Everything You Need To Know About Service Crew Jobs

Are you a student looking for a part-time job this holiday? Or someone who loves working in the Service and F&B industry? If you feel you fit the criteria mentioned above, follow this complete guide to discover the best service crew jobs available for you this summer.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Service Crew?

3 Kinds of Service Crew:

  • Banquet Server
  • Barista
  • Restaurant Servers

1) Banquet Server

A banquet server wearing a black and white costume serving food.

Job Description:

  • Help with the Setup and Breakdown of the banquet area
  • Relay Food and Beverage Orders
  • Anticipate guests’ needs and exceed customer service expectations.
  • Greet customers and present menus

A Banquet Server is an ideal gig job for those who want a flexible working schedule. There are no fixed working hours for the part-timers. The work schedule is decided by weekly sign-ups, where the hotel/restaurant will release the working slots, and the early birds get to choose the available slots.

Do take note that Banquet Servers’ responsibilities include asking and relaying customer’s allergies to the kitchen. Some customers may have certain allergies that are fatal. Please double-check with the customers and make sure that the kitchen is preparing the right food for the respective diner.

2) Barista

A  Barista wearing an apron to make coffees.

Job Description:

  • Guide customers by presenting and explaining the coffee drink menu
  • Maintain inventories by stocking up coffee beans
  • Prepares and sells coffee drinks by following prescribed recipes

A Barista Crew prepares and serves the customer coffee and bakeries. The job is for sociable individuals who love to communicate with others.

A coffee art design that features a bear between two coffee cups.

The role can be quite challenging for the first-timers. Some coffees require artwork/designs which require training to pull it off. If you are truly interested in the Coffee house experience, do try out Barista roles offered at WorkClass.co

3) Restaurant Servers

A restaurant server who is serving a plate of dish.

Job Description:

  • Take orders
  • Make recommendations on dishes
  • Deliver the food and drinks
  • Deal with any customer complaints
  • Relay customer allergies to the kitchen
  • Accept customer payment

A Restaurant Server needs to fulfil a wide variety of responsibilities including serving, maintaining the cleanliness of the restaurant and preparation of seats. Most Part Time jobs require workers during the weekends as it is the busiest timing of the week.

Some restaurants offer discounts for their part-time employers. If you are a foodie who loves human interactions, do try out the restaurant server roles as there are many openings available across all job portals.

How Much Does A Service Crew Earn?

A group of blocks that comes together as Salary.

Refer to the table below for the salary of a Service Crew:

Salary table.

The average pay is approximately $8/hr. The total salary also depends on the timing of the shift which will be elaborated on later.

What Is The Working Hour?

A wooden clock with the hour hand as a fork and minute hand as a knife.

Working Hour Table.

The part-timers normally work in shifts. Some shifts pay better than others. For instance, afternoon and evening shifts pay slightly better for most restaurants because most customers come in during the lunch and dinner period.

Working on the weekends also provide better pay for the part-timers. The hotels/restaurants pay better on special occasions like Christmas, Chinese New Year, Deepavali, and Hari Raya.

Full-time service crew would have to work for the normal opening hours of the restaurant. The working hour varies between different restaurants and there is no fixed timing.

Where Can I Find A Service Crew Job?

FInd Service Crew job.

You can find F&B jobs via WorkClass. Click here to find F&B jobs today!

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