How To Find A Job in Singapore as A Foreigner, How to Find A Job in Singapore as A Foreigner -, How to Find A Job in Singapore as A Foreigner - Singapore holds as one of the most prominent business hubs in Asia. It attracts commercial interest from all around the world.

Singapore is also a gateway to the Asia-Pacific region that offers favorable business environment with low corporate tax rates and a user-friendly bureaucracy making the startup process rather less complex. As a result, Singapore draws and accepts foreign workers in great numbers. This being said, Singapore has a very competitive job market, especially if you're a foreigner. Hence, finding a job here can be a challenge. All foreigners who intend to commence work in Singapore must possess a valid work pass.

Few common aspects that make people consider working in Singapore such as economic prosperity, urban environment, progressive tax, career opportunities, education, and development. With such benefits, not only do people expect it for the short term, but also for the long term that can guarantee their well-being.

Despite the job market in Singapore is steadily growing and open for foreign workers, doesn't make it easy for everyone. In principle, Singapore would want skilled labor. Thus making anyone who wish to work in Singapore must at least be qualified for the job and can meet their standard by having the required key skills. The length of the efforts can be challenging but it 's never impossible. Recruitment agencies can be a great source of help for a foreigner who is looking to secure a job opportunity in Singapore.

In this article, we explain how you can best look for jobs in Singapore, how the job market is, what jobs that are in demand, about salaries, and more. So here are a few things that might help about how to find a job in Singapore as a foreigner.

If foreigners are looking for job opportunities in Singapore, they must fulfill the requirements set by Singapore certainly. Including paperwork such as work visa, work permit, and other required documents. To fulfill this paperwork, requires time and it's not always short. Then move on from one requirement to another requirement until it's clear and show that you have an acceptable qualifications to get this work visa.

Now, move to detailed, common, and complete things to be prepared before working in Singapore as foreigner.

1. Work Visas

There are three common work visas available. They are Employment Pass (EP), EntrePass, and S Pass. **What are they exactly?**

a. Employment Pass (EP)

EP commonly used for foreign skilled professionals, managers, and executives working in Singapore. This type of visa can last to more than two years for first time candidates and the renewals are valid for three years. For foreign professionals, the minimum earning of this visa 's holder is at least SGD 3,600 a month.

b. EntrePass

EntrePass is available for foreigners who wish to start a business in Singapore and live there. This type of visa can last for one year the first time and the following renewals is valid for two years. And there are no minimum salary requirements for this type of visa.

c. S Pass

S Pass is available for the skilled and semi-skilled workers. This type of visa can last for two years and the person who apply for this visa is the employer. If the worker change a job, then they have to apply for a new visa. Also, the minimum earning is at least SGD 2,400 a month in order to meet the assessment criteria.

d. Dependent pass

'Dependent Pass' is also one of the other available work visas in Singapore. Legally married spouses or unmarried children under 21 years, of eligible Employment or S Pass holders, can apply for a Dependent Pass. However, in order for foreigner work in Singapore, they will have to obtain a Letter of Consent from MOM.

2. Skills

There's a broad job field in Singapore available for everyone and are open for foreigner jobs in several places. To raise the chance of getting accepted working in Singapore, to meet Singapore's standards and needs, we must know what they need. So below is the top skills areas demanded in Singapore in 2021 according to the Singapore Government Agency Website. Let's get started and check what the most effective ways are to land a new job in Singapore.

a. Data analytics

Data analytics is an area that 's required in various of job description. For example, Netflix recommendations, search engine results, and Google Maps are powered by data analytics. The company utilize it to manipulate massive amounts of data into valuable insights used to make informed business decisions.

This field is also important in other industries such as finance, accounting, engineering, healthcare. The fact that this field is applicable for almost everything, make it as one of the top skill demanded in Singapore.

b. Finance

Financial companies has been leaning more toward blockchain for business solution. Thus having blockchain expertise can give the company a leg up in the world of FinTech.

The demand of more tech-driven financial services like digital wallets is also getting higher and it creates more opportunity related to this area.

c. Tech-enabled service

Cashless payments and food delivery apps are the two most successful examples of this field. This service aims to enhance productivity and streamline the processes of service-related organizations. People who specialize their skills in this field can be the asset of the company and guaranteed high pay by the company.

d. Digital media

Digital media influence the way people consume news, advertising, and entertainment. Research also shows that digital marketing is the top digital skill demanded by employers in this pandemic situation.

Creative skills remain in demand, but the demand of people with competency in digital media is even more sought after to create and deliver content effectively in an increasingly digital environment.

e. Cybersecurity

With the growth of digital activity both for personal and professional purpose in this era, it 's almost undeniable that cybersecurity play a vital role in this area. Logically, nobody want their activity to be disturbed and intervened by other party.

Another consequence of the growth of digital activity, it creates more frequent, complex, and dangerous threats.

People who work in cybersecurity field must ensure the data owned by company and customers are safe and free from any threat. Thus making this job one of the top skills in demand in Singapore, not only in 2021 but the following years.

Singapore has some of the highest wages in the world. After all, 5% of Singaporeans belong to the world’s richest 1%.

So, how much money does a person working in Singapore actually make? What is their fixed monthly salary?

It is important to mention that it depends on factors such your education, the skills and qualifications you have, as well as the industry. The  experience level is the most important factor in determining the salary and getting your dream job.

Salary range in Singapore. Salaries vary from 2 140 SGD (1,590 USD) per month (minimum salary) to 37,700 SGD (28,020 USD) per month. However, it’s the maximum average salary, so your actual salary can be even higher.

Median salary in Singapore. The median salary in Australia is 8,790 SGD per month (6,534 USD), which means that 50% of people in Singapore lie in the first and second quartile and thus, make less money. Meanwhile, 50% of people have a higher salary 8,790 SGD per month.

The first thing that can be done to find job vacancy in Singapore is by checking out the job portals available.

  • is the most popular job search website in Singapore.
  • Job street
  • Monster
  • STJobs
  • My Careers Future
  • eFinancialCareers
  • Jobs Central
  • Indeed Singapore
  • LinkedIn

Second, finding job vacancy in Singapore can also be done by asking for help from recruitment agencies. Unlike the job portals that completely free, recruitment agencies require their clients to pay. The rate my vary and it depends on the firm 's own terms.

On which option is the best, it 's up to your own preferences and decisions. While this can give you option about job opportunity, a job opportunity can 't be promised. Hopefully this article has helped you providing options and knowledge on what you can do to find a job in Singapore as a foreigner.

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