20 Best Part-Time Weekend Jobs for Extra Income in Singapore

20 Best Part-Time Weekend Jobs for Extra Income in Singapore - You are considering applying for a job that is less demanding compared to the main job. Then you probably want to try applying for a part-time job on weekends. So you can receive more income, even during weekends. If this idea interests you, the rest of this article will provide you with **weekend part-time jobs ideas**.

Working a part-time job during the weekend is quite common. Many students consider taking a part-time job on weekends because they have to go to school or university during weekends. It's also a good choice to work part-time instead of full-time during the weekend. They need a rest and it's on time management preferences.

Another case, people who want to work during weekends because they have other responsibilities during weekdays like caregiving responsibility. For a specific example, a mother whose husband can take care of the kids only on weekends because he has a job on weekdays and the mother wants to work. The solution is to apply for a weekend job.

It means, this option is quite common. That's why there are many options you can apply for if you want to work part-time on weekends. However, there are things you need to consider before choosing which job should you apply:

  • Offers flexible hour and work location
  • Requires few or no credentials or costs to get started
  • Good income
  • According to your skills, interests, and capability


Now, let's see the 20 part-time weekend jobs ideas you might want to apply.

1. Data Entry

Data entry is a job that can give you flexible hours and work location. Their responsibility is to digitize data for storage purposes. So their job is to include clients' information, maintain an organized filing system, and review data for completeness and accuracy.

If you are interested in working as a data entry specialist, you need to have knowledge about data entry software such as Ninox, Kintone, and OmPrompt Order Management. At least a high school diploma will be required to apply for this job as well.

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2. Delivery Driver

This is one of the best weekend part-time jobs to make extra money in Singapore. In the age of information technology, driving still remains a vital job in most industries. Drivers are the 'drive' to mobility and progress of all industries. It makes it one of the job that can pay the employees well.

There are many options you can try depending on your skills. If you have your own car, you can work as an online part-time driver on weekends. The schedule will also be flexible because you set your own schedule. However, if you can drive but you don't have a car, you'd want to apply as a taxi driver. If you can drive big vehicles like trucks, you'd want to apply as a truck driver. There's also an option to work as a personal driver.

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3. House Sitter

If you are okay with taking care of an empty house, applying for a house sitter is a great choice. You will be left alone to do your job at your employer's house. The responsibilities are watering the plants, collecting mails and packages, periodically turning house lights on and off, monitoring surveillance footage to take note of and report any suspicious activity occurring around, and keeping up the lawn.

This job may easily be offered to you by your neighbor when they're leaving the house for several days or more. This way, make this job quite flexible and allow you to work on weekends. You don't even need specific skills for this job, but the salary is most likely not as much as other part-time jobs.

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4. Pet Sitter

If you love animals, you don't need other reasons to apply for this job. Pet sitter's responsibility is checking on client's pets and assuring that their necessities were being met. It includes walking the pets, feeding them, and other tasks while the owners are out of town.

5. Online Sales

You can sell products online on ecommerce. As online sales, you don't have to be the one to produce the products. You only need to sell the products directly to the customers. Yet, if you want to sell your own products, it's also a good choice. It is possible to only work as online sales on weekends since you are the one responsible for your schedules. Many others use it as a way to supplement their income by selling online.

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6. Retail

There are small to medium local companies that can be an option to work part-time as retail on weekends. This is less stressful compared to working in a big company. It makes this one of the options that you can try. If flexible working time is your priority, then becoming a retail staff can be a good option for you.

There are many business choices you can pick. If you are interested in books, you'd consider working as retail staff at a bookstore. There are also pet stores, liquor stores, second hand stores, etc.

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7. Social Media Specialist

In this era, everyone must've been familiar with social media and probably have been running their personal social media. This is a good option if you are thinking about which job allows you to work from home and done on weekend.

Various scales of business need a great social media manager or helper to promote the business and engage with customers. This job is one of the jobs that allow you to do it at flexible work hours and probably at your own home.

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8. Tutor

If you have the skills to teach and tutor one or more subjects, you can consider taking this part-time job. In general, education is one of the most important and long-lasting fields. There will never be enough teachers or tutors in this world. As students usually are busy at school on weekdays, the tutors are usually hired for weekends when the students are free.

You should have at least a bachelor's degree in a certain subject, even better to have a master's degree. If you're majoring in English, you can provide a tutor or teaching service for English subjects. The same goes with all of the subjects as long as you actually master the subject. But if you are still a student, it's still possible as long as you can prove that you can tutor.

9. Instructor or Trainer or Coach

If you have specific skills and can teach, you might want to consider being a part-time trainer, coach, or instructor. For example, if you are interested in fitness, good at it, you can apply to be a fitness trainer. You might as well consider applying if you are good at other sports or music or anything.

The requirement to be them depends on the field. For example, if you want to be a fitness trainer or instructor, you will be required to acquire a certificate in fitness instructing, diploma in instructing exercise and fitness, or diploma in fitness instructing and personal training.

Meanwhile, to become a guitar coach, you are usually required to have at least five years of experience playing and teaching guitar and have formal education and training. The importance of certification, diploma, and experience is quite strong to become a trainer, instructor, or coach.

10. Graphic Designer

Graphic designer is one of the best weekend part-time jobs to make extra money in Singapore. Visual and digital designers can find great roles that allow the job to be done at home or remotely. They also can set the schedules as they wish. The requirements to apply for this job are design skills and knowledge, detail-oriented, and communication skills.

Back then, one of the main qualifications was to be graduated from school of Art or Visual Communication Design (VCD) because the curriculum usually prepares the students to work as graphic designers. These days, to obtain knowledge about graphic design, people can apply to shorter courses and are ready to apply their knowledge in the workforce.

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11. Blogger or Writer

Being a blogger has flexible working hours, can be done on weekends. If you consider starting a blog, you must identify your interest first. If you enjoy the subject, you are likely to enjoy blogging. It means you can be happy pursuing this career. However, if you don't have plans to start your own blog but enjoy writing anyway, you can apply to be a writer or contributor for the site that fits your interest.

For example, if you are interested in movies, you can contribute to a website that focuses on movies by writing a movie review. Then if you are interested in fitness and health, you can contribute to sites that focus on them. This also applies if you have other interests. You only need to find a site that focuses on the subject that interests you.

12. Tour Guide

In case you are living in a tourist town, you can consider working as a tourist guide. It is already known universally that weekends means no school and no work. It means your preference to work on weekends can happen if you choose to become a tour guide.

This can be a good chance if you like the idea of taking people strolling around your town, communicating with tourists, sharing your knowledge about your town with them, or practicing foreign languages with the language they're fluent in.

Depending on your place, sometimes you are required to have a certificate to be a tourist guide. However if you want to be an independent tourist guide, you can try to register at showaround.com and meet the employer directly.

13. Proofreader

Proofreader is one of the best weekend jobs to make extra money in Singapore. Working as a proofreader also allows you to work from home and set your own schedules. The equipment required for this job is relatively decent. If you have a laptop, you already can give it a shot. To work as a proofreader, you will be required to have high attention to detail. Mainly, you must master the language you choose and have enough knowledge of how this job works.

14. Bookkeeper

Both proofreader and bookkeeper are jobs you can consider to apply if you prefer working part-time on weekends. Both also have quite a short supply of quality freelancers. This job also allows you to enter on an entry-level with zero experience. With the flexible working hour option, you'd want to work as a bookkeeper for a long-term.

15. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistant is a job where their role is to provide administrative support to an individual or team. Their jobs include handling email and social media, maintaining calendars, scheduling meetings, planning events, and researching. Despite the various tasks, this job is one of the professions that allow you to work from home and you definitely can set your own schedules.

16. Search Engine Evaluator

Search engine evaluator is a job where someone provides feedback and ratings about what comes up. This job may not sound common but in the internet era, this is one of the jobs that is needed in many companies. One of the reasons this job may not be popular is because their works are relatively invisible as they are not quite common.

17. Weekend Receptionist

Weekend receptionist is one of the best weekend jobs to make extra money in Singapore. This type of job can be a great opportunity to build professional skills and can serve as a stepping stone into a full-time career. Clinics usually want to hire weekend receptionists, especially if their service also opens on weekends. Their roles are to be at the front desk, greet clients, and take phone calls on Saturday and Sunday.

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18. Customer Service Representative

Their roles are taking phone calls, responding to inquiries, providing customers with assistance, and completing administrative tasks. Even though this job position is linked directly to customers, it's possible to be done at home. Since they are needed to take phone calls, it's important to have a quiet home and an environment that is noise-free.

As for the main qualification to apply for this position is to have a high school diploma at least, general education degree, or equivalent. The ability to operate a computer is also necessary as well as having the proper computer to support mobility.

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19. Rent out a room or house

If you have a room or house to rent, you already have a good start. You don't really have to work hard like other jobs but probably need to ensure the room you rent weekly can also be done on weekends. It is possible to just work one day and have a rest for the rest of the weeks or months.

20. Freelancer

There are various fields in freelance, find the one that fits your skills and interest. For example, you can work as a freelance writer if you have skills in writing and are interested in this job. However as a freelance writer, you still can consider which site or company you want to work for because each focus can be different. It's important to be able to identify what interests you and which company or business you can work for.

Getting extra money on weekends seems like a good idea and that's the reason you came to this article initially. The idea to spend your weekend productively and get paid is enough reasons that make you interested in getting a part-time job on weekends. Hopefully this article has helped you in getting inspiration and guide on which weekend part-time job you can apply.

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