8 Reasons to Work During Holiday Season and Job Ideas for Students

8 Reasons to Work during Holiday Season and Job Ideas for Students - Working during holiday is never a good friend for adult workers. In fact, they want to avoid it as much as possible. Instead of working, they want to spend the holiday to take a rest. Doing something they have always wanted but unable due to work schedule is also a better choice compared to dealing with their job again. No way they work on weekdays and still have to work during holiday. 

However students can have different perspectives about working during holiday. If you are a student and considering getting a job during holiday, your idea is welcome. It’s not a crazy plan and there are many things that you can benefit from taking a job during the holiday season.

One of the things many students have in common is that they are low in cash. Many of them also wish to be able to earn extra money. They can use it as extra pocket money, to buy something they wanted, to save, and many more. However, because of school schedules, there’s no way they can work and go to school at the same time.

If you are one of those students who wish to earn extra money, you can consider working during the holiday season. This will be a good option to fill activities during holiday. Working will absolutely make you productive during a long holiday if that’s what you want.

Not only that, there are eight reasons getting a job during the holiday season is a good idea for students.

1. You’ll be more productive during holiday season

As briefly mentioned before, there are students who wish to spend the holiday season productively. If you are a student who wants to be productive during holidays and earn money at the same time, getting a job is a great choice. There’s no other way to double consider this plan.

2. School’s schedule can’t bother you

During the holiday season, it’s less likely teachers will give students homework and absolutely there’s no test that will stress you out through the weeks. You can use this chance to get a job. So you can focus on your job without worrying about school.

3. Less competition

If you plan to work for a company, you will be dealing with other candidates applying for the same job. However, you’re more likely to have less competitors because normally not many people want to work during holiday. Though many students want to earn extra money during holidays, not many of them are actually doing it. Making it possible for you to have a bigger chance to be hired when you apply for a job during the holiday season as a student.

4. Practice and maintain time management skills

Students who work are more confident and possess better time-management skills than students who are not employed. It is possible because it means they have been through the process of learning by doing. They learn and work at the same time and this process, despite not giving them instant results, can give them long-term benefits.

Part time students also learn to manage their time much faster than full-time students. By doing so, generally, you will become more organized and efficient with your time, and tend to plan ahead to ensure you can fit everything into the limited time you have.

If you are good at time management skills during holiday because of your work routine, you will also do better at school by the time school is open again. Students who maintain a stable routine during holiday season tend to have better mobility when they’re back to school again because they keep their body and mind stimulated in positive and productive activities.

Obstacles regarding time management can happen anytime and you always have solutions. For example, when the work becomes overwhelming, you can negotiate with your boss about work hours and explain your school situation. This is another benefit of working part time because they tend to have flexible work hours.

5. Build your resume early

In this era, there’s no such a thing as too early to build a resume. Your holiday job may not be your dream career because you only want to work, be productive during holiday season, and get paid. If that’s your intention, it’s fine. Be it for your portfolio or other reasons, getting a job can build your resume anyway for the better.

Within the idea of building a resume early, it means you as a student will take on more responsibilities at your job. It is possible to be a little lazy at school or go to school in autopilot mode, but it will not be like that at work or you will get fired for not performing your job well. You are given responsibilities at work and must actually be responsible for it.

The responsibilities you take from work will affect you in a way to make you learn many things at once. The lessons you take may not be piece by piece, it can be a unity or something that you can only realize later. They are also not something visible in the short-term, but it is something that you can gradually feel and realize for the long-term as you keep working on it and building it.

6. Build network early

Yes, you start it young. That’s what will happen when you are working. Since it’s a holiday job, your contract may expire by the end before the school starts and the contract may be short. It means you may not see your boss or coworkers as often as before.

Building a network is not as formal as you might imagine. Maintaining a good relationship with your boss and coworkers when you’re still working with them is a good example. Keep in touch with your closest coworker even after you’re no longer working in that business will also do enough.

Even if you work part time in a field you don’t actually want to pursue initially, it’s still important to socialize, make friends, and build a network with them. Be it clients, colleagues, or bosses. Other than it’s a basic manner between humans, it can also be beneficial in the long-term if you are thinking about the future.

Thus, it’s quite necessary for you not only to focus on your job and showing your best work performance. To socialize and maintain a good connection with clients, colleagues, and your boss is also important. Who knows they will hire you by the time you graduate from school because they’re satisfied with your work?

7. Gain soft and hard skill early

If you spend your holiday season without routine, it may feel like too long. Once you use your holiday season by working, it will feel short. Is it possible to gain soft and hard skills in such a short time?

The short answer is yes. However the skills you gained from a professional environment may not be able to be measured in a short time. It is something that you will realize as you keep progressing.

Any job can develop your soft and hard skills. If you can’t meet your education degree with the available job market, it will make it hard to get a job with zero experience. However, it can be managed by building your resume early. Working part time is a way to make it happen. By working on it early, you will also gain soft and hard skills that can’t only be beneficial for the job field that you want to apply.

8. Earn money

To earn money is the common main reason students want to work during the holiday season. Their needs can be various. Students’ financial situation is often pretty tight. They have little or no money. With money they earn from their job, they can use it to pay their tuition, support family income, or gain extra money to buy their hobbies or interests. So making money can help every little bit.

The point of earning money leads to a sub-point, money management. When students start making money, the next thing they have to learn is money management. For the students with clear plans or priorities, they usually can manage it well by themselves.

However, for the students who work with no specific plans or urgent issues, they will struggle in learning to manage their income. The process to learn money management will not be in vain eventually. It is a beneficial lesson for their future. Likewise, money management lessons belong to the pros category of working part time as a student.

Freelance has always been a good option if working without employment contract requirement is your preference. If you are looking for a flexible schedule or flexible workplace, freelance is the right option. You can work from home if that’s what you wish. In fact, there are many freelance opportunities that can be done remotely these days.

There are companies that offer holiday season jobs for students. If this offer interests you, then you should start it. For example, Mercedes Benz has a program that offers holiday jobs for students. If there's a company that interests you, then you reach their site to find out if they have that program. Or you can also find more on workclass.co.

If you already know what freelance you want to do or what company you want to work for, you may start to find and get them from now. However if you’re juggling between several options or needed job ideas, here are eight of them that you want to consider.

1. Tutor

If you have the skills to teach and are competent in one or more subjects, you should consider this job. The subject that you can offer is not only a school subject, you can offer other subjects that are related to hobbies or interests. Even if you are still a student, you can become a tutor as long as you have the confidence and capability to be a tutor.

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2. Content Writer

There are many freelance opportunities as content writers that you can find on job sites. If you have the ability to write articles in certain or various subjects, you may consider this job. The advantage of this job is that if you prefer flexible work hours and are able to work remotely, this might best suit you.

3. Translator

If you are confident with your ability to translate from one to another language, then you should consider being a translator during the holiday season. Just like a content writer, you can have flexible work hours and be able to work remotely. There are many jobs that require translators such as translating documents, articles, books, movie scripts, and more. It will also be very profitable if you can do several languages so you can choose the one that offers you a bigger salary.

4. Social Media Manager

As a social media manager, some businesses allow work remotely while some not. However if you are good and enjoy multitasking and handling social media, this job should fit you. By multitasking, a social media manager can do several tasks altogether from uploading a post, answering customer queries, and taking part in community engagement. Since the faster you finish the job, you’ll have more free time.

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5. Transcriber

This is a job where you listen to audio and write down every word into a document. The audio’s content can be interviews, webinar, meetings, conference, speech, and many more. Usually there’s no specific skills required for this job. But it’s important to prove to your employer or client that you are a detail-oriented person and make sure no part of the audio is left out.

6. Graphic Designer

Graphic design is needed in various businesses. The demand to design graphics for products, events, and many more makes this job quite promising. It’s important that you have the skill to operate software such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Since the work hours are flexible, once school starts again, you can stop for a while from taking commission to focus on school again and have several portfolios that will benefit you in the future.

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7, House sitter

A house sitter will be tasked with watching someone’s house while they are away in exchange for free accommodation and utilities. It includes watering their client’s plants, cleaning the house, collecting mail, and taking care of their pets. If there are other tasks, it depends on what they need. Usually someone prefers to hire a house sitter from their neighbor. So if you are interested in this job and your neighbor offers you to be a house sitter, you should consider it.

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8. Pet sitter

This job offer can also come from your neighbor. So someone can take care of their pets well while they are away. As a pet sitter, you are tasked to feed them regularly, clean them, and if it’s a dog, you are usually tasked to take them for a walk. If you are fond of pets, you really have to accept this offer.

Fortunately, though working during holiday season is something adult workers want to avoid, others find it a great opportunity. For example students who wish to spend the holiday seasons productively and earn extra money. More businesses are also open to this demand and making more opportunities for students who want work during the holiday season.

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