18 Holiday Jobs for Students That Can Improve Your Skill

holiday jobs for students

These Are 18 Holiday Jobs for Students That Can Improve Your Skill - Holidays are indeed a long-awaited time, especially for students. But on holiday, some don't even know what to do. Instead of just relaxing until being bored, why not try to be productive by looking for jobs to get some money. Interesting right? If you are a student and looking for holiday jobs to gain extra money, well, here are 18 jobs that you can do during holiday.

1. Selling Handicrafts

During the holiday, honing skills sounds fun. Besides being a productive hobby, this activity can be a holiday job for students looking for money. Hobbies like knitting, sewing, drawing, and painting are fun and can produce money. You can try making simple handicrafts in the form of pins, key chains, tongs and hair ties. Then, your products can be promoted and sold through social media.

2. Selling cake

Have a hobby of baking? While trying new recipes, baking can become a holiday job for students to earn money. The hobby of baking cakes can be used as a promising business opportunity. You can make pastries which are then sold online. To compete with other online cake shops, you can package your cakes as attractive as possible. Besides selling online, you can also promote your homemade cakes to those closest to you, such as your friends by giving a free tester first. If it tastes good, they may order it right away.

3. Filling Out Online Survey

Many don't know that earning money easily can be done just by filling out online surveys. This job only needs an internet connection which can be performed anywhere at any time. This type of job is very suitable for students, especially during holidays. Instead of doing less productive things like sleeping and lazing around, it's better to fill out online surveys. In addition, this work does not require a large amount of energy. In Singapore itself, there are already many online survey sites that pay their respondents. The payment depends on the regulations set by the online survey site. Some online survey sites in Singapore are OpinionWorld, Green Panthera, Timebucks, Toluna Singapore, Univox Community and many more.

4. Become a Virtual Assistant

Killing two birds with one stone is the perfect word for this job. Besides helping others, you can also get extra money. The tasks of the Virtual Assistant are very diverse, from email management, data entry, and advertising, to client meeting scheduling. The Virtual Assistant job is also almost similar to that of a freelancer. Becoming a Virtual Assistant also doesn't have a serious risk. Thus, this job is suitable for students, especially during holidays. If you are interested, you can register as a Virtual Assistant online on the websites that provide this position.

5. Become a Tutor

One of the things you can try to make money during the holiday is to become a tutor. This job can be performed offline or online. This job is very suitable for you who have a passion for the world of teaching and learning. Moreover, being a private tutor is ideal as a holiday job, especially for students. Guiding children whose grade is below in education is certainly not a difficult thing. Why? Because you have studied their learning material. Your fee is also quite good, especially if you pay hourly. Quite interesting, right?

6. Animal Keeper

Neighbors who have pets and are planning to leave are a great opportunity to make money. Especially on holiday, lots of animals will be entrusted because the owner will go on holiday. If you are a pet lover, this job will be interesting. Taking walks and playing with pets must be so much fun. Therefore, this job is suitable for students especially during holidays. You can volunteer yourself to the neighbors to take care of their pet and remember, you should be careful in treating their pets.

7. Test the Website or app

It may sound familiar, but testing a website or app can also be a way to earn money. You, as a student, must be familiar with all current technologies, such as websites. Well, that's why this job is very suitable for students, especially during holidays. A website or app tester needs to learn whether the website or application is comfortable for the user and performs well. In addition, you also need to evaluate the shortcomings. If you are interested, you can find various website testing jobs through UserTesting.com. This website pays users 15 USD per mobile app and 10 USD per tested website.

8. Become a Proofreader

For someone who has a hobby of reading or has an interest in grammar, being proofreader is one way that can be used to earn extra money during holidays. The task of proofreading is basically to reread an article, find grammatical errors, and revise the writing to make it more natural. Moreover, English is an international language; many will need proofreading assistance. That's why this work is worth a try and perfect for students on holiday.

9. Become a Freelance Photographer

For those of you who have expertise in photography, there's nothing wrong with becoming a freelance photographer. You can become a freelance photographer at events in your city, whether a seminar, an event at a mall, or maybe an event campus held during the holidays.

The fee is also quite large and suits students on holiday. Besides enjoying your hobby, you can earn some money. If you want to earn more from your photography hobby, you can join bigger projects such as magazines, advertisements, or print media.

10. Freelance writer

For you who want to explore and hone your skills in the field of journalism, you can become a freelance writer on a website or a freelance contributor in print media. To work as a freelance contributor is also very easy. You just have to work according to the rubric in the print media and send it. Thus, it suits students who are looking for a job during the holidays.

You can search for vacancies on the website if you want to work as a freelance writer. Usually, this part-time job will provide a fairly large fee, depending on how many articles are requested in one day. Interested in trying this job?

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11. Working in the shop

While taking a walk, why don’t you go to a store near your house? You can ask about additional employees during the holidays. Although sometimes the pay is relatively small, it never hurts to fill the holiday time by working in a shop. Working in a shop will add work experience and, at the same time, hone your soft skills. That's why this job is suitable for students on holiday.

12. Freelance designer

Have a hobby of drawing? Why not use it to earn some money? You can get some money while improving your skills. Even, you can earn up to millions if you become a freelance designer. The fee you will get is proportional to the difficulty and complexity of the image you will make. Working on brand logo orders or website design orders can also help increase your creativity in work. Although it requires extra effort and time, this job is suitable for students during holiday.

13. Translator and interpreter

Good at using multiple languages? So being a translator can be an option for students on holiday. Besides sharpening your brain, you can earn quite a lot of money per project. In addition, this work can be done anywhere, even in the room. However, if you want to improve foreign language skills orally, you can work as an interpreter. If a translator translates text, then an interpreter translates orally with greater difficulty. However, the fees obtained are also more with shorter working hours. Interesting right?

14. Become an event organizer during the holidays

The money you earn while working as a freelance EO is vary. It depends on the size of the project and its duration. Even through this job, you can expand your network of connections because, during your work, you will meet and interact with many people. This job is perfect for those who are active and sociable. Students need a lot of connections for the future, therefore, this job is perfect. For sure, you will get an exciting new experience during the holiday.

15. Social Media Admin

Nowadays, technology is developing rapidly, and social media is needed for various aspects, especially for marketing products in an online shop. If you are creative and have copywriting knowledge, social media admin jobs can be tried. These job positions are great for learning more about office environments. Moreover, this job doesn’t need any specialized skills. Because the job desk is easy and flexible, this job is suitable for students during holidays.

16. F&B Service Crew

Working as a part-time crew at a small stand and cafe can be a good choice during holiday. Besides obtaining new skills, this job can keep you productive, especially during the holiday. Moreover, this job is quite fun. Based on some websites, F&B service crews are one of the most student-friendly jobs in Singapore, which are always provided all year.

17. Reseller

For students who like the business world, you can try becoming a reseller as a job during holiday. Many products can be used as reseller items such as hoodies, t-shirts, shoes, snacks, paid application packages, albums and KPOP merchandise. In addition, how to market it is also quite easy because you only need to use a smartphone.

You can promote through social media and certain online shopping platforms. If you are serious and hardworking, of course, the income you get will also be comparable. That's why this job is suitable for students on holiday.

18. Part-Time Ambassadors

Becoming a part-time ambassador can be a good deal if you are a talkative person. These jobs are usually fun and have flexible schedules. Therefore, this job is suitable for students, especially during holidays. This job allows you to talk to many people and improve your social interaction skills, especially in servicing customers. This job involves promoting, explaining and selling products or brands at stores or pop-up events.

Those are 18 holiday jobs for students that can help you to use your free time as useful as possible. Those jobs do not require you to sign the contract, so you can go back to your school or college when holiday is over. Besides the knowledge of your study, they can help you to learn useful soft skills for your future. The soft skills from those jobs also complete your CV when you apply for work after graduating from school.

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