How To Reject Job Interview With Examples

After applying for a job at some point you may want to reject the job interview but you don’t want to burn the bridge. You should not reject a job interview unless you already have a job offer in your hand.

Take it as an opportunity to practice your interviewing skills even though you don’t want the job due to some reasons such as changes in personal circumstances, you discover that the company values or position are not compatible or you have decided to stay in your current job.

  • make sure you want to decline
  • do it as soon as possible
  • don’t ignore the recruiter
  • keep it short and professional
  • be honest and respectful

Dear (sender/recruiter name) Thank you for the invitation to the interview and considering me for (job position) with (company). I apologize that I have to withdraw my application and respectfully declining this opportunity because (your reason).

Hope you find the best candidate for this position.

Best regards,
(your name)

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Dear (sender/recruiter name) Thank you so much for the job interview invitation. I regret to inform you that I have to withdraw my application due to (your reason).

Best regards,
(your name)

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  • you got job offer from other company
  • you decide to stay at current job
  • you have to relocate somewhere
  • health issue and need time for recovery
  • re-evaluate career path

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When you have to reject a job interview, always be polite and professional. Don’t ignore recruiters. They appreciate candidates who take time to let them know that they will not attend the interview so they can find your replacement. You don’t need to exactly state why you’re declining the interview. You can be general about why you want to move on.

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