Flexible Part Time Jobs in Singapore

Looking for a part time job? Busy schedule? Babysitting your newborn? Schooling student? Housewife but wants to earn some extra income with a lighter shorter work week or a lighter workload? Here are some job positions you can apply for which hires part-time employees and allows flexible hours! It's up to you how many days you would like to work, your working hours as well as your location! Here are 5 part time jobs you can check out in Singapore, match your interests and start earning some extra income or get a career, be it full time, part time, contract or freelance.

1. Website Tester

Website tester

All you need is good internet connection and an updated web browser. Some do require you to have a webcam or a microphone though! Most sites pay about $10 on average (some goes up to $50!) for users to take a test anywhere from 5 to 25 minutes and tasks are like testing a website, an application, participate in a survey or be in an interview.

Below are some sites where you can start earning some income from website testing!

Test IO Up to $50 for finding bugshttps://test.io/become-a-tester
UserInterviews$20 - $1500+https://www.userinterviews.com/hello?utm_source=theworkathomewoman&utm_medium=affiliate
User Testing$4 (5-minute test), $10 USD (20-minute test, $30-$120 USD (live interviews)https://www.usertesting.com/get-paid-to-test

2. Delivery Driver

Delivery driver

From our previous post on Top 5 Delivery Jobs in Singapore, we can get an insight of the job requirements, working hours, salary and how flexible this job type is. You can do this full time, part time or whenever you feel like it! We covered Grabfood, Foodpanda, Ninjavan, DHL Express and Lalamove. Pay goes up to $21/hour!

3. Cleaning services

cleaning services

Want to showcase your cleaning skills while burning some calories and earning some income? There are many opportunities for you to do that while performing some cleaning services! Projects are usually 2-6+ hours and the pay ranges from $10 to $20 an hour. There are many projects islandwide available daily and you can choose them based on your preferred location or time slot! For a start, you can check out job openings such as these on WorkClass.co!

4. Teach your hobby

Teach your hobby

Carry out what you are passionate about or good in while earning money - that's not even considered work! Teach your interest and let it work for you! Such can be teaching a musical instrument or a sport, such as piano or swimming. These jobs pay about $30 to $60 an hour and you can showcase your talent or work based on your interest.

If you have a niche hobby, you can check out HobbyBuddy, which allows you to teach your hobby. It matches your hobby with students and you can schedule lessons with them, earning an income while having flexible working hours on your work schedule - up to you and your students to arrange!

5. E-commerce Business Owner

E-commerce business owner

Set up your own e-commerce store, create your very own job and be your own employer! With this, you can work anywhere - from home, your basement or any city in the world as long as you have a laptop, a mobile phone and a stable internet connection. Many sell on Amazon or Shopify, where you can import products, mark your own brand on it and sell it to the rest of the world with your personal branding and logo, building your very own company.

Alternatively, if you are good at cooking/baking/making your own products, you can sell your award-winning food or your handmade masterpiece in a Home Based Business with online platforms! You decide how flexible your job scope and hours are going to be too. Many online platforms such as cococart is free; you don't even need any capital to start with!

With flexible part time jobs, students can start earning to pay off their tuition loans and housewives can make a side income to support their family. Part time flexible jobs also allows people with busy schedules to fit in some time to earn that extra bucks. You can join WorkClass' Telegram bot to get new job alerts or search for part time jobs with flexible hours!


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