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How to Accept a Job Offer, Best Guide for Fresh Graduate

How to accept a job offer - By clearing job interview and the selection process and receiving a job offer, you've already gotten halfway to your most desired employment. Your exhausting job search process is gonna end soon. It's a reason to celebrate and rejoice!

Have you lately received a job offer that you're wondering how to accept?

Well, just don't keep sitting on the fence. Stay with us till the end of this article as it will walk you through some major effective ways to accept a job offer in the best possible way. This will assist your tiring job search end to begin your smooth job offer process efficiently.

When an employer or a hiring manager considers you as a potential employee who meets the job requirements for the task he needs to be done, he invites and places a job offer. This usually happens when he finds you suitable to work for him.

The job offer letter usually provides all the details about the job. Let's have a look at them to have a clear idea of what you can expect in a job offer letter.

  • Your starting salary
  • Job Title
  • Position
  • Working hours
  • Hiring Manager's name
  • Private health insurance
  • Paid vacation
  • Annual leave
  • Other Benefits package
  • Arbitrary Clauses
  • A statement of at-will employment
  • Company policies and culture
  • A list of contingencies

Is A Job Offer The Same As Being Hired?

A job offer is a less formal way to inform you about the job details before you sign the employment contract. It contains the same detailed information on which you agree to sign the job contract. However, it has no legal bindings to the law.

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Following the job search, recruitment, and selection process, Human Resources frequently contacts the candidate to inquire about his employment expectations. Before making a formal job offer, Human Resources prefers to present you with a verbal offer to picture what your expected salary range will be if a job offer is sent.

This is done to provide you the opportunity to negotiate salary before you receive a written job offer. Always appreciate the offer and express your gratitude and request to give you two to three days to review the terms and details.

It is also a great idea to request them to send the job offer in writing so your potential employer and you can be on the same page with the terms and conditions before the company initiates the hiring process. Once you receive a written offer, make sure to follow these steps to avoid any future misunderstandings.

1. Review the Employment Offer Carefully

Landing a job offer of your choice can make you feel on cloud nine. It's good to be excited but it's wise to go through the job offer letter thoroughly to evaluate every detail provided the letter. Always compare it with your current job. Check the expected working hours, salary, and job title. Accept a job offer immediately only if it matches all the details you have been looking to get in your dream job.

But if you feel something is worth consideration, look before you leap. Once you make a decision, be fair and square about your expectations to the new employer. And if you received multiple job offers at the same time, review to assess which one matches your dream job offer acceptance and say yes to its hiring process.

Review All The Terms & Conditions

Having a job offer of your dream job can be tempting for so many and provides many reasons to rush. But it is always suggested to go through the legal clauses and conditions carefully and identify the red flags.

If you find any red flags, research a little more about the clause or talk to your hiring manager. Before you hop on to sign the job offer acceptance letter, it is important to evaluate all the worth-considering points to avoid future misunderstandings.

Negotiate A Job Offer

Sometimes you observe that everything is great about the job if they extend the salary. So if that's the case, get your act together and negotiate your salary. Inform them about your expected salary range and ask if this can be negotiated before making a written acceptance.

If something else other than the starting salary like working hours, annual leave, or other benefits bothers you, communicate them to the new employer before accepting a job offer.

Don't accept a job offer without considering all the points as it can lead to the job dissatisfaction later and don't think of turning down a job offer if it doesn't meet only one thing at your list of a good job.

Instead, it is always a great idea to negotiate the factor that is bothering you. Most employers consider the request and review the job offers they have placed. But make sure whatever concerns you have, always try to communicate them in one go. If the employer makes a revised job offer, give it a whirl.

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2. Research About The Company Culture

When you find the offer attractive, don't jump the gun. It is always advised to request them to give you two days to sleep on it. Talk to people in your circle, get the job offer reviewed by one of your close friends if you like, and get a second opinion too.

It's always suggested to research the company culture. You can even look for reviews about the company from their ex-employees on Glassdoor or Indeed.

Whether they value their employees, provide them the opportunities to learn and grow and have the benefits that work for employees' welfare or not. Most employers appreciate it when you go the extra mile to learn about the company and accept it with an open heart.

Sometimes inquiring about the company's mission, and culture gives you a clear picture of whether you should pursue the job offer acceptance or not.

Studies suggest that the companies that have a good and open culture provides a plethora of opportunities to its employees to grow personally and professionally. When the personal and professional growth occurs at your workplace, you stay happy and satisfied to be a part of such organization.

3. Inform Your Current Employer

Before making a final decision, it is good to let your current employer know that you received a worth-considering job offer. Sometimes the employer makes an effort to retain you by providing you with a better job offer with a higher salary and revised benefits.

If that sounds cool to you, grab the job opportunity. However, if it's not that lucrative, you can inform them about your notice period. It's better to have verbal agreements on the notice period duration. Talk to them if the duration has to be two weeks or four. Once they verbally accepted the duration of the notice period, serve it professionally before you hop on to the journey of starting your new job.

4. Draft An Official Job Acceptance Letter

Once you have made the decision, accept a job offer by sending a job offer acceptance letter. Before you start jotting down the draft, it is vital to keep a few points in mind. If the hiring manager has sent you an email, by responding to the job offer acceptance email.

However, if you receive a job offer letter through TCS, ensure to send an acceptance letter to TCS. But do send an email to inform them about the letter in case they miss it.

To formally accept a job offer, it is important to mention the start date, position, job title, and starting salary clearly so that it helps your employer have a clear idea that you have read the written offer and are willing to formally accept a job.

How to Draft An Impressive Job Acceptance Letter/ Email

If you wish to jot down an impressive job acceptance letter and have no idea where to start from, don't worry. We have got you covered by providing you with some of the significant details that you can add in your job acceptance letter quickly. Let's delve deeper to check some of these vital points.

Mention the name of the company (XYZ company) and today's date on top.
Start with your hiring manager's name so that you can address the person to whom you are writing this letter.
Mention the purpose of writing this letter with a clear subject line. The subject line helps the employer have a clear idea that you are ready to accept the job.
Always begin with thanks for the official offer and write to inform them that you are accepting a job offer.
Mention the start date, job title, position, benefits, and notice period duration when you officially accept a job offer.
End with a concluding sentence to tell them how excited you are to begin working with them.
Give your best wishes and end the letter with your signature.

Wanna save time and energy? Scroll down to see a job acceptance letter sample. You can also use it while writing a job offer acceptance email.

Acceptance Letter Example

XYZ Company

Today's Date

Dear (Hiring Manager's name)

I received a phone yesterday from your H.R department and came to know about the exciting job offer. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting your trust in my capabilities. I am pleased to officially accept the job offer for the position of ____________ at a remuneration of ___________________ per year with the mentioned benefits in your company.

I will be serving a notice period (from ____ to _____) and am excited to report for the work on ________________ at ________o clock.

I am looking forward to work with you and becoming a hook, line, and sinker.

Kind Regards,

Your Signature

Keep Your Ear on The Ground

When you finally made up your mind about the decision of starting your new career, dedicate some time from your busy schedule to keep yourself updated about the new company market trends, software, and customs. You can also attend a coffee invitation from your new employer. Most employers invite their potential employees to have coffee with them so you can get to know the company well.

It is also suggested to keep your new employer in the loop by writing him about the starting date, in the mid of the notice period so you can show him the anticipation for the position to join the company by being on board.

Is Offer Letter the Final Step?

Coming to this point you must be wondering whether it is the final step. Let me congratulate you by saying yes to your question. The job acceptance letter is the final step in the recruitment and selection process.

Once the job offer is accepted, you are good to go to sign a final employment contract.

Is A Job Offer Guaranteed?

To make sure that you don't lose any offer, it is advised to stay honest about detail you provide. As no job offer is guaranteed. The employer has all the right to take a raincheck or cancel the proposed job offer anytime.

That's why communication is the key. Keep your employer updated and have open communication about what they think about their job offer acceptance.

Once everything gets finalized, then inform your current employer about your notice period. Before that, keep your cards to yourself only.

After a job interview, the job offer process starts. When you receive a job offer verbally, always request for a written job offer.

Remember that reviewing a job offer carefully can save your time, keeps you away from anxiety and helps you stay away from the awkward situation where you accept a job offer and turn it down later after learning something weird about the clauses written in the job offer.

Always communicate timely to your hiring manager with an efficient response of the job acceptance letter so that you don't miss out on a golden opportunity of landing your dream job.

Review the draft of your job acceptance letter or email carefully and make it error-free by proofreading it as no one likes to give a bad impression to his future potential employer.

Inform the start date, and notice period duration clearly and professionally so that you can have a smooth job onboarding experience.

Start the acceptance letter by writing today's date and provide written confirmation of your acceptance through a job acceptance email. Start by thanking and appreciating for the consideration while ending on a positive note showing your anticipation to start up your game at your workplace soon.

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