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4 Part-Time Jobs as A Delivery Driver with Your Own Car

4 Part-Time Jobs as A Delivery Driver with Your Own Car - Making use of your car to earn money by working as a part time delivery driver is a good idea. If you are looking for a side job that can give you a decent salary and you already have the resources such as a car and the skill to drive, you have fulfilled half of the qualification to become a part time delivery driver.

Whether you are a college student, fresh graduate, or unemployed, this is a good chance to earn money. This job description usually doesn't require specific skills or things to be submitted, but it can also vary depending on the requirement of the job functions you apply for.

Other than income, this job also benefits you in terms of giving you experience, even if you don't plan to work as a delivery driver in the long-term initially. It's because you meet employers and clients that give you the job, you can make friends with them, and build networks. So later when you don't work as a delivery driver anymore, you still have a good connection with them that might be beneficial in the future for the two of you.

1. Grab-Driver

The average salary for a Grab Driver in Singapore is $2,750 per month. However this number can be depending on the area you are working and the work hour and delivery schedule because you can choose it yourself. If you have a target to achieve, you can work more hours until you meet the target that you want.

There are general requirements to fulfill if you are interested in working in delivery services like as a Grab Driver other than having your own car and the skill to drive. To apply as a Grab driver, you must be at least 30 years old and a Singaporean citizen. Then have a minimum of one year driving experience.

You are also required to complete Vehicle Safety and Maintenance and Customer Service and Quality test at the Grab Headquarter. Then achieve a passing grade for Safety and Quality driving assessment as well. Last, you also need to have a valid Private Hire Car Driver's Vocational License (PDVL). If you are already a good driver, the rest of the qualifications would not be a big obstacle to fulfill.

When you are accepted as the driver, you'll be given a safety toolkit from Grab as well. This is one of their ways to support the driver and customer's necessities. Then you can do the Grab's driver responsibility that is to safely take the passenger to the passenger's destination. Grab aims to provide fast delivery at affordable prices. The services are convenient and safe, giving customers a good overall experience.

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2. Part-Time Parcel Delivery Driver

A parcel delivery driver can be paid per parcel. The salary depends on the scale of the business and the employer. They can receive higher pay if the scale of the business is bigger, even if the business is rather small. Commonly, the employer can give them more incentives if they perform their job well and hit the targetAccording to the daily delivery bill. You can choose among several delivery zones all around Singapore.

The general qualification to apply for this job is to have your own vehicles like a motorcycle or car. You will not be provided with a company vehicle. You will also be required to have driving skills for sure. Sometimes they are okay with candidates who still have no experience in this job. As for the technique to find the destination, you can always rely on Google Maps at least or other navigation apps. These shall be simple enough for you to understand if you are interested to apply for this job

A parcel delivery driver's responsibility is transporting packages and other goods from a mail facility to a personal business address during the scheduled working days. Their jobs include loading goods, using navigation tools to arrive at the right address and delivering parcels to the destination. Since working part time means they have less work hour, it's still possible to finish the job faster so they can do other things as they wish.

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3. Part-Time Food Delivery Driver

Food delivery service is one of the important jobs these days. Everyone must've experienced food delivery service at least once. With the growth of the food and delivery business, more employers would like to hire part time food delivery drivers.

The reason they hire part timers is to apply for a shift system. This way, the owner of the business can maximize their business profit by serving the customer with extra hours. Since hiring full-time drivers can be more expensive, they can cut the budget by hiring more part time drivers.

There is another choice if you want to have more flexible hours as a food delivery driver. You can apply or become a partner with Grab delivery. The general requirement to work as a food delivery driver in Grab is similar to working as a Grab driver. So does the benefit.

Both have the same responsibility. The food delivery driver's job is to deliver food to the customers who have ordered and paid for it and make sure they arrive in a timely manner and safely. Though this job is more common for candidates who drive motorcycles, you are still allowed to apply for this job if you use your car to do your job.

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4. Part-Time Personal Driver for Pick Up

It is quite rare to work as a personal driver and drive the employee's car. The employer usually makes them drive cars that belong to either company, family, or their own. Depending on the vacancy as well, there are few advertisements that allow or wish the candidates to use their own car.

The general requirement to apply as a personal driver is a driving license and at least one year driving experience. However, more specific requirements can be stated by the employer whatever they want. Since this job means that the driver works for a certain person, family, or company, the requirements can be more personal and it's up to the employer's wishes. You may find a requirement that you rarely find on any job vacancy and this is one of those confidential types of job.

If you work for a family, your responsibility usually is to take your boss to work and business meetings, and family members as well. Then if you are hired for a company, your role is to provide chauffeur service to the senior management staff and family members till finish delivery. Sometimes even help to delivers childcare food, packed meals, and other ad hoc duties. Both have another responsibility to ensure the care is well maintained and clean at all times. 

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Becoming a delivery driver is a great quick job idea if you have a car, can drive a car, and need to get a job quickly. The delivery job is needed in many aspects of industry and business. Your skill to drive will always be needed and hopefully the four [part-time jobs]( explained above can give you ideas about what you can do with your car.

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