How to Get a Packer Job in Singapore?

For students who want a part-time gig during the holidays, the packer position is the perfect job for you. The job scope is simple: cleaning, packaging, loading, and labelling of warehouse items. The higher-level duties entail performing final checks for defective items, ensure all working items make it to the loading area or inventory, and keep detailed records of materials and shipments. Most, if not, all, of the warehouse jobs, pay by hourly wage. Be sure to read the later sections to find out more about the packer’s salary and working hours.

Most of the time, there will be a full-time warehouse assistant to instruct the part-time packers on their job duties.

The packer workload can vary everyday as there are high and lulls in the production industry. Don’t be too pleased when you have a rather easy day, because there is always a chance of having a really busy schedule the following day.

For those who are ready for the packer job, the next step is to find out more about the working hours, salary and responsibilities. Let’s move on to the job scope of a packer

What Is the Job Scope of A Packer

The Job scope of a packer.

Job Scope

  • Ensure that items are undamaged.
  • Clean pieces of equipment.
  • Label items.
  • Pack goods into containers.
  • Seal and label pallets/envelops

The job scope of a packer is relatively simple. He/she has to ensure that items are packed into the respective boxes. Other than that, a packer spends the rest of the time organising the warehouse and waiting for the next batch of parts to reach their assembly line.

What Are the Hard and Soft Skills Required Of A Packer?

Hard Skills

Hard Skills are not essential for Packers. It is good to have skills like Procedural Knowledge as you are likely to work in a production line. Knowing how the production line works will help you understand your supervisor’s instructions.

It is also good to have some knowledge in Safety. The Warehouse is certainly a risky workplace with huge machinery and mechanical parts lying around. The factory would want someone who is alert to prevent accidents from happening.

Soft Skills

You will need to be physically fit. Most of the tasks require some physical strength to execute. Apply only if you are okay with manual labour.

Besides physical strength, a packer needs to be meticulous. He/she needs to pack the items with much care. Carelessness can result in disruptions to the production line. Huge losses may be incurred due to a Packer’s mistake.

How Much Does A Packer Earn?

The packer earns money.

According to Payscale, a packer earns approximately $7.50 per hour. It is extremely reasonable considering the simplicity of the job.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many warehouses are looking for local packers since many migrant workers left Singapore. The salary can go as high as $11 per hour.

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How Long Is the Working Hour?

The Working hour of a warehouse worker.

It depends.

Packers normally work in shifts. There are 4 different kinds of shifts: Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night Shift. The timing is normally as follows:

Morning 9am to 3 pm
Afternoon 12 pm to 8 pm
Evening3 pm to 12 am
Night12 am to 9 am

The morning shift is usually the busiest among the 4 shifts. Production materials usually come in the morning. Packers may be asked to move the production materials into the warehouse. Sometimes, the packer needs to help in loading and unloading goods into the truck. It all depends on the supervisor’s decision at the end of the day.

Please note that boys are usually required to do loading and unloading for packers. If you are not up for any manual duties, do not apply for packer jobs.

The afternoon and evening shifts are rather susceptible to the highs and lulls. Ultimately, it depends on the production schedule planned by the management.

Night shift is the “slackest” out of all. It is finishing up the previous shift duties and making sure the production line is operating smoothly (if there is any production occurring at all). If not, most of the time will be devoted to organising and moving production material to the respective locations for the other shifts.

What Are The Perks of A Warehouse Job

1) Entry-Level

A picture with a group of people in different colour, representing the different age groups.

You can work as a packer with any kinds of qualifications. Employers are mostly seeking individuals who can communicate and understand basic English. Simple reading skills are needed when reading the orders or instructions to pack an item. You can do it with a GCE O Level Certificate.

2) Simple

Simple Job to do.

The job is made up of simple repetitive tasks. You only have to execute the simple commands. Other than that, there is almost no chance for you to use your head.

3) Flexible Working Hours

Flexible working hour.

As mentioned, the packers have a rather flexible working schedule. Most, if not all, of the packer jobs are part-time. This means the worker can choose the shift that they want. A packer can quit anytime after finishing their shift. Basically, the packer job is for people who want to earn some money quickly.

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