Questions To Ask in a Job Interview


Interview is not only about you as a candidate being asked by a recruiter or hiring manager but it’s also your chance to find out as much information as you can about the company. You probably already know that at the end of the interview, the recruiter or hiring manager will ask do you have any questions for us? This is not the time to say no, it’s all good, thank you. If that is your answer, you most likely will end up in the elimination list. Good candidates will ask questions to the company they are interviewing for because it shows they are really interested in the job. Before you attend the interview, you have to prepare some questions you want to ask the recruiter so that you would be prepared for what to ask during the interview.

  • Could you describe the typical day in the job like?
  • This question will give you a picture of what your day to day is like. As we all know many jobs are doing the same things or working on same tasks everyday, if this is not your preference you can simply turn down the job offer later on. But if the recruiter or interviewer answers it would be different day to day and you might encounter new challenges, then you can ask more about it. A clear answer from the recruiter means the job is clearly defined and you know what to expect.

  • Are there any training programs for employees?
  • You should ask this question to find out about career development. This can prove you are a person who really cares about the job in the long term and your career in the company, not only that, it shows the company also cares about the employees’ development. For example you are interviewing for a construction job and the company has Health and Safety training that you have to complete during your employment in the company.

  • What do you like about working here?
  • Another good question you should ask to a recruiter or interviewer is what do you like about working here? This will give you an insider view and real experience of working in the company. You can also read the body language when the recruiter or interviewer answers this. If she or he looks excited with a big smile that’s a positive sign the company is a great place to work but if it’s the opposite, you should avoid working there.

  • Can you tell me about the people I will work closely with?
  • If you want to know who are the people you will work with, this is the right question to ask. From the team you will be a part of to the supervisor or person you will report your work to. You can also learn about the team dynamic and personality if the recruiter or interviewer answers your question in detail.

  • What is the next step and when can I hear from you?
  • You have to ask this question if the recruiter or interviewer doesn’t mention about the next step after the interview or when they will let you know. So you will not be waiting in silence and no uncertainty. Also if you know there will be another interview you can prepare yourself again for the upcoming interview.

Other than answering your job interview in a clear tone and concisely you need to ask questions too. It’s not just to show that you are very interested in getting the job but also you can learn more about the company that you can’t find the information from elsewhere. Consider the interview as a conversation so that you will be more engaged in the interview and not being a passive person. You will be seen as a person who takes initiative too which is a good quality in a candidate.

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