How To Tell Your Boss You Want To Resign

Many people decide to leave their current position every year and, it is very natural to do so from time to time. You might want to leave your job because you seek more opportunities for growth or promotion or even because you don't like your boss or work environment. However, it’s important to leave on good terms with the company and make the change as easy as possible for all people involved. Letting your boss/ management know that you want to leave is never easy and as such we have compiled a list of steps you should follow.

  • Meet your boss
  • Schedule a meeting with your employer when you have decided to leave a position. When you are about to leave, let your employer know by meeting with your boss before you send the resignation letter so they can plan for your departure. If you have one or more direct supervisors at work, meet with them individually to talk about your plan. But if you work remotely and face-to-face meetings with your boss or supervisors are not possible, you should set up a call or video conference to talk about your plan to leave the company.

  • State your reasons for leaving
  • Say that you are leaving and give a plausible reason for it. For example, you have landed a job at another company and this is the job you’ve always wanted to do. You took this job because even though you love the current employer, there is no room for growth and you’re looking for a new challenge.

  • Express your gratitude
  • Say thank you for the opportunity to work at the company and don’t bad-talk about the company, your boss, or the team. A good attitude will help leave the door open, just in case there will be an attractive position in the future, and you want to go back to your current employer you are about to leave. Also, you may need references from your former employer in the future, so leaving a company in a pleasant manner will benefit you in the long run.

  • Offer to help with the transition
  • Help the company to prepare your leave by training the current employee who will replace your position or new employee who arrives before you leave. You should finish the ongoing tasks that you’ve been working on and give feedback on what kind of new employee to hire for your replacement. Perhaps take a part in the recruitment process to hire new employee so you can help identify which person will fit with the job.

  • Write resignation letter
  • Write a resignation letter (see example below) and submit it on the same day. After you meet with your boss, write a resignation letter to be sent to your boss. A professional resignation letter will not only help you maintain a professional standing with your employer, but it will help them to find the best replacement. There are several necessary steps to complete this letter. First, you should state that this is your formal notice of resignation and your reason why you want to quit the job. Second, write about how you enjoyed working for your company and what you have learned during your employment. Then, thank your employer for the opportunity to work there and express gratitude for their support. Lastly, include your contact information so that they can reach out to you if necessary.

Dear (boss name),
I very much appreciate my time at (company) for the past (your employment period), and I want to inform you that my final day will be (mention the day and date).

It is such a pleasure to work with you and the team. I am very grateful for this valuable experience. During my time at (company), I have gained more skills, which has made me grow significantly and pursue advanced opportunities in my career.

Please let me know if I can help you in any way during this transition. I would be happy to answer questions and provide support. I wish you and the company all the best.

(your name)

It's not easy talking to your boss that you want to quit. However, you have to do it graciously. Leaving a job and a company you had worked for some time on good terms. The most important thing to do before sending your resignation letter is to schedule a meeting with your boss. Let your boss know that you want to resign, don't tell your colleagues first. You don't want the information to spread across the workplace while your boss is the last person to know about your resignation.

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