12 Reasons Why Should You Leave Current Job

12 Reasons Why People Leave their Current Job - Resigning means to leave from a job voluntarily. When submitting a resignation, the company will ask for the reason for leaving. There are various reasons why someone chooses to resign from their position. It could be because of superiors, work environment, office colleagues or salaries that are not appropriate. For further explanation, here are 12 reasons someone leaves their current job.

1. Get better deals

Getting a better job offer is one of the most common reasons for leaving a job. We never know what will happen in the future. It's possible that after you have work, the company you used to apply for suddenly sends an email, giving an offer to work for the company. Of course, this needs to be considered, especially if the company provides more attractive offers. For example, a bigger salary, a clear career path, or other facilities that are better than your current company. If you are interested in the offer, you can leave your current job.

Don't forget to convey this reason in the resignation letter and in person when facing the authorized supervisor. If the current company really needs you, they may make an even more attractive offer, so you don't have to move to another company.

2. Salary given is not appropriate

Many people leave their current jobs because the salary is not appropriate. Especially if the burden and tasks given are too many. Of course, this can result in high pressure and job stress. If the main reason for resigning is because of salary, before submitting a resignation letter, you should try to discuss this politely with the responsible supervisor first. Maybe the company will increase your salary. If the company can't give you the salary increase you want, you can take a step back. Then you can try to find opportunities in other better companies.

Nearly 50% of employees leave their jobs because of low and inappropriate pay. Thus, if you feel that your current salary does not match your responsibilities and this matter cannot be negotiated with the company, you can resign from your current job for this reason.

3. Want to switch career

Undertaking work with the same activity every day will certainly feel boredom. Moreover, if the work undertaken is not appropriate to the educational background and interests or preferences. This will lead to pressure that can reduce the performance in the workforce. This triggers the emergence of a desire to leave the current job.

However, if you are in that position, you should not rush to decide. You can try to apply for vacation while considering the right decision. You can also negotiate with superiors related to this issue. Maybe the company can provide a solution, such as moving you to a division that matches your background. If all your efforts do not produce results, you can use this excuse to resign from your current job.

4. Personal relationship commitment

Commitment to personal relationships can also be a reason for leaving this job. Usually, this reason is often used by women who are married and have children. Because she wants to focus on being a housewife and caring for her family at home. If this is your condition, you don't need to think twice about submitting your resignation for reasons of personal relationship commitment. Usually, the company understands and will respect your decision to leave the company.

5. Health condition

Health conditions affect performance at work. Both physical and mental health. If you are experiencing health problems, of course, your performance will decrease. Poor health conditions cause you difficulty or even unable to work well. This is the reason why someone leaves their current job. Moreover, health is the main and most important thing.

Therefore, you can apply for resignation if you experience such conditions or if the work interferes with your physical and mental health. Besides your own health condition, the health condition of family members can be a reason to resign. If a family member is sick and requires special care, but no one can take care of them other than you, you can submit your resignation to your current company.

6. Feeling undeveloped

The intensity of work that is too high and monotonous activities every day can make you exhausted. This fatigue results in laziness, making you unable to do other work besides what you do at the office. You can't even carry out activities you like if you're too tired of work. If such conditions continue, of course, you will not be able to develop. There is nothing new that you can learn and do. Thus, you need fresh work experience and challenges. Feeling undeveloped can be a reason for those who want to leave their current job. This can make the company aware if the activities there lack innovation and boredom. In addition, this shows that you are passionate about learning and developing better even though you are not in the company.

7. Continue education

Many people, especially young people, leave their current jobs to continue their education. The reason for resigning is, of course, good and reasonable. For some people, continuing their education to get their dream degree is important. This is because having a good education can get a job and a better salary. If you are good at managing time, studying while working can be finished without problems. However, in reality, not everyone can do both things.

Many can work smoothly, but their studies are not completed, and vice versa. If you want to focus on finishing college well, then you can submit your resignation to your company. Or maybe if you want to go to college but also need a job to earn extra money, you can look for other flexible jobs such as part-time or freelance. Therefore, your position can be adjusted to your college schedule.

8. Poor work-life balance

Some companies have bad working hours. Many employees are often required to work overtime or, at times which exceed the standard. This, of course, affects the pattern of employee life. Therefore, they have little time for family, themselves, hobbies, rest, and other things outside of work. Work-life balance that is not good can be a reason for those who want to leave their current job.

Work-life balance is important because it affects health and human relationships. If you are in such a condition where your work-life balance is disrupted, resigning from your current company is a good option. A good company will certainly understand this reason. Maybe even this can wake up the company to try to fix the bad work culture.

9. Change of domicile/place of residence

Changing domicile or place of residence can also be a reason why people leave their current jobs. Moving domicile or place of residence far from the office where you work makes sense to apply for resignation. Moreover, conditions require you to not be far from your family. For this reason, before submitting your resignation, you should ask and negotiate with the company first. Maybe the company has a solution by allowing you to work remotely from home. But if the company doesn't have another solution, resigning is the best choice you can take.

10. Starting your own business

Many employees leave their current jobs because they want to have their own businesses. After working for several years and having sufficient capital, they finally resigned and became independent entrepreneurs.

Especially today, there are various interesting new business ideas which have the opportunity to make a lot of money. This is what drives people to start their own businesses. Do you also want the same thing? If you are also interested and plan to create your own business, you can use this excuse to submit your resignation. With the right reasons, the company will accept and respect your decision to develop your own business.

11. There is no clear career path

Working for a long time in a company certainly wants to increase the career level. Many people leave their current jobs because they have no clear career path. If you have worked for many years and contributed a lot to the company's progress, but your work is not appreciated, and there has never been a promotion.

Of course, this is natural and reasonable if there is a desire to submit a resignation. Especially if the company has promised a promotion before. If you are in such a condition, you can get a better career path and opportunity in another company. Therefore, submitting a resignation for these reasons is the right choice.

12. Not suitable for work culture / toxic work environment

Every company has a different culture and work environment. Being an employee in a company, of course, should be able to adapt and adjust to the culture and work environment. However, what if the culture and work environment is toxic and not appropriate to the principles? This will make it difficult for employees to adapt to the culture and work environment.

If a company's culture and work environment are good and healthy, it will positively impact its employees. However, if the culture and work environment is bad and toxic, many employees will choose to leave their current job at the company. In the future, you can do research first about the culture and work environment of the company to which you are applying. This is carried out to avoid resigning for the same reason. Thus, you can find a company with the right culture and work environment to help you grow.

Here are 12 reasons why people leave their current jobs. If you experience the above conditions, you can submit your resignation to the company. Of course, you should not rush into this decision. You should have found a new job or have plans for the future after resigning. Whatever your reason, you may submit your resignation according to the rules hence the company still has time to find a replacement for the position you left. If you need more helpful information about jobs and careers in Singapore, you can easily find them in Workclass.co.

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