Jobs For Senior Citizens Singapore - Jobs For Senior Citizens Singapore - Life doesn't stop once you cross the fifties or sixties. A lot of possible retirees and senior citizens around the world do part time and full time jobs. If you're a senior citizen, living in Singapore, and looking for a job, you're on the right page.

Singapore has great working opportunities for senior human resources. We will list down some good job opportunities for seniors living in Singapore. Now, let's start with some of the positions where senior citizens can easily get a job.

1. Personal assistants

Personal assistants assist professionals in their respective domains. If you're a citizen with great expertise in a particular domain, and you can apply qualities in it, you can easily get a part time or full time personal assistant position anywhere in Singapore.

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2. Front desk Representative

This is a job type that is available almost everywhere. If you're a senior citizen, living in Singapore, you can easily get this job. Here are the details of this job type.

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3. Front Desk Job Details

This job type includes Microsoft office skills. If you have prior knowledge and hands-on experience in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, you can easily get this job in Singapore. Moreover, you need to have strong communication skills to excel in this job type.

4. Community Worker/Social Worker

The job details of a community/Social worker are straightforward. Here are the job specifications of community/social workers.

5. Community/Social Worker Job Description

Community/social workers are assigned to work on a community-initiated program. These works are easy to perform for older persons. Their job description includes addressing social issues. They are assigned to find, help, and support poor people. In short, they contribute to the betterment of society.

6. Babysitter or confinement nanny

Singapore desperately needs parents who can take care of babies and children. Not all Singaporeans have grandparents or in-laws with them who can help take care of their children. So the presence of a babysitter is very much needed. You can find many job vacancies as part-time babysitters in Singapore here.

The work as a babysitter or nanny, such as those offered by MEIDE Babysitters, would be perhaps particularly suitable for senior citizens since there is no age limit. In fact, the company values the experience and wisdom that comes with more elderly candidates who want to do babysitting. Parents also tend to place more trust in babysitters who are of a certain age and not too greenhorn or young.

There aren't specific working days for community/social workers. If you have skills like program management/event management, you can become a community/social worker with a basic salary.

These were some of the career options for senior citizens to start work at any age. Apart from these mentioned positions, there are dozen of other jobs as well. Now, the next thing that this article will cover is how to search for and find a suitable job as a senior citizen?

If you don't know how to do that, don't worry, we will help you out.

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Below are the easiest ways to search for a job as a senior citizen in Singapore. Follow these ways to get a job as soon as possible.

1. Join Job Portals

Job portals also facilitate senior citizens in getting a job. You can join job portals and create a fastjobs account. After that, you can active the job alerts to receive relevant and latest jobs at your location.

2. Create a Powerful Resume

A powerful resume makes the hiring process easy. As a senior citizen, you must have plenty of experience in different fields. All you need to do is to make a resume that includes all of your expertise. After making a resume, reach out to employers and double your chances of getting employment.

3. Connect With People

It's hard to get a job nowadays if you don't have a solid reference. To get a reference inside an organization, you need to connect with more people. You can also request your friends to forward your CV through their references. These small measures will eventually make your job search easy.

We shared some of the best ways to get jobs as a senior citizen in Singapore. Now, we will share some of the best companies, organizations, and sectors where you can contact employers to get a job.

Finally, here are the answers to some of the frequently asked questions related to jobs for senior citizens in Singapore.

If you're older than 65, you can get a job type that does not include any extensive workload. Jobs like a personal assistant or community worker will suit you. You can search for such jobs locally, from newspapers and job portals.

A straightforward answer to this question is "NO". 60-year mark doesn't stop you from getting a job. Commonly, people over 60 have continued working either as a hobby or as a way of earning a bit more money.

There are plenty of Pte ltd companies in Singapore where you can get a part-time or full-time job. Here is the list of those Pte ltd companies:

  • Sons general contractor Pte ltd

  • Precursor group Pte ltd

Apart from these two major companies, there are other companies as well where you can search for a position as a senior citizen.

Looking to find work is always a challenge, and there are many opportunities to get the older person to do something better.

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