5 Farewell Email Templates With Tutorial

5 Farewell Email Templates - Farewell email is a type of letter you can send to someone during partings. In this article, farewell email is intended for coworkers, employers, or loyal clients before leaving your current job. Unlike formal letters, you can express rather freely about what you want to say to the addressee (the person who receives your email).

Mind you, the way you express it is also as important as your intention. Though the main purpose of a farewell email is the same, you can’t use the words you addressed to coworkers the same as to your employers. You can be yourself in your email but also need to pay attention to the way you word it.

There are five farewell email templates you can use according to your needs in this article. The purpose of these templates is to give you an idea how to send farewell emails depending on the addressee. While sure you can get creative with your farewell email, here’s everything you need to include in farewell email:

1. Inform them your update

Include your last day of work in your email and make sure it’s sent at least a week before your actual last day of work. Remember that a farewell email is not a resignation letter. Everything related to your resignation should have been processed beforehand. So the last day of work you write in your email has already been agreed by you and your manager.

You can also inform your recipient or addressee if you decide to delegate the remaining tasks to them. Remember to also ask their consideration regarding this. Explain the reasons you need to delegate the job and again, ask if they agree to it.

In some cases, you need your coworkers to help you in this situation. For example, it’s impossible to get the job done before your last day of work. In this case, the solution is you need to ask your coworker for a favor and a farewell email is the right way to do it.

If you delegate your job to your coworker and the job is related to your clients, tell them about this. Inform your clients about the name of your delegated employee and the reason you choose them. You also need to tell your clients about the reason you delegate this job, briefly.

If you plan to hold a farewell party or dinner or anything, you can also invite them through your farewell email. Include date, location and details of your event.

2. Thank your addressee

Express your gratitude to the addressee or recipients. Express how supportive, helpful, and meaningful they have been to you. You are allowed to get creative and long in this section because your recipients will definitely appreciate that.

You can also include positive comments such as their contribution to your growth as a person, employee, or coworker. Give the credit to whom you think is worthy. Express your goodwill and best wishes for the future.

3. Keep your letter positive

Though no employment experience is without a bumpy road, it’s important to keep the tone of your letter positive. It means do not talk negatively about your recipients or company. Even if you actually have something to complain about, do not do it here. The purpose you write this letter is to leave the last good and positive remarks before you leave the job for good.

One more thing you need to pay attention to is to use a friendly tone. Farewell email is not a strict letter at all. You can make it personal, honest, genuine, diplomatic, and make sure it gives a friendly tone. You don’t want to leave any other image to the recipients than warmth.

4. Add your personal contact information

Include your social media, phone number, and email in your email. You can choose whichever you agree with. Phone number and email is the most common personal contact information given in this matter. However, social media tends to be more preferred in this era.

Include them in your final paragraph. The common and right way to do it is by stating you wish to stay in touch with them and that’s why you put your contact information. So they know how to contact you when they eventually need you.

It can happen. Anything can happen. Who knows someday they need you to do something and give you a better offer? That’s also the importance of doing your farewell email the right way.

1. Subject

Here’s several subject options:

  • To all my coworkers
  • [your name] – moving on
  • Goodbye from me
  • [your name] – update

2. Greetings

Here’s several greetings options:

  • Dear [recipient name],
  • Dear coworkers,
  • Hello everybody,
  • To Mr./Ms. [recipient name]
  • To my loyal client(s)

3. Tell them you’re leaving the job

State your last day of employment. If you delegate the job to someone else, let them know. If you’re going to delegate the job, tell the person in this email.

4. Thank them

Express your gratitude, thank them, and say positive things.

5. Include your contact information

  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Social media

6. End with friendly sign-off

Here’s several options for sign-off:

  • All the best,
  • Best wishes,
  • Kind regards,
  • Regards,
  • Yours sincerely,
  • Sincerely,
  • Yours truly,

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Subject: to my coworkers [department name or if you have special group name]

To my beloved coworkers [department name or if you have special group name],

I wrote this letter to let you know that I’m no longer working in our company. Two more weeks I’ll be working in [new company or business name], my new workplace. A week after this letter sent to you will be my last day of working here.

Before I go, I want to thank you for your support over the years. When I joined the company [years you served], as a fresh graduate, I had a lot to learn about the industry. I am thrilled because I worked with such supportive coworkers who really helped me find my feet as [job title]. I will miss you all.

I wish you all every success and hope to stay in touch with many of you going forward. So you can reach me on my social media, email: [your email address], or text: [your phone number]. Don’t be shy to ask me to grab a drink together.

Your beloved coworker,

[your name]


If you plan to send the farewell email to all your coworkers altogether, you may use Template 1. You can send one email and CC it. So you can send one email to multiple contacts.

Farewell email can be considered as less formal email depending on the addressee. If the addressee is your coworker, you are totally allowed to express yourself freely. Get creative, be innovative, do as you want. However, make sure you state the actual most important information such as your last day of employment, your contact, and if you need help to clear any left tasks before you depart.

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Subject: bye [name of your coworker]

Dear [name of your coworker or however you call them],

Remember weeks ago when I told my plan? When I said I am gonna move to a different company? I finally did.

You’re the first to know about my plan and you also the first I notice about this.

My last day of working here will be next week. Hopefully we can do something fun after I finish the rest of my responsibilities.

I am so thankful for your existence as my coworker. You are the best coworker in my life. Not only as a coworker, you are also my friend, best friend, my sister from another universe. Without you, I think it will be tough for me to get through the day. [put more details]

I wish we can stay in touch even if we can’t meet often as I also will move to a different city. You can always reach me through email, social media, phone number, anything.

Yours truly,

[your name]


For a letter you send to your closest coworker, you can totally let yourself all out. Mention everything you want to tell them. Express your gratitude for the experience and journey you have experienced together because that's an additional important part of this letter. This is the chance you can tell them about how grateful you are for your experience.

Subject: update on [put your purpose here]

Hi [client’s name],

I hope you are well. I am just letting you know that I am leaving my current position here to move into a new role. My last day here will be [last date of employment].

It’s been wonderful working with you and on your account. If there’s business we haven’t finished yet, let me know. You can reach me through my email and phone number I attached below. However if it’s still not finished until next week, you can contact Mr.[coworker name] by email [email address]. He will handle the rest after my last day of employment passed. I choose him because I want this business to be handled in the best hands.

All the best,

[your name]

[phone number and email]


In several job fields, employees deal with clients, customers, or the loyal one. If your business is done before you propose your resignation, you can send the usual farewell email as mentioned in Template 1.

And if your business with a client hasn’t finished while your last day of employment is almost coming to an end? You can use Template 3 as a guide. Explain to them what you offer and how you can help if the business can’t be finished in time with your last day of employment.

Actually give them a solution. For example, tell them who you delegate the rest of the business with. Give them the contact and give them the reason why you choose your delegation for this client. If you explain your situation well and the solution as well, it will make your progress to leave the job smoother.

Subject: [(your name)’s update]

Dear [manager name],

As Mr./Ms., [manager name] can tell from the subject of this email, next week will be the last day I am working in [company or business name]. In my five years working in this company, I got many valuable experiences.

It’s all thanks to you as my respected manager. I can grow not only as the employee of my field in this company but also as a person. That experience also helped me develop my confidence so I become the better version of myself today.

I hope we can stay in touch even after heading to different paths.

Yours sincerely,

[your name]

[phone number and email]


A farewell email can also be addressed to your manager or employers. It can be part of courtesy. However you can also express your warm side to your manager. Use this chance very well to leave positive remarks before you depart.

Subject: thank you for the letter

Dear [employee name],

It has been [years served] since you joined [company or business name]. And for the past years you have been a trusted and valued employee. [continue explaining about the employee’s qualities that has helped the company or meaningful to you personally]

You are a truly valued employee of [name of the company’ and we all wish you the best in your next journey. It certainly is a loss for us as it is impossible to find an exact replacement. That is what makes you unique and all I can say is that I hope your career shift goes well and best wishes for the future. If there is anything I can do for you do not hesitate to ring me up.


[your name]

[your contact and email address]



As the employer, don’t be shy to reciprocate your employee’s farewell letter with a warm letter. It’s always good to let them know that you also care for them. Be genuine and honest in your letter. Your employee will appreciate that very well. This can be the last chance before both of you can’t meet each other anymore.

Finally, a farewell email is part of courtesy for the employee who’s ready to leave the job. Farewell emails serve the purpose to say goodbye and give you a chance to say everything you want to tell the addressee. Hopefully the 5 farewell email templates above can help you to write one for yourself. 

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