still very much affecting every aspect of life. It also impacted the job market severely.

Since COVID-19 hit the whole world, it has caused one of the worst jobs crises. Many employees from all around the world were forced to get cut off from the company and become jobless. It's also hard for them to apply for a new job because there are job fields that are dying. When their skills don't meet the qualifications or what the company looks for from the candidates, they can't get accepted as well.

Companies also tend to be more selective because many of them are tight on budget. This caused the companies not being able to give proper salary for the old employees, let alone accepting new employees whose skills are not yet proven to be fit for the company's situation. This can be observed from the volume of online job postings has dropped significantly since the start of the pandemic by over 50%.

The COVID-19 crisis has had more adverse impacts on the demand for jobs requiring lower qualifications. For example, by the end of April in Australia and the United Kingdom, the volume of job postings requiring low levels of education (secondary or lower) fell by around 40% whereas those for high skilled workers (Master or Doctorate degrees) by around 25%.

Middle to low scale of the tourism business has died. No tourists, no income. They have to take different jobs in order to meet their needs. When the pandemic turns out to be longer, the bigger companies can't escape from the effect of this situation as well. It becomes inevitable for most of the industry.

It's quite clear some sectors that offer leisure and hospitality had to shut down due to government-imposed social distancing restrictions. They are business in sectors like tourism in general, accommodation service, food services, arts, entertainment, recreation, and other non-essential retail activities.

While essential sectors like healthcare and retail trade grew above their levels. They are hospital workers, employees of food retailers, processing and packaging sectors because of the growth of online shopping, logistic and distribution sectors, and warehouse workers. While many jobs ‘die', other jobs rise or are less affected during this situation.

The demand for workers in ‘front-line' sectors, or in those involved in the management of the COVID-19 pandemic, was very strong as demonstrated by either a growing number of jobs advertised or a less steep decline in postings relative to other sectors. The common demanded skills in this era focus on pre-crisis period such as emergency and intensive care, and basic patient care, transversal skills such as communication skills and good team work.

While some jobs markets are trying to recover from the pandemic, there are new jobs or relatively new jobs opening or getting attention from the candidates because the companies want to hire people for this job. There are at least 10 emerging jobs since pandemic

1. Temperature Screener

When you are going to a public place such as a mall, school, hospital, you will be required to check your body temperature first before getting into the building. If your body temperature is higher than normal body temperature, you are most likely to not be allowed to come in. The person who checks your body temperature is called a temperature screener.

The general requirement to apply for this job is a high school diploma or higher. It's also possible to apply if you don't offer specific skills, and even better that this job vacancy usually available for entry-level.

A temperature screener has several responsibilities other than checking the customers' body temperature. They also have to perform a situation report to in-charge (IC), perform crowd control duties and incident management within the development, and lastly responsible for data entry.

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2. Clinic Assistant

A clinic assistant has several responsibilities. They are assisting doctors to provide treatment and medical examination, coordinating and preparing medical instruments. They also handle patient registration, booking appointments, dispensing medicine, and payment collection. Since the patient can require longer treatment, the clinic assistant also must maintain the patient data records for evaluation and health insurance purposes.

To be a clinic assistant, you are usually required to at least have a high school diploma. The bigger the clinic, you are most likely to be required to have a certificate or experience in this field. They prefer candidates with more experience but due to current demands, they are more open for entry-level candidates.

Since clinic assistants deal with patients directly, they are also required to have a good attitude and enthusiastic personality to patients as well as are hardworking and helpful toward their colleagues. So giving the proper hospitality or service to patients is much preferred than knowledge related to medicine.

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3. Swab Assistant

Swab assistant is a new job that's getting popular and needed during this pandemic. They are needed to work at a variety of places such as hospitals, stations, bus terminals, airports, and many more. That's why there are quite a lot of swab assistant online job advertisements available.

Swab test is a must to complement the travel regulation during this pandemic. It must be done to help people determine if they are infected with SARS-Cov-2. Also to contain and mitigate the COVID-19 pandemic by identifying individuals to help prevent further person-to-person transmission of COVID-19. Regardless of whether they have symptoms and whether they are at risk of spreading the infection to others.

To be eligible as a swab assistant, you are required to have at least a high school diploma and be fully vaccinated. You'll also have to wear full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) throughout your working hour for approximately eight hour and be willing to follow the protocols.

A swab assistant has several responsibilities. They perform or assist swab operations and infection control. They also prepare and maintain the swab station by disinfecting, preparing the equipment, handling and transferring swab samples. Then liaising and ushering patients to the swab station. After collecting the swab samples, they organize and label them in laboratory forms.

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4. Pharmacist

Pharmacist is not a new job, but their service is highly needed and more are to be hired since pandemic started. To be a pharmacist, you must have a degree or postgraduate in Pharmacy and be a registered pharmacist by the country you work for. The soft skills needed to be a pharmacist are possessing integrity, strong interpersonal, and analytical skills.

There are several responsibilities a pharmacist must do. Dispensing or supervising the dispensation of medications and related supplies, according to the physicians' prescriptions. It will also be followed by reviewing prescriptions for accuracy, checking for drug interactions, compounding medications and preparing special solutions.

A pharmacist also has the role of a counselor. They counsel patients regarding appropriate use of medications, recommending drug therapy changes when appropriate, educating patients and staff on drug therapies. This role complements their job as a job that pays them well because they have to go through formal education and study a specific major to be a pharmacist called pharmacy.

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5. Phlebotomist

Phlebotomist's duties are performing venipuncture for the collection of blood specimens for dispatch to the laboratory in accordance with the standards set. They sort and record all blood specimens collected, ensure they are correctly labeled, and dispatched to the laboratory in the correct mode.

If you want to apply for this job, you need to have valid phlebotomy certification. You are required to at least have a diploma in medical technology of nursing, diploma in Biotechnology, or certificate of performance in theory and practice of phlebotomy.

In conclusion, a phlebotomist performs specific duties and sometimes would do more jobs that make them also run errands and do ad-hoc tasks. Even though they perform specific duties, they have to take care of many patients and make them as busy as other positions in the medical health sector.

6. Nurse

Unlike phlebotomists, nurses have broader duties. It's still possible for nurses to do the phlebotomist's tasks but not the other side. However they are typically responsible for several tasks. Assessing, observing, and speaking to patients.

Their responsibilities also include recording details and symptoms of patient medical history and current health, preparing patients for exam and treatment, administering medications and treatments, then monitoring patients for side effects and reactions.

Meanwhile, midwives have more specific roles. Their roles are to deliver babies and provide antenatal and postnatal advice, care and support to women, their babies, their partners, and families. But they also have typical duties that are similar to nurses.

The difference between midwives and nurses' roles is quite simple. A nurse can work in many different medical areas while a midwife works only in labor and delivery. It's emphasizing on which patients they particularly take care of.

The education major is also different for both. To be a nurse, you must study nursing. While to be a midwife, you need to choose a midwife major.

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7. Social Distancing Ambassador

Safe distancing ambassador is a new job that's only created because of the pandemic situation. No wonder many find this job still foreign. It's getting more popular in Singapore. However there's no need for higher education to apply for this job, but you need to have the skills to persuade people. So having communication skills is more preferred to apply for this job.

There are several tasks that must be done by a safe distance ambassador. Guiding and encouraging hawker center and market patrons in practicing distancing measures. They also engage stallholders or assistants to inform them on new policies, or initiatives such as the tracking of their Fast and Easy Testing (FET) or Rostered Routing Testing (RRT) status as well as participate in the distribution of test kits or collateral materials.

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8. Cleaner

To be a cleaner, you're not required to have specific skills or education background. You will at least need to have a high school diploma if you're applying for a bigger company. The thing is that they can pay you well. If you work for a smaller company or business, it will affect your salary.

Cleaner is a job that's needed by most people because some people don't have time to clean their house, workspace, and many others. So they hire people to do the job.

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9. Face Mask Maker

Since the pandemic started, face masks have been a mandatory requirement. Everyone who goes outside the house is obliged to wear a face mask. This new rule has turned into a new culture and has caused huge change in the face mask industry, both the disposable masks companies and the home industry that produce face masks from fabric.

The demand to produce face masks is getting higher for the home business as well. To fulfill the production target, the company or business will hire more employees. Be it for machine operators, marketers, distributors, and many more. This is the right time to take this chance.

As for the home business that produces face masks from fabric, the business is also expanding. Even though some countries have loosened the face mask obligation, face masks still become necessities. Since a fabric face mask is washable, people can use it longer than the disposable face mask. They can keep it longer and use it anytime they want without worrying about buying a new disposable face mask when they need it urgently. This is the reason the face mask industry is promising and remains to be promising in the following years.

10. Delivery Driver

In the age of information technology, driving still remains a vital job in most industries. Drivers are the ‘drive' to mobility and progress of all industries. It makes it one of the job that can pay the employees well.

The qualification to be a delivery driver is to have driving skill and the right driving license. There are options you can try depending on your skills to apply as a delivery driver. If you are applying to be a delivery driver that rides motorcycles, you will also need a driving license for motorcycles. The same goes for applying as a delivery driver with driving car skills, you need a driving license for a car.

As for whom you will work for, there are several options as well. The common job vacancy available right now is to work at ecommerce. You may also want to check out food delivery businesses, parcel delivery, or florist shops.

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From the article above, it's possible that there are jobs that are emerging or getting more popular ever since the pandemic started while the other died. This can happen as a way to adapt to the situation, so people can survive from the current situation that has never been imagined by the world. These jobs can be an option if you are interested and fit your skills. 

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