Is a part-time job worth it?

Is a part-time job worth it?

Part-time jobs can be viable if you need more time for your side projects or your family.

Working part-time will free up time for you, but keep in mind that part-time employees don’t always get the same benefits as full-time employees.

So to decide whether a part-time job is worth it, determine your goal with it. It can be many things: maybe you need free time to get your project up and running, perhaps you need more income and get a part-time job in addition to your full-time one, maybe you need to spend more time with your family but are not ready to lose your entire income, or perhaps you need to get your foot in the door of your dream company, but they only offer part-time positions at the moment. Based on the goal, you can decide whether a part-time job is worth it.

We have prepared the list of questions you need to answer before you make this decision. There are three blocks - financial, professional, and personal goals.

Think about your expenses and whether you can live on a part-time job salary

Part-time jobs' salaries are often lower than full-time positions, mainly because you work fewer hours, and usually, these hours are not guaranteed. You’d need to decide if this income is enough to cover your expenses. Don’t forget about benefits that part-time jobs don’t have (sick leaves, vacations, medical insurance, etc.). If you get a part-time job as an additional income to your full-time job, then it’s not a problem. If it’s your only job and the salary is not enough, consider getting another part-time or freelance job you can do in parallel to make up for that lost income.

Will this part-time job give you additional career opportunities or professional growth?

Many part-timers choose this path to gain additional experience for changing their careers; some want to get a big brand name in their resume to get more credibility; while others just want to get their foot in the door of the company they dreamed of working for. All of these reasons can help you to grow professionally and progress in your career. Choose wisely: check what opportunities these companies offer, what your responsibilities are, whether you would be able to participate in training, and what is the company policy on promoting part-timers. This may help you to decide if the company suits you for professional growth before accepting its offer.

Does taking a part-time role bring you closer to your personal goals?

Let’s talk about your personal goals. It can be anything from spending more time with your loved ones to getting more time for yourself, your hobbies, and your interests. Or you just want to have less stress in life :) Then answer this question: will taking a part-time job make a significant positive impact on your personal life and/or mental health? If this job brings you closer to your personal goals - then give it a shot! Define the exact things you want to achieve, and after some time, measure results against these goals. Some studies show that many part-time workers feel happier and less stressed, so it might be the case for you as well.


A part-time job comes with a lot of risks. The main of them are connected to job security and the absence of benefits connected to sick leaves and vacations. But it can also provide great benefits. If it’s something that could potentially work for you, it’s really worth considering because there is usually a lot of opportunity for growth tied to part-time work. Don’t just skip them in your job search, there might be opportunities for your professional and personal growth.

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