How To Become a Production Operator?

Posted on: 2021-05-19

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Many Singaporeans claim that the manufacturing sector is a sunset industry. Little did they know, the manufacturing industry makes around $106 billion of Singapore’s total GDP. Furthermore, the Singapore government has announced a master plan to grow the manufacturing industry by 10% in the next decade. As such, around 30,000 workers are expected to be employed in the production sector.

With a large number of job opportunities available, the production operative jobs are an ideal option for those who seek a long-term stable income profession in Singapore.

What Is The Job Scope Of A Production Operator?

A table showing the text job scope.

A production operator can work in various production lines like manufacturing, food and beverage, and medical belt. The job scope is rather uniform across the different industries.

Job Scope of a Production Operator

  • Assist in Machine Operation & Troubleshooting
  • Ensure Stock Level of Production Materials
  • Coordinate with Quality Control in Production Quality
  • Check for Machine Discrepancies
  • Report Machine Downtime

The job scope shown above should give you a rough idea of the production operator’s responsibilities. Most of the duties revolve around machine operation. The main job is to ensure that the production line keeps running. When a production operator accumulates a certain level of knowledge, he/she will be able to troubleshoot problems of the machine/production line. That is when the production operator is likely to be promoted into a supervisor who will overlook the assembly operation.

What Is The Salary of a Production Operator?

The salary of a production operator.

According to WorkClass’s own statistics, an average production operator earns about $1500 per month. The highest salary can go up to $2100 for full-time operators with experience.

During this COVID-19 Pandemic, the closure of Singapore-Malaysia borders have resulted in a shortage of manufacturing operators in Singapore. Some companies are willing to pay more for a production operator now since there is a shortage in supply.

What Is the Working Hour?

The working hour of a production operator.

The working hour varies because most production operators work based on shifts. The shifts are separated into Morning, Daytime, Evening or Nights. The night shift normally pays better than the morning shift. Morning Shift is still the best shift because it prevents you from messing up your body clock.

The normal working hour is around 8 hours per shift for full-time workers. Part-time workers work fewer hours and are paid an average hourly rate of $11.

What Are the Chances of Landing a Production Operator Job?

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It all depends on the 2 most important elements of any job search: Resume and Interview. You will need to craft an effective resume to get noticed by the recruiter. We have already written an article on resumes for warehouse workers. Please visit the blog if you want to know which skills to include in your resume.

Next is the interview which requires you to portray yourself as a responsible, hardworking, and meticulous person to impress the employer. For this, it is recommended that candidates read the job description carefully and understand what the company is seeking. Plan your answers according to the job scope/description.

Are There Chances for Career Progression?

chances of career progression.

Of course, there are plenty of professions that are related to production operator jobs.

For those who want to climb the ranks, you can become a production line supervisor who oversees a large portion of the assembly. There are even stories of operators becoming the manager of a factory after gaining years of experience. It all boils down to the level of knowledge and the ability to upgrade yourself in this hyper-competitive society.

For those who think that they want to move on to more difficult roles in the warehouse industry, you can look at the warehouse blog to know about different warehouse positions that pay a good salary.

The table below also shows the median salary of different production operator jobs.

Job TitleMedian Salary
Job TitleMedian Salary
Production Worker$1800
Production Technician $2200
Production Supervisor$2475
Production Operator$1600
Production Crew$2500
Production Assistant$1900
Production Executive $2400
Process Engineer$2100
Material Handler$1800
Manufacturing Technician$2100
Manufacturing Operator$1900
Machine Operator$1600

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