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Posted on: 2021-11-05

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You have been invited or just finished an interview for a job but now the job post was taken down on the job portal. This can be very confusing. In the worst case the position was filled, and you have not been selected. However, it can also be that you are a shortlisted candidate who is about to receive an offer. Here, we are listing down all possible reasons why a job post is no longer active on the job portal. To cut a long story short, the best is always to ask the recruiter for the next step and do not assume you have not been selected.

You have had the interview with the recruiter and now the job is closed. There can be multiple reasons why the position was closed.

  • The recruiter chose another candidate.
  • The company is no longer hiring. Read more on why employers might close a job in the middle of the recruitment process

[Why Do Companies Post Fake Jobs]

During the job search, it is very normal that one is not selected. To avoid any confusion, be sure to follow up with a recruiter. If you have not been selected, remember that job searching is a numbers game and you should just keep on applying to similar jobs at new companies.

A recruiter might choose to close a position because he has received a lot of applications and a good number of suitable candidates. Most likely, the Recruiter has shortlisted a few talents and does not want to receive more emails and notifications from the job portal about even more applicants. You might be one of the shortlisted candidates or not. Be sure to follow up with the recruiter.

In many cases, recruiters have to buy coins to post their job on job portals. It is possible that the recruiter simply does not have enough credits any more to keep the job active. Job posts will be closed in the following events:

  • Sometimes, recruiters run out of credits and their job post will get automatically closed.
  • On many job portals, job posts automatically expire after a certain time. The recruiters might have simply lost track and does not realise the job is closed now.
  • The job is still active, but you cannot find it anymore. Whenever a job is new, the job appears on the first page of the job website for a short time. Older jobs are pushed back to pages 10-50 just after 1 day. If you do not want to keep searching for jobs you have applied to, just bookmark the link to the job.

It’s always a great idea to follow up with the recruiter. You can thank the recruiters for taking the time for the interview and you can ask what the next step is in the hiring process at the company you have applied to.

Dear [Name of the Recruiter],

Thank you for taking the time to interview me today. Can you let me know what are the next steps in the recruitment process and when should I expect to hear from you?

Thank you

Kind regards,

[Your Name]

If you do not hear back in 3-5 days, you can assume that the position is closed. Following up will remove any doubts you have. It is good to know the status and not wait for weeks for an update.

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