10 Job Ideas For 55 Year Older Workers in Singapore

Workclass.co, 10 Jobs for 55 Year Older Workers in Singapore - There can be various reasons people over 55 look for a new job. At one point, this matter is not quite common being discussed on the internet. Since the discussion about work and career commonly are coming from and for the younger people, especially in their 20s.

At another point, way too many reasons can make a person start joining the labor force at any age. Younger people in their 20s may not relate to this yet. If you're over 55 or older looking for a job, this article got your back and will help you to find job ideas that might suit you.

Before reading further, you need to know about employment regulation in Singapore for senior citizens first. In 2021, Singapore raised the retirement and re-employment ages to 65 and 70. This age number was recommended by the work group to benefit the older Singaporean workers

The result of this recommendation is that the retirement and re-employment ages will be raised to 63 and 68 respectively.

This new regulation will start from 1 July 2022. The target is that hopefully this new regulation will be fully achieved by 2030. By 2030, the retirement and re-employment age will be 65 and 70. So there's eight years to implement this new regulation effectively.

Manpower Minister, Tan See Long, who's responsible for this new regulation also stated that the change is important because it will also better prepare Singaporeans for retirement. This is in line with the recommendations made by the Tripartite Workgroup on Older Workers in 2019.

Another reason to change the regulation is to support older Singaporeans who wish to continue working. By 2020, a quarter of the resident labor force was aged 55 and above. It's been higher than a decade ago by 16.5%.

With the new statutory retirement and re-employment age framework, there are 10 things that you can learn from this.

  • You can find jobs for 55 years old or older

  • The employment opportunity will be getting bigger and more varied

  • As the previous retirement age is 62, you can continue working at your job if you're 62 in 2022 with condition, your employer send you an offer letter for re-employment first because that's the rule

  • If you are younger than 65 by 2030, you can just continue your work

  • Raising the retirement and re-employment ages provide the flexibility for older workers to work longer

  • Workers have the assurance of continued employment up till the statutory re-employment age if they are able and wish to do so

  • Employer can't terminate an employee on grounds of age before the statutory retirement age

  • Company will adjust the re-employment terms and enable them to continue providing employment opportunities to the senior workers while remaining competitive

  • No changes to Central Provident Fund (CPF) withdrawal ages

  • No pressure for senior citizens who do not wish to continue working and can enjoy their retirement instead

What you can take from the points mentioned above is that as a 55-year-old Singapore citizen, you have a bigger employment opportunity with the new employment age regulation. The Singapore government has provided a system that allows senior citizens to continue working. 

If you want to continue working in a similar field or job, you probably can determine which job you should apply for, almost right away. In different cases, when you want to start a different career, it can be tough.

If you plan to start a different career, either you may have had a thorough plan prepared or at all. However, if your vision is still blurry, you can follow these 5 steps to start a second career.

This structure is created by Kerry Hanon, a best-selling and award-winning author of books like “Never Too Old to Get Rich: The Entrepreneur's Guide to Starting a Business Mid-Life” and “In Control at 50+: How to Succeed in The New World of Work”.

1. Do some soul-searching

Think deeply about the skills you have acquired during your career and the achievement you have achieved. Determine how you can use them in your next career. As a senior worker, it's important to be able to show your employer how decent your history of professional experience is.

Speaking about soul-searching, some people consider choosing a job based on their passion. This has been a trend for the younger generation as well. If you have built your resume well, you're more likely to follow a career that's in line with your passion a bit easier.

2. Upgrade your skills and education

Whether you stay in a similar professional field or totally different one, you'll still need to upgrade your skills and knowledge about fields that you choose. You might have to learn from scratch if you choose a totally different career.

As a starter, if the field is totally new to you but you've always had interest in that field, you can register for short courses. You will be taught by the professionals about the basics, the theory, and the practice. The course you're in will give you enough knowledge for you to learn independently later after you're finished with the course.

It can be hard for you to learn something totally new because there's a stereotype that older people can't learn as quickly as young people. Even slow progress is a progress that can take you forward. As long as you always have a bigger will to learn, anything is possible.

3. Get in Touch with Your Network to Find Jobs For 55 Years Older Workers

Get in touch with people you know in the past that can help you find leads when you're ready to get your foot in the door and give a real sense of what the work is like on a day-to-day basis. It's important to make sure that the network that you choose is someone you truly trust and competent with the topic.

Talk to them about what you need in your next career plan. Even though your vision is still blurry, it's important to have several options ready to discuss with that person. There's no way you can come to them and have nothing to discuss except something like “what career do you think will work for me?”

You can start discussing the challenges and rewards if you start working at 55 in a different job or field. There's another one to consider such as salary, work hours, and the environment. The requirements to get the job that you want and what you should do to match the requirements. Last, the opportunities that might be out there for someone with your background.

4. Research

Do a thorough research to find the right job for you. Identify career fields that allow you to grow. Read as much as you can about the businesses that appeal to you. Find the one that you'd think would work well for you.

This point is related to the first point about doing some soul-searching. The difference is that by doing research, it means you'll find a job that realistically suit you. Since you can dream however you want, but you need actual work to make it happen.

5. Evaluate your finances

Before jumping into a different career path, especially if you're just started it, it's important to ensure that your finances are doing fine.

Make sure you have no problem with paying your bills regularly, your debt is under control, it will be better to not have debt during this, and your expense is at normal level. You might need to trim your expenses when the job search is getting longer.

When you're busy during job search, you don't want to be overwhelmed by anything related to finance. It can rush you to the point you can't think clearly anymore. Thus, it's important to either have stable finance first or save money before you're busy with job search.

Now that you have learned everything you need to consider before choosing your next job, here are 10 jobs for 55 years old and older workers that might interest you. For employers, there are benefits and grants to hire experienced workers.

1. Teacher

If you have knowledge in a certain school subject, have the skills to teach, and it would be much better if you had experience in teaching, you probably would consider applying for a job as a teacher. For example, it's been a while since the last time you worked as a teacher, you can apply for this job with your resume.

There are a growing number of people in their 50s going back to retrain as teachers. In this era, you have several options. You can apply as a regular teacher at public or private school, supply teacher, private tutor, or give classes at adult education colleges. Currently, all sorts of subjects are opening across the education sphere.

However if you think becoming a teacher can restrain you due to other priorities, you can choose to be a tutor because usually the schedule is more flexible. Teachers usually work from morning to almost evening on weekdays.

While the tutor's work hours are rather shorter and you can set your own schedule. Either way, your job is to teach students.

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2. Tradespeople - Jobs For 55 Years Old and Older Workers

Tradesperson is a skilled worker that specializes in a particular occupation. There are many kinds of them and here are the list of tradespeople jobs.

a. Building Trades

They work at a variety of construction jobs such as carpentry, flooring, masonry, and plumbing. The basic skills required to apply for this job is experience as a painter, landscaper, or carpet installer. Here several job examples as tradespeople:

  • Carpenter

  • Carpet installer

  • Electrician

  • Heavy equipment operator

  • Insulation installer

  • Landscaper

  • Painter

  • Plumber

b. Mechanical Trades

To apply for this job usually need certification of competency that spans two qualification levels. The first level is to gain apprenticeship or experience that is equivalent. The second level is the master level where you'll need to take competency level to become a master. Here several job examples as mechanical trades:

  • Auto mechanic

  • HVAC installer

  • Machinist

  • Mechanical drafter

  • Locksmith

  • Mechanical insulator

  • Elevator mechanic

  • Mechanical installer

c. Industrial Trades

This is a job that requires you to work in manufacturing and technology fields. A high school diploma is usually the least education degree required to apply for this job.

However, experience of working in similar fields will benefit you to get a better chance at getting hired. It's also possible to complete your apprenticeship requirements while employed. The career path of this job is also quite promising. Here are several job examples as industrial trades:

  • Steam engineer

  • Cargo freight agent

  • Ironworker

  • Line installer and repairer

  • Paving equipment operator

  • Metal fabricator

  • Asbestos worker

d. Medical Trades

While you need to obtain a higher educational degree to be a doctor or nurse, you can work at healthcare facilities without that background. You'll need a certificate program or two year degree from a community college that will help you actually prepare to work in a variety of health-care jobs. Here several job examples as medical trades:

  • Dental assistant

  • Paramedic

  • Phlebotomist

  • Respiratory therapist

  • Clinical laboratory technician

There are a variety of jobs as tradespeople. This is the kind of job where you don't need higher education to jump into these careers. You'll need apprenticeship experience but it takes a shorter amount of time and at the same time, you can work as you are learning.

3. Driving Instructor

If you're confident, calm, and have the skills to teach people driving, you'd like the idea to apply for this job. In Singapore, you're required not only to teach them driving because they also prefer candidates who are bilingual so you can communicate with a diverse group of learners. As for the license, you'll be required to have a valid Singapore Class 3A (Auto) or Class 3 (Manual) Driving License with at least three years of good driving records.

In Singapore, there are two choices of driving instructors to apply. They are driving school and private driving instructors. First, there are three driving schools available in Singapore that offer class 3 and 3A licenses:

· ComfortDelGro Driving Centre (CDC) in Ubi

· Singapore Safety Driving Centre (SSDC) in Woodlands

· Bukit Batok Driving Centre (BBDC) in Bukit Batok

Second, there are many private driving instructors available in Singapore. You can adjust your schedule based on your and the student's availability. Private driving instructors usually charge between $25 and $35 per hour.

This charge is lower than the driving school. But if you prefer flexibility in work hours than the salary, you may already know which one you will choose.

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4. Caregiver - Jobs For 55 Years Old and Older Workers

A caregiver's job is to help people and take care of the patients because the patients need assistance in order to live healthily. They are usually needed in many jobs that provide healthcare-related service. 

They can work as a personal caregiver, care home managers, occupational therapists, and bereavement support coordinators.

Most of them work in a patient's home by helping to provide personal care and assist with the upkeep of their home if needed. Some others work in a nursing home to take care elderly citizens and provide basic care services like bathing, feeding, and prescribing medication to them.

They may work in hospitals or long-term care facilities by giving care to patients suffering a variety of conditions like mental health problems, disabilities, or severe illness.

However, since you are also considered old, the employer will also be interested in hiring older employees because you're expected to be able to communicate with older patients better. Your sympathy will be accepted well by them. This is the case specifically if you work at eldercare.

To the skills required to become a caregiver, there are several things you must know. First, you enjoy looking after people in a genuine and healthy way. You are eager to make their life get better each day with their progression.

Second, you'll need to be able multitask or do ad-hoc tasks because it's possible to do several tasks at the same time.

5. Retail Roles

Retail roles may not be the most lucrative job to the senior or older workers. However if you enjoy interacting with customers, this type of job may suit you. You can also try to apply for a retail role at the store that you preferred. There are several types of retail stores available:

  • Fashion and accessories

  • Grocery and food

  • Home goods and furniture

  • Gifts and cards

  • Pet care

There are several type of jobs in retail roles that might interest you:

Sure retail roles are various as well as the type of the stores. Determine the one that you'd enjoy and you actually can do. For example, you can choose to apply as an advertiser of a home goods and furniture business because you have interest and professional experience in that field.

If there's a retail role that you're interested in, you may want to check retail roles vacancy on workclass.co already.

6. Life Coach or Mentor

To become a life coach or mentor, you need to have a deep well of life and work experience to draw in clients.

There's no need for any formal qualifications to be a life coach or mentor. However it's better to study for industry-specific qualifications in your chosen field. It will boost your credibility and competence in front of the clients.

A life coach's job is to aid their clients in improving their relationships, careers, and day-to-day lives.

They can help to clarify goals, identify the obstacles, and come up with strategies to overcome the obstacles. For that reason, life coaches usually work for service-based companies. For example, insurance companies.

7. Virtual Assistant

First of all, a virtual assistant's job mainly requires the skill to operate a computer and multitask. But if you are cool with these requirements, you can try it. It's because virtual assistant is a job that is quite popular in this era due to pandemic situations that force people to work remotely as much as they can.

With the rise of virtual assistants, it's a great job to earn a good income without leaving your home. You can work from your most comfortable place, with your personal computer or laptop, as long as the internet connection is alright, you're ready.

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8. Volunteer - Jobs For 55 Years Old and Older Workers

Many organizations and projects need volunteers. Such events can have the scope of local charity shops to international aid organizations. If you haven't got a job, you can join volunteer activity first. Though you can't expect to earn money as a volunteer, there are benefits of joining volunteerism:

  • Keeps you in regular contact with others and helps you develop a support system

  • Volunteerism also help you to gain network that might be beneficial for you to be recommended for a job or provide you a job prospect

  • Improves self-esteem even though you're currently also busy searching for a job because this activity can occupy your mind positively

  • Improves social skills and if you are an introvert, you can learn to get better at socializing without too much awkwardness

9. General Worker

General worker is quite a common job in Singapore. They are employees who are employed to do general work including cleaning, carrying, loading or unloading of vehicles, making of any beverages, assisting on delivery vehicles, and delivery of letters or messages.

From the various tasks mentioned, the field job of a general worker can vary. If you're interested in any of the tasks, you can check general worker vacancies on workclass.co that suit your skills and passion.

10. Senior Worker

This is the option if you don't have the intention to change your career path but wish to keep working in a similar field. Not only will you be considered a senior worker because of age, but also because you have the skills and experience that make you deserve that title.

If you wish to keep working at the same job but your age is getting closer to the government's previous retirement age regulation, you can ask your employer about re-employment. As the new regulation will be active after 1 July 2022, you still have time to communicate how your company will regulate about the new change in retirement and re-employment age.

11. Bookkeeper

Generally, a bookkeeper must be familiar with QuickBooks, computer-based versions of the software, as well as Microsoft Excel. A good eye for detail is required as well as communication skills for customers/employees. Median salary: $12.98 / hour.

12. Consultants

Consultation is ideal for people who like their careers but want to spend less of their time on the project. Bring your expertise, network and knowledge to the best advantage and work part-time at your old job or in a different industry.

You should divide your old earnings in hours worked. Keep in mind that health, retirement benefits are included when the calculations are made. You may find that consulting jobs are paid more per hour than employees, particularly if you are an experienced senior employee.

Finally, there are many job opportunities for senior citizens in Singapore. The government has shown support for the senior workers in Singapore by changing the retirement and re-employment age to 60 and 75. The implementation hopefully will reach its full potential by 2030.

Along with the change of the regulation, the government also suggested that employers offer re-employment to employee aged 55 and above or those who are reaching the previous retirement age. It means people whose age is above 55 and wishes to continue working or start a new job have the Singapore government's attention to ensure their viability as a Singapore citizen.


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