How to Earn Fast Cash in Singapore

How to Earn Fast Cash in Singapore - The idea of earning fast cash in Singapore is quite common. Many people in Singapore would like to earn extra cash after finishing their first job. It is beneficial to them in all ways.

The good news is that while this job may not require them the same work hour responsibility as the first job, they can adjust it to their situation. It means that a side job allows them to earn extra cash while it provides them flexibility. Also, there’s always a potential that this side job can earn more than the first job.

However, it eventually depends on their personal goals as well. Some only want fast cash momentarily, some want a rather long-term extra income, some start enjoying their fast cash flow that decide to do it longer than originally planned. And there are many other considerations as well that make someone want to keep earning fast cash, especially if they are living in Singapore.

How to Earn Fast Cash in Singapore

According to the 2020 edition of the Singapore’s Comprehensive Labour Force Survey by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), 16% of Singaporeans have a second source of income and 84% or 190,800 of Singaporeans engage in this activity by choice. Mainly, this gives them flexibility and freedom associated with their own account work that they enjoyed.

With this number, the idea of earning fast cash in Singapore is not that uncommon. COVID-19 pandemic also contributed to how more people are willing to do side jobs because they need the extra cash as well. The fact that it’s accessible for all age groups in Singapore, increases the competition between Singaporeans. On the other hand, since there are many people already doing this, there are tips or steps you can follow if you are new and interested in this.

1. First and foremost, do a research

Sure you are here with an intention to earn fast cash. Even if it is called ‘fast cash’, you still can’t earn it instantly. You need to do your research and go through all the process.

Without proper preparation, you will only create constraints that will be even more difficult to solve later. Even if, again, you wish for a simple way to earn fast cash. Better preparation will give you a better mindset and sustainable extra cash regardless of the side job you choose. It can bring you peace.

Research is important to ensure that you have everything needed before starting. What kind of research should you actually do? Below are research goals that you need to identify if you are planning to earn fast cash through side jobs.

a. Figure out your goals.

Mainly, people look for side jobs to earn extra or fast cash. The type of job that they can do after their first job, weekends, or long holiday. Since a side job is not the first job, the work hour tends to be more flexible. If they are employed, they can negotiate the working hours with their employer.

If earning fast cast interests you, you are free to use your usual free time to work in order to earn extra income instantly. Of course, as long as it doesn’t interfere with your first job or other prioritised responsibilities.

There can be various reasons for someone wanting to earn fast cash. There isn't a reason that doesn’t make sense. Any reasons or goals to earn fast cash are acceptable. Figure out yours.

b. Create your plan.

After figuring out your goals, create your plan. The common steps would be preparing your updated Curriculum Vitae (CV) and portfolios. Do it while also finding a job that suit you and you can find them generally on jobseeker sites. Then fulfil all the requirements such as documents. Finally, follow the usual process of applying for a job.

The steps actually can vary depending on what kind of fast cash you aim for. An example of a distinct difference is the steps between someone who’s employed and someone who’s self-employed. The steps mentioned above are more likely to be implementable for people who prefer to be employed.

2. Find side jobs that aligns well with your interests, skills, and goals

Ensure that you have the skills to apply for that role. That’s why it’s important to do research beforehand. If you prefer structural steps, if you think you are the kind of person who needs it, you can implement these tips. It should help you to give a structural answer and clearer decision.

Some jobs don’t really require you to have specific skills. Fast cash tends to require someone who can do the job faster. Still if you have the skills to offer and it makes your potential employer offer you a better salary, you definitely should consider it.

If you want a side job that is relevant or linear with your interest, also go for it. Also go for it if you want to prioritise your goal or already have a clear goal. In conclusion, it’s important to know what you want from working side jobs.

3. Find side jobs that can build your career

Not all fast cash is intended for long-term goals but anyone can use this chance to leverage their career. It’s like that idiom that said killing two birds with one stone. If you are the type to plan everything thoroughly, you also tend to think for the long-term. And that’s what makes you consider building a career even through fast cash.

4. Aim for oversea job opportunities

Singapore is supportive toward Singaporeans who’s aiming for overseas job opportunities. They support giving Singaporean global exposure as part of the effort to double the program in upgrading the national skills.

In this era, there are many and various remote job opportunities. This remote option allows Singaporeans to get side jobs, probably more than one, from different countries, all while they are still in Singapore.

Remote overseas job opportunities are great options for fast cash as well. It allows Singaporeans to take as many jobs as they can as long as they can handle them. This opportunity is great because they can maximise their potential.

Job Options to Earn Fast Cash in Singapore

1. Freelance

Freelance is the common option for people who want to pursue fast cash. Because freelance itself has various options. Almost all fields or roles have options for freelance workers.

This option allows you to work according to the time you have compromised with your employer which means you can have your flexible working hours. Whether you take one or more jobs, it’s fine, as long as you can handle them well.

In Singapore, you can find various freelance jobs on jobseeker sites such as,,, upwork, flexjobs, and many more. In order to find the one that you are looking for, use the right keywords. For example, input ‘freelance’ and the job position that you want. Or you can also search everything under the site’s freelance option.

There are various freelance jobs available in Singapore and here are some of the popular ones according to the sector.

a. Art

If you’re interested in the art sector or have the skills, there’s this information that you need to know. In Singapore, people who work in the art sector are mostly employed as freelancers compared to permanent employees. It means that if you are after this sector, you should also know that the competitor of this sector in freelance work is quite prevalent.

b. Media

If you’re interested in working in the media sector, it’s important to notify you that having media-related work experience is far more beneficial compared to having media-related qualifications. Among all sub sectors in media, the one that hires media freelancers the largest is the film and video sub sector.

The top five freelance roles in this sector are hired for writer, production crew, actor, multimedia designer, and editor.

c. Writing

According to ContentGrow who has done a survey on freelance writer economy in 2021 for Asia-Pacific region, Singapore has the most expensive rate and charge between $100 and $300. The topics that Singaporeans prefer to work are lifestyle, luxury, and travel.

d. Private-hire drivers

This job can be categorised into three groups of workers. First, enterprising workers who diversify their side jobs among multiple employers to maximise profits. Second, industrious workers who drive only for one employer and follow a routineized work schedule. Last, transitory workers who drive while also seeking other job opportunities and make them appear to display the least loyalty to their employer compared to the previous two.

e. Training and adult education

30% of adult educators in Singapore are freelance workers. The two main reasons behind this number is that they find it fair to have the depth of expertise and experience and teach it to others, and most importantly, time flexibility.

Many of them have their first job or a mother who has to babysit her child all day. This option not only gives them the chance to earn fast cash but also time flexibility that can maximise their benefits.

2. Taxi drivers

This job is one of the more flexible jobs in the market because you can determine the number of hours you wish to drive that will also define your income each day. According to ComfortDelGro, one of the taxi companies in Singapore, most taxi drivers take home about $190 net daily on average.

3. Insurance sales agents/brokers

If you are competitive, enthusiastic, full of ambition, this option may suit you. Those qualities of yours will be paid off by the commission from this role. If you gain more, you receive more. Not only this job can give you time flexibility, but also higher income compared to the previous two.

4. Real estate agents

If you are interested in this job, there are companies dedicated to teaching you how to do this job. It’s great to earn fast cash but is also potentially something more long-term as well. Real estate agent is a role that would remain needed because housing is an eternal matter for every single human being.

5. Car and light good vehicle drivers

Other than private-hire drivers or taxi drivers, there are options such as Grab driver and delivery driver. While Grab driver is known for having time flexibility, some delivery driver jobs also have it. However, it depends on which job you are applying for. If the job advertiser puts ‘freelance’ or ‘part-time’ on their ad, then you can have more time flexibility. However, if you want to receive more income, all you have to do is to receive more jobs.

6. Hawkers or stall holders

The salary of a hawker is on a par with the responsibility which means not that well. The hawker is usually required to complete the Basic Food Hygiene Course (BFHC) and apply for a Hawker Licence. While it seems like there are extra steps you need to do, as soon as you complete the requirements, the rest should be more at ease.

7. Retail and wholesale trade managers

There are many part-time retail jobs in Singapore as well as wholesale trade managers. If you are challenged by a job that pushes you to interact with consumers in a good way, retail workers should be your option.

8. Information and Technology (IT)-related workers

IT is the sector that’s needed by most industries and it leads to high possibility to hire more people. Be it for permanent employees, part-time employees, or freelance workers. If you have the skills related to this, usually it’s easy to apply for this job as there are many job opportunities related to this sector.

To name some of the common positions are graphic design, project management, software development.

9. Take survey for money

This opportunity actually exists if you are wondering. Do not expect too much from this job because they typically don’t offer a big payoff. Some of them give you cash, some give gift cards. Even so, this opportunity gives you the chance to earn fast cash.

Some of the sites that offer this opportunity are Toluna Singapore, YouGov Singapore, and more sites you can find here.


Having side jobs to earn fast cash in Singapore is common and also quite competitive as the COVID-19 pandemic progresses and more people find comfort in this setting due to time flexibility. This flexibility allows them to gain more with the time they choose. While the competition is already apparent, the number of competitors is also proportional with the number of job opportunities to earn fast cash.

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