Best Jobs in Singapore For Foreigners (With Salary)

Jobs in Singapore For Foreigners - Singapore is a global city and has become an international hub for business and finance. As a result, many peoples are moving to Singapore to work in highly-skilled positions offering a good salary.

But foreign workers find it a bit difficult to land a job because of language barriers, they mostly find themselves unable to handle Chinese-speaking clients, the situation may differ according to job type. Though this foreigner job search is difficult but it is not impossible.

In this article, we will discuss everything you know as a foreigner to land new jobs in Singapore.

To get a job in Singapore, it's important to have the right skills and qualifications. You'll need to be able to communicate effectively and be familiar with the local culture.

It's also helpful if you have previous employment experience working in an office or similar corporate environment. Singapore has a very high standard of living, so it can be difficult for people who don't have experience in this field to find work there.

However, if you have relevant experience and are willing to learn new skills, plenty of opportunities are available!

You can employ several different strategies when looking for foreigner jobs. To maximize your results, you don't necessarily need to focus on just one but can do multiple things simultaneously to reach your goals.

In Singapore, the most popular methods to find new jobs are:

  • Through network/referrals

  • Through in-house recruitment staff.

  • Recruitment agencies.

  • Begin your studies in Singapore first.

Getting a New Job Through Your Network/Referrals

Like many other countries, In Singapore, this option is very common. Foreigner workers can use there connections to get the job referrals or if they are totally new to the country they can stay a while in Singapore to get to know the locals. . Days ago building connections was really challenging but now by using social media such as LinkedIn you can make new connections and get referrals for the jobs.

Getting new foreigner Jobs through In-house Recruiters

Along with using your connections, it is recommended you contact the in-house recruiters of companies in Singapore that interest you. LinkedIn is an excellent resource for this. Create an account there. Find the career opportunities, and then you can connect directly with hiring managers if you want to go one step further.

To search for a job in Singapore, type the private limited "Company name" in the search bar and "Singapore". Following that, you'll find a list of individuals who are an employer at that organization in Singapore. You can then reach out to them.

You can set the job alerts on LinkedIn so that you can get the notification n the date posted and apply timely.

Finding Jobs through Recruitment Agencies

It is also a great idea to contact agencies, such as Robert Walters or Michael Page since their job is to connect employers with new employees. In other words, they have established contacts with many companies in Singapore, which they approach (or get approached by) for new foreigners jobs. You can also try join the global professional service network and this will get you the foreigner jobs as these networks provide there services in many countries including Singapore.

These agencies are worth checking out:

  • Michael Page

  • Robert Walters

  • Manpower

  • Hays Singapore

  • Randstad Singapore

Certain skills are in high demand in every country. As for Singapore, there is a high demand for professionals skilled in private ltd companies, banking, technology, chinese tuition centre. The pte ltd companies usually in search of the people that can perform machine regular servicing, arrange workers attend, help in monitoring sales, create daily invoice, help in arranging stocks, do preventive maintenance and someone that can the responsibilities of assisting customers.

The pay package of every job depends on the job functions. Here are the list of few in-demand foreigner jobs.

1. Engineering Sector

Singapore is a hub of technology, many international pte ltd companies offices are located in Singapore that's why the the market is rich with many opportunities for different job type. These companies are usually welcoming and they tends to hire foreigners. Engineering sector is one of the hot market

a. AI Specialist/AI Engineer

Salary Range: Minimum of 58k SGD per year

Hiring Companies: Pencil ltd, Continental, Accenture, Samsung, DBS Bank all other pte ltd business.

b. Robotics Engineer

Salary Cap 17,000-84,000 SGD per year

Hiring Companies: GE, Polybee ltd, PATEC Group all other pte ltd companies.

c. Full Stack Engineer

Salary Cap: S$3,000 to S$8,000 per month

Hiring Companies: Nexlabs, Singtel ltd, Transferwise and all other pte ltd business

d. Backend Developer

Salary Cap: 2,000-8,000 SGD per month

Hiring Companies: Qavar ltd, Shell Infotech, Reebelo and all other pte ltd business.

Find Now! Backend Developer Jobs in Singapore

e. Data Scientist

Salary Cap: 20,000-102,000 SGD per year

Hiring Companies: HP ltd, KPMG and all other pte ltd companies.

f. DevOps Engineer

Salary Cap: $4,000-8,000 SGD per month

Hiring Companies: Quantlab, Volt, Binance and all other pte ltd companies.

g. Data Engineer/Big Data Analyst

Salary Cap: 46,000-133,000 SGD per year

Hiring Companies: Indeed, HP, Rakuten and many other pte ltd business

i. Cyber Security Specialist

Salary Cap: 4,000-$5,000 SGD per month

Hiring Companies: Govtech, Volt ltd, Singtel, other software houses and tech pte ltd Companies.

2. Digital Marketer/Social Media Marketer

Social media is the new trend and it has created many new job opportunities. Many pte ltd companies are now hiring digital marketers to handle there presence on social media, for managing email accounts, to distribute daily mail and perform other regular servicing. There are many jobs related to

Salary Cap: 3,000-7,000 SGD per month

Hiring Companies:, Randstad ltd, Singtel, etc

Find Now! Digital Marketing Jobs in Singapore

a. Community Specialist

Salary Cap: 2,000-9,000 SGD per month

Hiring Companies: Allianz Global, Cisco Systems, any many other pte ltd companies.

b. E-Commerce platforms Specialist

Salary Cap: 34,000-133,000 SGD per year

Hiring Companies: Hasbro ltd, Tate Asia, and other e commerce platforms

c. Human Resources Professional

Salary Cap: 17,000-142,000 SGD per year

Hiring Companies: Hubble, TikTok, Starpet marketing pte ltd and many other companies.

Find Now! Human Resource Jobs Executive in Singapore

d. Helpdesk Agent

Salary Range: 2,000-3,000 SGD per month

Hiring Companies: Collabera, Singtel, Blueleaf energy's mission and all other companies and offices.

3. Delivery Jobs

People that want to work in flexible working hours can do food and grocery delivery Jobs. Many online apps are there such as uber eats that offers food delivery jobs. You can join those apps get yourself register and starts delivering the food and grocery items.

Find Now! Delivery Driver Jobs in Singapore

Foreigners can work in Singapore if they obtain a Work Permit. A Work Permit is issued by MOM (Ministry of Manpower) through a valid employment contract from an employer who has been issued with a valid Employment Pass (EP). There are different types of EP, such as S Pass, H1B, L1A/B, L2A/B, Q1, ICT, etc., depending on the nature and qualifications of the job.

The EP holder must be paid at least $2,200 per month or $3,300 per month if they are employed in an occupation related to Science & Technology (S&T).

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