20 Part-Time Jobs with a Salary $15 per Hour In Singapore

Workclass.co, 20 Part-Time Jobs with a Salary $15 per Hour In Singapore - As we navigate through the complexities of the contemporary world, we face a relentless surge in the cost of living that continues to escalate with each passing day. The inflationary pressures on our finances often compel us to explore alternative sources of income to supplement our primary earnings. 

In light of this, one viable option worth considering is securing a part-time job, which can be an effective way to augment our income streams. Fortunately, there is an abundance of part-time job opportunities available, each with its unique remuneration structure. Specifically, there are 20 part-time jobs with a salary of 15$ per hour in Singapore which can provide a significant boost to your income.

1. Become Writer

Companies are starting to need part-time writers nowadays. A part-time writer usually has a job desk to write an article or even content with a certain theme or topic determined by the company.

Besides being able to be done remotely anywhere, the job desk is relatively easy, and the salary offered is attractive at around $15 per hour. That's why part-time writers are in high demand. Becoming a part-time writer can be the first choice for those who need additional money. Especially if you love writing, this type of part-time job is highly recommended to try.

2. Become a Media Analyst

In today's digital era, the types of part-time jobs vary, including media analyst. A media analyst is responsible for conducting quantitative and qualitative research to produce reports on media performance for an agency or company.

The evaluation outcomes are then used to improve the effectiveness of the company's advertising campaign. Therefore, a media analyst must have high analytical skills. If you like details and have good analytical skills, this part-time job in Singapore is something you can try.

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3. Become Assistant

You must be familiar with the term assistant right. An assistant is someone who assists certain parties or agencies in carrying out their activities. Assistants usually do various jobs related to the company that recruits them. So generally assistants work following the field of the company. This job has a broad scope. Therefore, if you have various skills such as management and administration, this part-time job with a salary of $15 per hour in Singapore is perfect for trying.

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4. Become a Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant provides administrative or business support services to clients remotely. This job is almost the same as an assistant in general, except that it is done virtually with the help of digital technology so that it can be performed online. Becoming a virtual assistant does not require complex requirements. In addition, the working hours are flexible and can be done anywhere. Therefore, this part-time job is perfect for those who want to earn extra money in Singapore. The salary range also varies from $15 - $20 per hour.

5. Become a Project Coordinator

A Project Coordinator is a person who is involved in certain projects. They organize and communicate details related to a specific assignment or task while serving as an interface between team members and managers. Because it is a project, this job usually has a certain period. This job suits those who want to avoid being tied to a company for a long time. This job is very interesting because of the salary, 15$ per hour, and because you can join various projects within a certain period.

6. Become a Sensory Panelist

Those of you who work in the food and beverage industry are familiar with the term Sensory Panelist. Sensory panelists work together in sensory panel groups to be trained to differentiate and evaluate all aspects of food products' taste, flavor and texture. A panelist acts as a measuring tool. They can assess the kind of food product with their sense parameters that cannot be instrumentally measured. If you have sharp and sensitive senses, try this part-time job with a salary of 15$ per hour in Singapore.

7. Become Student Affairs Manager Assistant

Still related to assistant jobs, Student Affairs Assistant Manager is a part-time job with a 15$ per hour salary in Singapore. As well as assistant duties, the student affairs assistant manager has a job desk of helping to carry out all activities related to student affairs. Starting from assisting student development, learning and career planning, implementing learning, assessment, as well as recording alumni tracking. If you are interested in education, try this part-time job.

8. Creative Design

Creative design is a part-time job with a minimum salary of $15 per hour in Singapore. This job is highly recommended if you are interested in marketing and design jobs. A creative designer is a designer who uses their skills to advertise a company.

The job desk can be in the form of looking for ideas or concepts and creating visualizations based on the request of an agency or client. Usually, creative designers work side by side with graphic designers. This job is in great demand nowadays, considering all kinds of activities are done digitally.

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9. Private Tutoring

You can try being a private tutor if you are good at some subjects. This job is very flexible because you can do it online or offline. You can also set the time according to the situation. That's why this part-time job in Singapore is in high demand. You can earn $15 per hour or even more depending on the subject's difficulty level. How about it? Are you interested in trying it?

10. Become a Service Crew

The next type of part-time, $15 per hour job in Singapore is service crew. Considering that so many food and beverages businesses are growing, the need for part-time service crew is increasing. Especially now that things are returning to normal after the pandemic, the demand for dine-in is rising. If you are interested, this is an opportunity to try this job.

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11. Become a Sports instructor/trainer.

If you have expertise in sports, there is nothing wrong with utilizing it to make extra money. You can become a part-time instructor or trainer of certain sports such as fitness, swimming, yoga, gymnastics and others. In addition to enjoying your hobby, you can earn money starting from $15 per hour. Interesting, right?

12. Become a Content Planner

The next part-time job that pays $15 per hour in Singapore is being a content planner. Content planners are tasked with creating topics based on content strategies based on SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats). Currently, this type of part-time job is very much needed in the field of digital marketing. Therefore, you should try this job if you have good analytical and research skills.

13. Social Worker

A social worker is a job that provides assistance or help in the form of services to individuals, groups, and communities in need. This can be interpreted as a social service profession based on humanity or called the helping profession. You can try this work if you are interested in the humanitarian field. This job also includes an average salary of $15 per hour in Singapore.

14. Become Beauty Advisor

If you are interested in skincare and beauty, you can become a part-time beauty advisor. The development of beauty and skincare products impacts the need for beauty advisors. Beauty advisors have the task of helping customers choose beauty or skincare products that suit their needs. Usually, a beauty advisor can only work for one production brand. Therefore, before joining a particular trading company, you should do your research, especially regarding skincare products.

15. Become a Data Entry/Typist

Data entry is a job to enter and update data into a database. Therefore, this job is administrative in nature. This type of typing job is currently needed by many companies in various industries such as health, transportation, finance, retail, and others. The salary offered starts from $15 per hour. In addition, this job can also be done remotely. Are you interested in trying one of these part-time jobs in Singapore?

16. Become an Ambassador

You must be familiar with this type of part-time job. Being an ambassador means knowing a product or service that will be offered. Although it looks easy, being an ambassador requires speaking and promotional skills. Ambassadors are required to be able to provide a positive image of a product or service so that customers are interested. This part-time job with a salary of 15$ per hour in Singapore is suitable for those of you who like to speak and be expressive.

17. Become a Caregiver

A caregiver provides nursing care by paying attention to a person's basic needs, which are then evaluated according to development. Being a caregiver does require patience because you need to position yourself as a family to care for and look after clients. This job focuses on physical, emotional and quality care. However, this part-time job is paid $15 per hour in Singapore.

18. Transcribing

Transcribing is making a written copy of spoken or recorded content. In other words, a transcriber is responsible for converting a voice into text without automatic transcription. Even though transcribing tools have begun to develop, transcribers are still much needed. After all, humans have sensitive and sharp senses, so the transcript results are more accurate. Therefore, if you are interested, try this part-time job in Singapore.

19. Become a Telemarketer

Have you ever heard of the term telemarketer? A telemarketer markets by providing information and offering products or services over the phone. Almost every industry needs a telemarketer nowadays. Especially now that telecommunication access is so easy and fast. This job can be done remotely or in the office. With a salary of around $15 per hour, this job is suitable for part-time work in Singapore.

20. Become Deliveryman

The last part-time job is in the field of delivery. Currently, this part-time job is very much needed. Considering the easy access to technology and transportation. You can try this part-time job if you have a motorcycle or car and complete licenses. But before that, you must also be good at reading routes and studying alternative roads. This is because a deliveryman is required to be able to deliver goods or food on time as scheduled.

If you are currently on the lookout for part-time employment in Singapore, then you are in luck as there are currently 20 job vacancies available that offer a wage of $15 per hour above. These job opportunities can be an excellent fit for individuals who require flexibility in their work schedule or for those who are pursuing other commitments such as studies or caregiving responsibilities.

Depending on your skills and availability, you can apply for one or more of these jobs and find a position that matches your needs. With a variety of job options available, you can choose from roles such as retail assistants, food delivery drivers, or data entry clerks, to name a few.

To explore these job openings further, you can visit WorkClass.co, a website that offers a comprehensive list of available job vacancies in Singapore. The website provides detailed information on each job opening, including job descriptions, salary, and work hours, making it easier for you to decide which job(s) to apply for.

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