20 Part-Time Jobs In Singapore That Pay You Well (With Salary)

20 Part-Time Jobs In Singapore That Pay You Well - Part-time jobs might commonly interest the students. These days, they tend to have the ambition and energy to maximize their potential. Not only for the sake of getting more pocket money, they also want to build their career early.

In fact, part-time jobs are not only for students. Non-students can apply for the part-time jobs as long as they can meet the qualifications. It opens for the fresh graduate, unemployment, mother or father who must spare time well between working and taking care of the babies or kids, and many others. Part-time jobs are open for everyone.

In Singapore, the job market for people who want to work part-time is widely open. There is enough part-time job vacancy for everyone. If you are interested in becoming part-time employee, you can find the job vacancy on job portals such as workclass.co

No worry about the legal protection of part time employees in Singapore as they are regulated by the Employment Act. This Act also covers full-time, temporary, and contract for both local and foreign employees. The part time employee is distinguished with having to work less than 35 hours a week.

The same as full-time employees, part-time employees also need to work under a contract of service. The contract must specify:

  • Hourly basic rate of pay
  • Hourly gross rate of pay (the hourly basic rate plus allowances)
  • Number of working hours per day or per week
  • Number of working days per week or per month

Since part-time employees are regulated well in Singapore, you don’t have to worry about their protection. That risk can be prevented by following the basic regulations about applying for a part-time job as mentioned above.

Though the salary of a part-time employee tends to be lesser than the full-time employee, it’s still fine if you wish to get a decent salary. Eventually the thing that you must know about part-time jobs is that just like full-time jobs, the job market is quite competitive. If you want to get a high salary in part-time jobs, you also must develop your skills and experience.

You might want to know about part-time jobs that can give you a high salary in Singapore already. So, here are the 20 high paying part-time jobs you can consider in Singapore.

1. Emceeing

There are many events in Singapore and in order for the event to run smoothly, they need to hire an emcee. If you are already familiar with emceeing or interested in this job, you may consider applying for this job. Even in this pandemic era, there is also the option to work as a virtual emcee.

The people who consider emceeing as a no-no job, should know that they are paid quite well in Singapore. The work time is also shorter than other jobs. You only have to come to work for a day, complete the job on the same day, and get paid on the same day.

What does an emcee do? Their main tasks are introducing performers or speakers to put them at ease, announce items on the agenda, and recognize sponsors. They also create an atmosphere of interest and expectation by providing some humor, giving some brief, or ice breaker.

Average pay: $10 per hour

2. Part-Time Photographer

If you are interested in photography and already have the proper and decent camera, it’s a good start to work as a part time photographer. You can work independently and set your own schedules, or work for a studio business. Either way, you work as a part timer and gradually build up your portfolio.

This job is supported by the demand of hiring professional photographers. The customers usually want to hire professional photographers to document their special occasions or events beautifully. They are usually hired for wedding, engagement, graduation, family portrait, self-portrait, and many others.

Average pay: $50 per hour

3. Part-Time Website Developer

Students who are studying computer science, information technology, or anyone who has knowledge about websites can choose a website developer as a part time option. You can charge based on your skills and build up a good track to your customers so you can get paid higher gradually.

Website developer’s job is to make and maintain websites. They are in charge of a site’s overall look, feel, and function. They also handle the technical aspects of a website, including its performance and the capacity to handle the site traffic.

Average pay: $35,127 per year

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4. Part-Time Mascot

Working part time as a mascot may never come into your mind before. Turns out, they are paid quite well and have less work time. However their job is to wear a costume and perform various activities for the company or business which they are associated with. Their activities vary from distributing flyers, acting as a sign holder during events, dancing in front of the crowd, participating in games, appearing at charitable functions, and taking part in other activities as requested.

There usually is no need for specific qualifications to apply for this job. Yet, if you already have experience as mascot or you have special skills to show, you are preferred. The special skills itself can vary from dancing, athletic ability, and strong non-verbal communication skills.

Average pay: 14,23 per hour

5. Part-Time Teacher

It is possible to work as a part time teacher. It’s not only limited for formal education because you can apply as a teacher for fields you have mastered as long as the vacancy available you offer your service independently. They can be various from music teacher, dance teacher, martial arts teacher, and many others.

If you work for a company as a part time teacher, the company is most likely to have prepared the materials for you. Meanwhile if you work independently, you have to prepare the materials all by yourself.

Average pay: $12 per hour

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6. Tutor

The tutors can also work independently or for the company that hires them. For example, home tutors, they tutor the students from one house to another. Home tutors however can work independently or are hired by a company as well.

This job can give you a high salary because of how competitive the education system in Singapore is. It affects the family that they are willing to pay more money so their kids can pass the school well. This means that your education background matters.

If you have a bachelor’s degree in English from a notable university and tutoring JC students, you can charge over $100 per hour. Then, if you are tutoring middle or elementary school, the range can be between $30 and $60.

Average pay: $44 per hour

7. Trainer

If you have specific skills and can teach, you might want to consider being a part time trainer. For example, if you are interested in fitness, good at it, you can apply to be a fitness trainer. You might as well consider applying if you are good at other sports or music.

In Singapore, the gym culture has spread across the ages. Not only adults are doing it, students also start to join them. The need to stay healthy and stay in shape makes the gym business want to hire more fitness trainers. However, if you have the knowledge and proper resources, you can start your own business by becoming a personal trainer.

Average pay: $2,770 per month

8. Teaching Assistant

Some universities provide job vacancies as teaching assistants for the students. While some of this job vacancy is available for master degree students preparing to become lecturers at the university. If you are interested in this job, you shall give it a shot.

Teaching assistant’s duties may vary depending on their initial agreements. But, the main responsibility is providing support and assistance to individual students or small groups to help them better understand the content and help them complete the assignments.

Average pay: $2,500 per month

9. Freelance

There are many freelance choices available for part time. You can work independently as a translator, content writer, graphic designer, and many others depending on your skills and interests. You can also work for a company or business as a freelancer for part time.

Some of the highest paying freelancing professions that may interest you are tech support, marketing, content writing, and customer support. If you are interested in one of those fields, you shall give it a shot. But, if you are still new in the market, you may charge a low price in the beginning to attract the job and develop your resume as you work.

Average pay: $3,000 per month (content writer)

10. Driver

In the age of information technology, driving still remains a vital job in most industries. Drivers are the drive to mobility and progress of all industries. It makes it one of the jobs that can pay the employees well.

 There are many options you can try depending on your skills. If you have your own car, you can work as an online part time driver. If you can drive but you don’t have a car, you’d want to apply as a taxi driver. If you can drive big vehicles like trucks, you’d want to apply as a truck driver. There’s also an option to work as a personal driver.

Average pay: $13,23 per hour

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11. Tour Guide

As the number one tourist destination in the Southeast Asia region according to aseanstats.org, the tourists are willing to pay hundreds of dollars for a tour in Singapore. This can be a good chance if you like the idea of taking people strolling around Singapore.

However you are required to have a tourist guide license to be a tour guide in Singapore. You can obtain it by completing a 6 months long training program. The training provider you shall choose is based on SkillsFuture-approved education provider. They will teach you about Singapore’s history and heritage, as well as teaching you how to do excellent presentation and tour-leading skills.

Average pay: $14,15 per hour

12. Barista

The growth of cafe culture makes the demand for hiring baristas higher. Both a new cafe and a bigger cafe company want to hire baristas. However, which cafe that hires you can determine your salary.

Average pay: $19,421 per year

13. Content Creator

You must be already familiar with YouTube. It’s a platform where you can pour your creativity and get income. You can use this chance as your part time job so you can set your own schedules and work for yourself.

It’s undeniably that you need a high spirit to work as content creator. Be it you do it alone or with a team. The key to success as content creator on YouTube is that you can consistently post videos, working on to make your contents attract more views and a loyal audience, and hopefully the content is a subject you are genuinely interested in.

Average pay: $35,256 per year

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14. Real Estate Agent

Real estate business in Singapore has always been prominent and it keeps growing as newcomers keep happening. This is a good chance if you want to get a high income and work part time as this job tends to focus on the result. The better your skills in persuading new customers, the higher salary you’ll get.

Average pay: $5,333 per month

15. Nanny

It’s common that parents in Singapore hire a nanny to take care of the kids, so they both can go to work and do their jobs without worrying about their kids' wellness. Their job is to take care of babies or kids as long as the work time that has been agreed. They also organize activities, help with homework, oversee playtime, and may be tasked with driving them to and from school or other activities.

Average pay: $3,200 per month

16. Virtual or Administrative Assistant

In the age where jobs can be done virtually and remotely, it also enables another job title to manage the older job title. It is called a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant’s job is taking phone calls and messages, responding to emails, setting up meetings, making travel arrangements, and managing social media accounts. The other main duties are managing schedules and issuing invoices and receipts.

Administrative assistant, on the other hand, is rather an older job title but still relevant and needed in any field. Their job is quite similar to the virtual assistant. But the existence of the technology is what makes them slightly different. However it depends on the company and what they need. Both job titles are almost similar and require a similar field of study also.

Average pay: $ 24,004 per year

17. Counselor

A counselor's primary responsibility is providing professional counseling services to clients in a competent and ethical manner with specialization in at least one therapeutic modality. They also conduct intake assessments for new clients. After that, they prepare and maintain proper counseling reports and assessments.

The minimum requirement for this job is Master’s Degree in Counseling or Counseling Psychology or equivalent with relevant professional accreditation. In Singapore, you are also required to be fluent in other languages such as Mandarin, Tamil, and Malay.

Average pay: $3,900 per month

18. Admin

part time employee as admin usually has less work time. For example, you’ll only be required to work three days per week in a company as a part time admin. It makes a good option if you are interested.

Their duties are liaise with customers and suppliers on the orders and deliveries via phone and email, prepare delivery orders and invoices, and collate and record daily orders or deliveries.

Average pay: $30,773 per year

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19. Phlebotomist

Phlebotomist’s duties are performing venipuncture for the collection of blood specimens for dispatch to the laboratory in accordance with the standards set. They sort and record all blood specimens collected, ensure they are correctly labeled, and dispatched to the laboratory in the correct mode.

If you want to apply for this job, you need to have valid phlebotomy certification. In Singapore, you are required to at least have a diploma in medical technology of nursing or certificate of performance in theory and practice of phlebotomy.

Average pay: $29,479 per year

20. Nurse

The nurses have wider responsibilities compared to phlebotomists as they also perform phlebotomy and venipuncture. But they also have other responsibilities such as providing assistance to the research team, collecting data and document research findings, performing and assisting in other ad-hoc roles when required as well.

To apply as a nurse, you will need to be registered in Singapore Nursing Board, valid Basic Cardiac Life Support (BCLS) certificate, and experience.

Average pay: $34,839 per year

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In conclusion, there are many part-time jobs in Singapore that can pay you well. It makes great extra money for you, so you can spend them on what you need or save more in the bank. Such high-paying jobs tend to require higher skills as well, if you are confident with your skills, this will be a good chance to be grabbed.

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