How To Create a Good Resume For Warehouse Jobs?

Many readers may question, do I really need to write a good resume when I’m just applying for a warehouse job? The answer is YES. Many warehouse companies are seeking candidates who display excellent technical and soft skills. Even before they are willing to interview you, they will need to know if you are a great fit for their company.

Resumes provide information like your technical and soft skills. For instance, some warehouse vehicles can only be driven by those who possess a certain license. Your resume is important to communicate your relevant skills that are suitable for a certain job. Without further ado, will guide you in the resume writing process.

What Are the Necessary Qualifications for Different Warehouse Positions?

Qualification Required
Qualification Required
Packer/Sorter, Warehouse Assistant, and Production OperatorNone
Forklift and Reach Truck OperatorWSQ Forklift License + Class 3 License
Delivery DriverClass 2/3/4 License (depends on the company)

For general warehouse positions like Packer/Sorter, Warehouse Assistant, and Production Operator, no qualifications are required from the candidate. In short, it is an entry-level job that welcomes job seekers from all backgrounds. The only thing to note is to make sure that you are physically fit for the job because some duties require a large deal of physical strength.

Forklift and Reach Truck applicants need to have a WSQ Forklift and class 3 license. More details will be elaborated at the later part of the blog.

Delivery Drivers need to have a driving license for their vehicles. The type of license required depends on the recruiting company’s need. Some companies may only require their drivers to have class 2 license, which allow the riders to operate on a motorcycle. Of course, there are many different variations between different companies and you will need to check the job scope carefully to understand the company’s requirement.

What Are the Important Qualities To Include In Your Resume?

Qualities to Include in a Resume
Qualities to Include in a Resume
Packer/SorterMeticulous, Fast Learner, Physically Fit, and Safety Conscious
Warehouse AssistantExperienced, Physically Fit, Meticulous, Adaptable, Team Player, and Safety-conscious
Forklift and Reach Truck OperatorPatient, Flexible, Attentive, Physically Fit, Experienced, Team Player, and Safety Conscious
Delivery DriverAttentive, Patient, Excellent Time Management, and Safety Conscious
Machine OperatorAttentive, Fast learner, Physically Fit, and Safety Conscious

Most warehouse roles require workers to be safety conscious. They do not want workers who will get injured in their workplace. Please understand that a warehouse is rather risky; filled with heavy loads and metals. Be extremely careful when operating or walking around the workplace.

Include the qualities written in the table to make yourself a more attractive candidate for the warehouse job.

Where to Upgrade my Skills?

This section is very important for Forklift, Reach Truck and Delivery Drivers as you will be required to own a license for the job.

Forklift & Reach Truck Drivers

A Forklift & Reach Truck Driver has to own a Class 3 license before they are entitled to take the WSQ Forklift/Reach truck license.

We have compiled 3 locations where you can receive training to get the license.

1) NTUC Learning Hub

An image of NTUC learning hub.

NTUC Learning Hub.

The most affordable choice for forklift lessons. The NTUC Learning Hub has a variety of grants that will subsidise your lessons. Be sure to check the website out for additional information about the fees and course details.

2) PSA Institute

An image of PSA institute for forklift and reach truck drivers.

PSA Institute.

A Government agency that specialises in Forklift/Reach Truck License. The fees are rather affordable and heavily subsidised. Check out the website for additional information about the fees and course details.

3) AAT Training Hub

AAT Training Hub.

AAT Training Hub.

AAT Training Hub was the first private forklift operator training centre. Luckily, there are several Singapore Workforce Skill Operation Grants where interested individuals can claim from the government. Check out their website for more details.

Delivery Drivers

Delivery Drivers need to note the vehicle that they will be driving for the company. Some companies may only require their candidates to have a class 2 license (motorcycle license).

We have compiled a few locations for you to take your Driving Lessons.

1) Bukit Batok/Woodlands Singapore Safety Driving Centre

Singapore Safety Driving Centre.


For all the Delivery Drivers who want to get their driving license, SSDC is a good place because they offer structured lessons that follow Land Transport Authority (LTA) guidelines.

Please note that Motorcycle and Class 4 lessons are only available in SSDC.

2) Private

Private lessons are only applicable to class 3 and 3A drivers. You can seek out private car instructors who will offer cheaper lessons. However, the lessons may not be as structured as SSDC and the passing rate is not that high.

How to Craft A Resume

The simplest way is to use a resume template. We have a sample template for all the warehouse job seekers. Please note the following template should not be copied fully without adding some of your personal details.

1) Simple Resume

Resume Image template.

With all the information available at your fingertips, you should be able to craft a good resume for warehouse jobs. Do not rely on resume templates because some may not be up to date or applicable to the Singapore context. You can craft your own resume by using WorkClass’s own Resume Builder.

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