How To Determine If a Job is Right For You?

Feeling lost in your job search? Unsure whether the new job is right for you. Fret not! is your ideal 1 stop job portal that will cater to your career needs. Our website provides a clear and transparent job description to ensure YOU are equipped with the relevant knowledge for a SUCCESSFUL job hunt. Here are the 5 major tips you should know to land your dream job

1. Choose the right job category

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Firstly, click on the Find Jobs headings on the top section of

After that, you will be directed to the job posting page, where all the unfiltered jobs are clustered together. To simplify the search process, you can click on the industry you are interested in and the portal will filter out the relevant jobs to your likings. For instance, if you are interested in admin jobs, simply click on the "admin" box and our website will do the rest of the magic.

2. Check the Location of your job

Tired of the uneventful hours wasted on commuting? You are not alone in this everyday struggle as most of us have to commute to work using public transport. One way to ease this pain is to find a job that is near your house.

Find jobs from all around Singapore. From Tuas, Changi all the way to yishun!

On, we have a "location" search bar to help you in finding your ideal job location.

The search bar is easy to operate. By typing in any location of your choice, our search bar will automatically suggest several locations based on the keywords you typed. You will only need to select the option that best matches your desired location.

Furthermore, we pinpoint the exact location of your dream job through providing the satellite image of the company of your choice. Simply click on your dream job and we will have Google maps to determine the location. The nearest MRT station is also provided under the company name for you to navigate your way to your new workplace.

3. Read the job description

Always remember rule no. 1 of any job hunt: Read the job description.

Reading job description is key, it lets you know what to expect

It is normal to be impatient when applying for a job, especially when you are someone that has a family to support. Many of us will spam the "apply" button without checking the job scope in detail. Often, this leads to disagreement between the job seeker and his/her employer because the employer may seek certain skills.

For instance, some companies may need employees with industry-related experience. If an applicant fails to meet the requirements of the employer, he/she is likely to be rejected due to not being a good-fit to the company. Before you sign on the dotted line, scrutinise the job scope carefully, attention to details, make sure exactly that you know what you are getting yourself into before it is too late.

As a famous proverb says "it is better to be safe than to be sorry", it is always good to know your employer inside out to ensure that you are the right fit for the position.

4. Check the listed salary

Obviously, compensation and money matter. You will need to confirm the salary with your prospective company during the interview process. On many occasions, interviewees may forget or shy away from asking about the salary.

Do not forget or be afraid to confirm the salary! You will be drawing that amount in the future.

Don't be afraid to ask the employer to confirm their salary!

Evidently, most job postings on provide the expected salary range. However, you need to confirm the finalised pay with your employer. Once you sign the employment contract and accept the job offer, it will be too late and usually, the job seekers will have to pay a compensation fee for breaking the contract. Therefore, double-check on the stipend before accepting any job offer.

Under the side navigation bar on, there is this slide bar for job surfers to select the desired salary range. Make sure to make full use of it to ease your job hunt.

5. Identify the difference between recruiter jobs and company direct jobs

To put it simply, recruiter jobs are jobs that are provided by a job agency, and company direct jobs are jobs that are provided by the company itself.

Another more familiar name of a company direct job is "in-house jobs". The company direct jobs are normally meant for those that seek a permanent career. These jobs are characterised by higher pay, however, the waiting time for the job offer is long. Depending on the company culture and size, the interview process might take as long as a few months. For those that need a stable income, you should apply for company direct jobs.

We have jobs from recruiters and companies directly, make sure you know what you are applying to

For recruiters’ jobs, you will be subcontracted under a company, but you are not considered an employee of the company since your recruiter is the agency that hooked you up with this job. This means you may not be entitled to the full-time/part-time benefits as their "in-house" employees.

However, one good thing about a recruiter's job is the employment process is rather quick. Normally companies seek recruiter companies when they are urgently hiring. For those that want to earn some quick cash, a recruiter's job might be a right fit for you.

One foolproof way to clarify this matter is to directly ask the hiring manager whether they are a job agency or the in-house human resource team of a company.

Whats next?

After knowing all the 5 best tips to land your dream job, be sure to check frequently as we bring to you the best job LOBANGS in Singapore. Recommend your family and friends as well to use our job search portal in the future to get the best employment experience and job satisfaction!

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