How To Ace a Job Interview?

What comes to your mind when you think about a job interview? It’s exciting because you’re one step closer to landing your dream job but also a nerve-racking experience. Nobody wants to mess up a job interview because there is no second chance to redo it.

Remember that your resume opens the door which means it helps you to get a job interview but a job interview is something that makes you get hired. It determines whether you will get the job or not. So the best thing to do is to prepare yourself very well for the job interview.

  • Learn about the company
  • Visit the company’s website and social media if any to find out about the company in detail. Also, you can gain some perspective. No recruiters or hiring managers to want to hear your disappointing answer when they ask “what do you know about our company?” to which you reply with I have no idea what this company does. You will be eliminated from the recruitment process right away.

  • Dress appropriately
  • Less is more and this applies to job interview attire. Read this for your interview attire guide. Also clothes color can indicate different impressions for example blue is a color that shows you are a team player while black is a color that shows that you are a leader. White is a color to show that you’re organized and gray is to show you're a logical/analytical person.

  • Prepare for the common interview questions
  • Although we can’t know for sure what questions that recruiters or hiring managers will ask, but there are common interview questions that are usually asked during job interviews. Read this to practice and prepare to answer the common interview questions. Having the answers can prevent you from mumbling during a job interview.

    Read How To Answer Common Interview Questions to prepare for your answers.

  • Act like you really want the job
  • Recruiters or hiring managers are human too just like us, they can’t read our mind but they can read our body language. Do you know why most recruiters are psychology graduates? Because it really benefits recruitment as they learn human behavior, why people act a certain way etc. So make sure you smile, nod, listen, keep eye contact and answer their questions. Show that you are very interested.

  • Tell compliments to the interviewer and company
  • Other than showing your enthusiasm, you should compliment the recruiter and the company. It shows that you like them and you really know about the company. The recruiter would think you put time and effort to learn about the company.

  • Sell yourself
  • Avoid promoting yourself like how great you are and they would regret it if they did not hire you. Selling yourself here is to let the recruiters or hiring managers know that your skills and ability will help the company in a good way, for example, to bring more sales, increase production, etc. Every company wants people who bring value to their business.

  • Ask questions
  • The interview is a two-way street, it is not only about you as a candidate being asked by the interviewer or recruiter but also you as a candidate ask questions to the interviewer or recruiter. Read Questions To Ask in a Job Interview to prepare for your questions

  • Cut the caffeine intake
  • On the interview day, it is best to avoid coffee and tea since caffeine can cause anxiety and makes you nervous. Get yourself eggs, banana, nuts, yogurt, or water for breakfast before your job interview.

It’s normal to feel nervous and anxious before a job interview but it’s good to avoid making them worse by cutting your caffeine intake. Take a deep breath to calm your nerves.

Also, keep in mind that a job interview is what makes you get hired, so you have to prepare before the interview such as learning about the company, preparing the answers, and remembering the questions that you want to ask. Think about it as a conversation to reduce your stress and anxiety.

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