How To Gain Extra Income For University Students?

As a University student, you would probably be spending a lot if you are paying your own school fees! In addition to simply school fees, your social events may also increase hence feel a tight budget on your wallet!

Here are some ideas on how to increase your income slightly for University students!

Teaching Assistants are occasionally required for a number of University courses. The positions are usually only advertised to the University's students therefore any University student could potentially secure one of these jobs if they are simply aware of the opportunity. The pay is about $10 to $12 an hour, but would be a good ad-hoc or part-time income! Teaching assistants generally help professors teaching large classes in taking attendance, uploading of materials and administrative matters. You get to work hand in hand with a professor and make meaningful connections!

As tertiary institutions will be bound to have research academia topics, they will need people to participate in their research surveys. With a wide pool of survey participants needed, institutions usually pay students to sign up to complete surveys. Pay out ranges from $10 to $50 per survey. Check your University's survey site for survey dates, locations and payouts!

University campuses will have commercial shops and food & beverage establishments. Students can choose to work part-time in establishments such as cafes, Starbucks and McDonald's on campus so you can earn some cash while studying at your school at the same time! Same travelling time, double the gains in terms of knowledge and money! Find some part-time jobs here!

A Work Study Scheme is a type of experiential learning in which students work part-time while studying, being exposed to the working world and interested industry at the same time. Every University will have their partner companies and students can apply to work at these partner companies. Alternatively, some job roles are in the University campus itself.

Here are some of the Work Study sites of Universities:

NUS: NUS Student Work Scheme

NTU: NTU Work Study Scheme

SIT: SIT Integrated Work Study Programme

SMU: SMU Work-Study Elective Programmes At SOA

With these ways of additional income you can earn from time to time, it should relieve some financial burden while you are studying in University!

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