How to Pick the Most Suitable Warehouse Job in Singapore?

With the rise of the e-commerce and delivery industry, the warehouse sector has become one of the most profitable businesses. Many multinational corporations (MNCs) like Grab, Food Panda, Deliveroo, Lazada, and Shopee, are aggressively hiring warehouse workers to meet the burgeoning demand for logistic/inventory services. An article in The Economic Times projected that the Logistics and Warehouse industry will grow by 35% by the end of 2021 (roughly 35 Billion USD).

For those who are seeking warehouse jobs, you are extremely lucky this year since there are many job openings. Without further ado, will guide you through the process of choosing the right warehouse job for yourself.

What are the Different Kinds of Warehouse Jobs?

1) Packer/Sorter

A warehouse packer and sorter checking the goods in the box.

The easiest of all warehouse jobs. All that is required from you is to pack the items and load them into the production belt. Different packer jobs have different requirements. Some may not even require their workers to carry heavy loads. The job scope may be as simple as organising goods in a box and ensuring that the tape on the box is secure.

Packer/Sorter Jobs usually refers to the part-time warehouse workers who organise/box goods into their cartoon.

2) Warehouse Assistant

A warehouse assistant who is wearing a blue polo t-shirt carries a bunch of boxes.

Warehouse Assistants usually refer to the full-time warehouse staff. Their main duty entails organising and instructing the part-time packers and sorters. If the production line experiences a delay, they are the ones that will answer to the supervisors and troubleshoot the problem.

Warehouse Assistants do not require much educational background. It is considered an entry-level job that does not require much experience as well.

3) Forklift & Reach Truck Operator

A forklift driver directing traffic and operating a forklift machine.

The forklift operator is considered professional work due to the high difficulty and risk involved. The salary is rather high, which depends on the type of goods you are lifting in the warehouse; Lifting heavy/dangerous goods pay higher due to the risk involved. You will need 2 licenses to apply for a Forklift job which will be covered in the later section

4) Delivery Driver

A delivery driver wearing a blue polo t shirt.

Mainly used for transporting goods from one location to another. It is considered a warehouse job since some drivers have to record inventories (depending on your job scope). Interested applicants will need to research the required license for different driver jobs.

5) Production Operator

A production operator operating the machine.

Employees will be dealing with heavy machinery most of the time. Job Scope may entail installation, testing and repair of equipment in the warehouse. An operator may work with computer-operated mechanical equipment.

How to Determine Whether the Job is Suitable for me?

After knowing the different roles in the warehouse sector, you will need to choose the position which is best suited to your strength. You will need to look into the Salary, Working Hour, and Skills Required to be a suitable candidate for the position.

Expected Salary RangeWorking HourSkills Required
Expected Salary RangeWorking HourSkills Required
Packer/Sorter$7/hr to $10/hrFlexibleNone
Warehouse Assistant$1200 to $20008 hr ++Some Experience (Recommended)
Forklift & Reach Truck Operator$1600 to $30008 hr ++Forklift License, and Class 3 License
Delivery Driver$1500 to $25008 hr ++Class 2/3/4 License (Depending on your Position)
Production Operator$1400 to $20008 hr ++Physically Fit

The graph above should give you some idea of the requirements and payout of the different warehouse positions.

How do I Prepare For the Job?

Medically Fit

A medically fit candidate will be ideal for a Logistic/Warehouse employer. As many duties of the warehouse job revolve around physical labour, it is important for a prospective job candidate to be physically fit. Some companies may require their candidate to do a health checkup before employing them (especially forklift drivers).

Driving/Forklift Lesson

For delivery and warehouse drivers, you will need to own a driving/riding license which depends on the vehicle you are driving. Vehicles like motorcycles are normally Class 2 vehicles. Cars and MiniVans belong to the class 3 category (need to check the CC of the vehicle). Class 4 vehicles are lorries and trucks. Click here to know more about the different vehicle licenses in Singapore.

Forklift drivers are required to own both class 3 and forklift licenses. There are several places for interested job seekers to get a forklift license. Click here to know more about the 7 cheapest locations to get forklift training in Singapore.

Apply for a Warehouse Job

After knowing all the requirements of a warehouse job, you are finally at the last stage of the job search. This is the hardest part because many job seekers do not know the best place to search for a Warehouse job. Do try as we always have a large number of Warehouse Jobs ready for you!

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