13 Top Job Ideas for People with No Experience

Workclass.co, Job Ideas for People with No Experience - The job market is available for everyone. Let's start there. Each job may require different qualifications. The availability of job vacancies is not only for people with extensive experience, already developed skillset, or degree. As it's available for everyone, it means everyone can find a job even if they don't have skills.

Skills can be acquired by practicing and learning. Entry-level jobs usually offer training for the employee before they actually start working. As they start training, they are introduced to the job and while doing so, they are learning and starting to gain experience.

For example, companies can provide On-The-Job-Training (OJT) for the new employee. This is a system where the new employee receives introduction to the job and training right in the place they work. They usually will be trained in a short amount of time and the goal is that the new employee can operate the machine or equipment that they will actually use for the job. Thus making this system can transform them from not having skills at all to being skilled workers.

This article will be explaining job ideas that give people with no experience a hope. So they know how to start their career regardless of the situation.


There are jobs that can be applied without concern about formal and higher education backgrounds. Sometimes the least educational background required for these jobs is a high school diploma or lower. However, these jobs require OJT that the employee can learn as they start working to build the skills and get paid even during the OJT which is the training period.

1. Pet groomer

Pet groomer's duty is to ensure the pets' hygiene and enhance their physical appearance. They wash and style the pet's hair, brush their teeth, trim, trim their nails, clean their ears, and they deliver excellent customer service to pet owners. Another pet groomer's task is accommodating special requests that pet owners may have and identifying health issues in pets.

This job is a service job that might interest you if you like pets. So if you like to take care of pet, this job idea is recommended for you. Don't worry if you don't have skills or experience yet in this business. This is why pet groomers should be put as the first job idea for people with no experiences yet.

The new employee will receive training before they start working. They will be trained to perform the task that will actually be used during the work. For example bathing the pet. The new employee will be asked to watch and observe their senior employee bathing the pet while they also explain stuff.

After that, the new employee will be asked to bathe the pet with their senior employee's supervision until they can do it without them. And then they move to another task, to another task again, until the new employee becomes skilled at this job.

2. Factory worker

A factory worker's duty is operating the machine to produce the products for the company. They process the products based on the required quantity and specifications, labeling, safely packaging the merchandise, ensuring that the items are free of any defects before distribution, monitoring the supply inventories, reporting defected machines and equipment, and maintaining the cleanliness of the production area.

Those many tasks are possible to be completed through tirelessly working, learning, practicing, and leveling up. The new employee also will be required to go through OJT before starting working. They need to be introduced to the machine and know how to operate it.

As the industry usually needs a lot of workers to get the job done at the right time to meet the company's target, it is no surprise that there are many open job vacancies for factory workers. This also can be a chance for anyone who is interested in working as a factory worker and worries about the skills because the new employee will get training as well before they start working.

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3. Security guard

The security guard's duty is responding to non-life-threatening emergencies, protecting property, ensuring company policies and rules are enforced, patrolling areas, creating incident and activity reports, and performing security checks on a regular basis.

Security guards are usually required for company. This job has many offers as they are needed in each company from small to big one. The bigger the company, the more security guards they hire, the bigger the chance of you being accepted if you apply for this job.

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4. Housekeeper

If you like cleaning, this job can be an option. It matters that you also can be happy doing your work. However, the housekeeper's responsibilities are maintaining the cleanliness of the residential area and reporting any safety hazards to the home owner or manager in charge. Their duties are vacuuming, sweeping, emptying trash cans, dusting shelves, cleaning windows, and mopping floors. Sometimes the housekeeper's tasks can be more than that.

If you are interested in this job, you can find them on job portals or someone who knows you. You also can find them in agencies that provide housekeepers.

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5. Waiter and Waitress

Although the job as servers like waiter and waitress are increasingly under threat from automation, full service restaurants will still need human wait staff for the foreseeable future. Their duty also will not be changing even if technology development might take over this job. They are greeting and serving customers, providing detailed information on menus, multi-tasking various front-on-the-house duties and collecting the bills.

No formal education required for this job. The new employee can learn as they start working after receiving short training. They can better themselves through learning by doing so. Making this job can be a decent option if you don't feel like having skills to sell yet.

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6. Barista

The rise of caf culture impacted the need to hire more baristas and eventually lead to this point. A barista works in a coffee shop, taking requests, making drinks, receiving payment, and handing out completed orders. They also clean the place, restock supplies, welcome the customers, become a marketer for the coffee shop by advertising the products and informing customers about the products, and many more.

As coffee shops have become a lifestyle, more coffee shops are open and want to hire more baristas. Making the demand to hire baristas become high. That it is okay to train them from zero and hire people who have no experiences to do it yet.

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7. Administrative / virtual assistant

In the age where jobs can be done virtually and remotely, it also enables another job title to manage the older job title. It is called a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant's job is taking phone calls and messages, responding to emails, setting up meetings, making travel arrangements, and managing social media accounts. The other main duties are managing schedules and issuing invoices and receipts.

Not only is this job required in this era, but the jobs requirement is knowledge about information and technology as well as professional management skills. As virtual assistant can be considered as a new job title, there are many people unfamiliar with this. But with a decent salary, you might want to apply and learn about this job quickly.

Administrative assistant, on the other hand, is rather an older job title but still relevant and needed in any field. Their job is quite similar to the virtual assistant. But the existence of the technology is what makes them slightly different. However it depends on the company and what they need. Both job titles are almost similar and require a similar field of study also.

There are jobs that require apprenticeship experience before they can apply for the job. Unlike the formal education, the training period can be short but intense. There are institutions or agencies that provide training for the job. It includes a set of materials or curriculum that is needed for the students to learn and practice before they apply for the job.

8. Flight Attendant

There are institutions that can prepare people to become a professional flight attendant. It is common nonetheless. To be a flight attendant, you must be trained in a training institution specialized in flight attendant.

The training to be a flight attendant can take seven months. After you are accepted as flight attendant, you will also go through OJT period for two months. However, it depends on the regulation of the company you are working for.

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9. Plumber

While becoming a plumber usually requires a high school diploma or equivalent degree to it, there are certain specialties that may require a welding certificate and coursework. Such as system design, tool use, and safety.

Having specific specialties can give you more income. So if you start this job with zero skills, you can always develop your skills, and raise your income through this profession.

10. Installer

There are many installer jobs available. The more specific the job, you are most likely to get paid more. However, you can start the job with zero experience. Still, you will be required to regularly develop your skills. So post secondary coursework may be helpful and many places will also want your licenses ready.

For example, an elevator installer. Their duty is to assemble, install, maintain, replace elevators, escalators, chairlifts, moving walkways, and similar equipment in the buildings. They are specialized in installation, maintenance, and repair work.

11. Insurance Claims Adjuster

This is one of the jobs in the insurance industry. The duty is to investigate claims and determine the amount of loss or damages covered by insurance policies. This job title is employed under the claims department of insurance companies or as independent adjusters. They examine claims investigated by insurance adjusters and then authorize payments.

Claims adjusting is one of several entry level job into the insurance industry. If you never imagine yourself owning an insurance agency, this is a recommended first career-track job to build financial fluency and hone your customer service skills.

12. Driver

In this era, you can be a driver who works for an independent contractor, commercial truck driver, or independently. It depends on the resources that you have. If you can drive, you can be a driver for an independent contractor. But if you also have the car or motor, you can apply to be a driver for online service.

Usually requirements are needed to get this job such as a valid driver's license, insured vehicles in approved working condition, and a clean driving record. The three requirements are common as the standard to ensure the safety of the driver, rider, and the contractor.

Meanwhile by becoming a driver with your own ride, you have the freedom to manage your work time independently. The time management will be up to you. It's not the case if you work for an independent contractor because you have to follow the agreed rules and work time.

As a commercial truck driver, you will be required a certificate. Typically awarded after a three to six month community college or trucking school course. So there are types of drivers that don't require a certificate, but to work as a commercial truck driver, you will need one.

Another option as a driver is to become a delivery driver. Currently, this job vacancy is quite big in the job market. Due to the pandemic situation, people change the buying culture that previously were going to offline stores and move to buying stuff online. This impacted companies to hire more workers to get the job done fast. The faster the job is getting done, the faster the money comes in.

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13. Landscaper

This job may not be glamorous, but the demand is high. Entry-level landscaping jobs require no credentials and little onboarding; a week under the tutelage of a supervisor is sufficient for most gigs.

However, grounds maintenance workers in more specialized settings, such as formal gardens and golf courses, may require more training or credentials, which can usually be obtained through OJT system or by employers assisting the new employee while also working full-time. Positions with greater responsibility may demand extensive botanical knowledge, particularly when working with native landscapes.

Their duties are plant flowers, trees, grass, hedges, and bushes. They also maintain the garden and lawn by mowing, trimming, pruning, weeding, watering the plants, and adding fertilizer if needed.

Some of these jobs can be downright dangerous and not all employers are faithful to ensure the safety of the workers. On the other hand, the jobs that don't seem risky can be stressful or unpredictable. In spite of that, any job has its own challenges and obstacles that each individual must be able to handle professionally.

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