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Posted on: 2021-11-08

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Job hunting is tough! It is even considered as a job since we need to source jobs from multiple websites and platforms, tailor resumes, send job applications, waiting to get replies, interview invitations and repeat. With so many advices out there, the truth is it is always easier to be said than done but it's helpful to hear from others who are in or have been in the same boat as you. Here are some tips from hiring manager and job seekers:

  • Know what you want and plan around it
  • Think of what kind of job you want and why you want it. Set your career goals before you hit that search button on the job platform. If you decide to switch career but have zero experience in that field, start learning first, take online courses in the field you want to switch into.

  • Tailor your resume
  • Don’t apply to all jobs without customizing your resume. It will not work. Take a look at the job description before you write your related experience and achievements. You shouldn’t emphasize what you did at previous jobs but what you had achieved.

  • Prepare for interview
  • Study the job description and prepare for the answers. Typically recruiters will ask these questions: tell me about yourself, why did you apply and what do you know about the company. In respective order to answer the questions you can tell your name, strength and weakness, related experience to the job, what you can contribute to the company and research about the company before the interview.

  • Say thank you before you follow up
  • Before you follow up which you should do a week after the interview, don’t forget to email or send thank you notes to the recruiter or anyone who interviews you right after the interview ends. Let them know that you are pleased to talk to them and appreciate their time to interview you.

  • Follow up
  • Try to follow up once a week and not more than that. If you hear nothing after the third follow up on the third week, move on and keep searching for other job opportunities. You should not wait for one company and stop searching for a job.

  • Stay positive
  • It is not an easy task some days you may feel desperate, tired and discouraged but try to stay positive and be kind to yourself. Don’t let rejection get into you just take it as a learning curve, the more interviews you have been through the more you know how to conquer it. Practice makes perfect.

  • Networking
  • Applying for a job doesn’t have to be sending a resume to the company and hitting that apply button. Connect with your friends, former colleagues or relatives they may know someone who is hiring and perhaps they will connect you with them. Most of the time people prefer to hire somebody who is referred to them.

  • Expand your skill
  • If you’re a fresh graduate or just entering a workforce, you need training or experience to get a job. Try to get into an internship, training new skills or even be a volunteer. You may not only get experience but also new networking opportunities.

Job hunting may take longer than you think so prepare yourself for the journey. Apply for the jobs even if you don’t meet all the requirements, just be confident because you never know if employers would hire someone with motivation and willingness to learn rather than lots of fit requirements. Don’t stop your job search while waiting to hear back from companies, once you get an offer and consider it you may stop your job search. Last but not least, always be prepared to ace an interview.

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