Exit Interview Questions


Perhaps you have been thinking for days or even weeks to resign from your current job and it takes a bit of courage to leave your current position because once you send a resignation email to HR, the condition at your workplace could feel different than before. On the last day of your work, you thought that nothing would happen when suddenly someone from HR or your manager ask you to have an exit interview. You feel nervous about it and have zero preparation. Don’t worry, take it as a conversation. So what is an exit interview? Exit interview is a conversation between an employee who is leaving the company and HR or manager. It is intended for companies to improve their business performance because employee turnover is not a good thing.

  • Why did you decide to leave your job?
  • Employers want to know why an employee leaves their job or a company. Because there can be many reasons such as accepting another job offer, personal reasons like family matters or you have internal issues with the company you never talk about. For the last reason, they may ask deeper questions that way they can fix the issue and next time no employee will leave for the same reason. You should always keep in mind that a new company might call your old employer for background checks. It is best to not complain in your exit interview.

  • What did you like about your job?
  • Companies need to know about the positive things in their company. So if you like your manager, your colleagues, the culture, benefits and so on they can highlight the positive things to put on the job post to replace you.

  • What did you dislike about your job?
  • Well, this one could be hard to answer but you need to be honest. Maybe you don’t like your micromanaging supervisor, so many wasting-time meetings or other reasons. Again, by identifying the problems they can solve and decrease employee turnover. Having said that, it is in your best interest to not go into details. If you complain too much, this employer might give you a bad background check in the future.

  • If you could do something to make you stay, what is it?
  • Employers are curious too, especially if you are the type of employee who never complains or gives feedback to HR. Maybe there are things that can be adjusted or transformed and could make you change your decision to not leaving the company.

  • How was your experience working with us?
  • Good or bad you need to be honest about your working experience with the company you are about to leave. Tell them how your experience was working with them. It’s best to concentrate only on the good aspects.

Exit interview is crucial for company, it is not literally an interview but more like conversation or discussion. No matter what the question is, you should not say anything negative about your employer. Because in the future when you need a background check for the new job, your previous employer might not be happy with what you did during the exit interview. They might tell your future employer bad things about you and you will not get the job at the new company you are applying to.

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