How to Write Last Day of Work Message With Examples

How to Write Last Day of Work Message (with Examples) - Last day of work can be as stressful as the first day of work. If you want to give a positive impression on your first day at work, you will also be thinking about leaving a positive impression on your last day of work. So you can leave the company on good terms and make sure your professional reputation remains positive.

Even if you quit the job for unpleasant reasons such as being fired or getting laid off, it’s still better to consider leaving in a good manner and give them the last good impression. Even if your last path at your job was rough, you can still ensure to be remembered as an employee that has made positive contributions to the company.

Sending personal goodbyes is one of the proper ways to do it. Sure there are many ways you can do such as sending gifts to your coworkers, inviting them to your farewell dinner, lunch, or party, and many more. However, it’s up to your preference at the end of the day. If you prefer a more serene type of celebration, you should consider sending gifts to coworkers. If you want to choose a more effective option, send them a message on the last day of work.

First of all, here are advantages of sending last day of work message to your coworkers:

  • If you are a shy type of person and not really comfortable being the center of attention, sending personal messages to coworkers can be the most suitable option. You don’t have to feel nervous about the idea of being the center of attention. You also don’t have to go through the process of setting the schedule, ensuring everyone can make time for your event, reserving a place, and so on.
  • Prevent misspeaking. You want to give the perfect good impression the last time, sending them a message can fulfill that. You can take your time as much as you want to customize each message for the coworker that receives it with your personal goodbye message.
  • Some people are better and more at ease when they can express their feelings in written form compared to verbally. If you are that kind of person, you should consider sending your coworkers farewell messages.
  • People can forget what you said and you can ask them to forget what you said if you think you just said something stupid. Letters don’t have that. Written correspondence has a huge impact on people.
  • It shows that you care. According to Deborah Smith, a positive psychologist and mindfulness expert, it shows that you have made an extra effort and really considered the other person.

As long as you can send them a proper message, it will be alright and perfect. What does a proper message even mean?

The short answer is a thoughtful farewell message.

Your initial reason for sending them a farewell message is to give your coworkers a positive last impression. The best farewell message you can send them is the thoughtful one. If you’re not the affectionate type of person, you should consider expressing your softer side this time. The coworkers that receive your message can sense when you’re being thoughtful and genuine about your feelings.

It can be tough as it feels like letting your guard down. Unlike any other day where you can put up your tough presence. But, do not worry about it. Remember the first reason you need to send this message. Moreover this should be your last message to them.

In order to succeed in sending a thoughtful farewell email, you should craft your message well. Here is everything you can include in your message.

  • Gratitude. Tell the coworkers who receive your message how grateful you’re for having them as your coworker. Go a little more detailed with mentioning specific events that make you genuinely grateful for having them as your coworker.
  • Start with “thank you for…” and continue with everything that you want to tell them. For example, “thank you for staying by my side since day one, for tirelessly helping me when I have trouble with my tasks, especially those stressful first weeks in this company. Without you, I would have worked harder next week.”
  • Make it focus on the person that will receive your message. If you’re sending letters to several coworkers, each letter should be personalized. Spend the same amount of time in completing each letter. Your attention span is not always reliable, even if you intend to do the most emotional task. Clear yourself from any form of distraction when you’re writing letters to make the most coherent and complete letter.
  • Put that podcast or movies in the background away, you need to enforce less distraction while writing letters for yourself. The only acceptable background is background music with no vocals. It should help you build emotion and maintain your focus.
  • Your contact. It’s important to include your contact details in your letter. So they can save your contact and anytime they want to reach you, they don’t have a problem in finding your contact because you already provide them.

There are two main methods that you can consider to send a last day of work message: handwritten letter and email. If you enjoy being creative, showcase your talent with a handwritten letter. If you prefer an effective way to send a letter, go by email.

Next, there are several things that you need to consider in how to send your message.

  • Your favorite coworkers will receive your letter surely. Depending on your situation, you should consider sending your boss a farewell letter. The same goes with other coworkers who you don’t know well but sure have had interaction in the past. This effort goes well with your initial intention to leave the last good impression before you leave the company and to ensure nobody’s left behind.
  • Keep the letter brief. This farewell letter should be thoughtful and to the point at the same time. Not to discourage you from expressing your sappy side, but it’s still a letter. The person who receives the letter should understand what you actually want to deliver.
  • Avoid expressing negative remarks. Try to avoid mentioning negative incidents that have happened a long time ago. If you quit the job on bad terms, better not mention it in your letter. Remember your actual reason to write this farewell letter. However, you can give positive suggestions or feedback to the person on your letter.

Here are farewell message examples that you can use for your benefit. It’s important to notice that you can get creative with your message. If you still have no idea how a farewell message should look, you can check these examples first and then personalize it according to what you want to send to your coworkers or boss.

Example 1. For the coworkers you’re close with

Dear (name),

You may already know that I will be leaving our company that has brought us together and today is my last day of work.

I’d like to let you know how excited I am about my new opportunity. And I’d like to also let you know how sad it is saying goodbye, to my most amazing coworker. Thousands of words will not be enough to summarize what a great coworker you are to me. But, I really hope this letter can cover everything I’ve always wanted to tell you.

Our friendship has started since that time you asked me out for lunch together on my first day in this company. If I haven’t told you this, you have no idea how precious your existence is to me. How you helped me adapt with my new company, how you make me comfortable when I’m struggling in the new company until now, we’ve come to my last day of working in this company.

But, I assure you, this is not the end of our friendship. Just because I don’t work here anymore, doesn’t mean we can’t hang out together again. Please, reach me out anytime you feel like it and I will be sure to do the same. You can text my number as usual, send me an email, and I will be right back to you as soon as I can.

It’s been great working together and we should definitely keep in touch.

All the best,

[your name]

Example 2. For the coworkers you’re not close with but you have had good interaction in the past

Hello [name],

I will be leaving my job here at [company name] tomorrow as today is my last day of work here. I write this letter to let you know several things before we have no chance to meet each other occasionally just like in the past.

I think we are both fully aware that we are not close as coworkers. But, you’ve been a great coworker to me and I need you to know about this. The plenty of time we’re assigned to work on the same projects, it was such a great time working with you.

Through the projects we are assigned together, I got to know you well. That you are such a cooperative person. I love how everything went smoothly when we are working on the same projects.

Since I will not be coming to this company starting tomorrow, I’d like to also let you know that you can always reach me anytime you’d like. Though there seems to be no opportunity to do so, I’d like to leave contact details just in case. Just in case you want to reach me, please do not hesitate.

My email: [email]

My phone number: [phone number]

All the best,

[your name]

Example 3. For the senior coworkers

Hello [name],

You may have known that I will be leaving my job in this company for my new company. Today is my last day of working here.

Before we are unable to meet each other casually like we usually do, I want to send you this farewell letter as a thank you. Thank you for being the best mentor I’ve ever had in this company. Thank you for being the best coworker to me. Not only do you help me with stuff related to my job, you also teach me to be more humane.

I also really enjoyed working with you on a few projects we are working on together. This has been such a valuable career experience to me and hopefully I wasn’t such a burdensome junior. Hopefully I have lightened your workload at some point.

Since the future can be full of uncertainty, I wish we can still be in touch. You can reach me at my email: [email], or my phone number: [phone number]. You are welcome to reach me anytime for any reason. Please do not hesitate to contact me anytime you want.

Lastly, I wish you all the best.

All the best,

[your name]

Example 4. For the boss or someone whose position in the company is higher than you

Hello Mr./ Mrs. /Ms. [name]

Today is my final day here at [name of the company]. I want to send along a quick note to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed my time here.

I’ve learned so much from your advice and guidance since I worked here. My time spent as a [job title] has been such a valuable part of my career journey. I will definitely carry the things I have learned here to my next adventure in the new company I am working at, and I will always look back on this experience with a lot of fondness.

Also, I would love to keep in touch with you even though we are not working together anymore. Please, never hesitate to reach me and here’s my contact details for you to save them.

Email: [your email]

Phone number: [phone number]

Thank you so much for everything you have taught me. Hope the best thing only comes to you, your team, and the company.

All the best,

[your name]

You can be creative about your last day of work message because your coworkers are likely to appreciate the letter that you eventually send. Thank the person you are sending the letter to and appreciate their existence during the time you work together should be the most important part of this farewell letter. The authenticity of your letter is important and be thoughtful of your letter as this is your last chance to give them a good impression before you leave.

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