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Retail Assistant Job Description, Task and Salary Range

Retail Assistant Job Scopes - A retail assistant is a job that involves interaction with a lot of people. They are quite like a company’s ambassador that helps the company to communicate what they sell to the customers. That’s why there's a strong need to have good communication skills. The kind of skills that help them make deals with customers.

Some people can excel in this field if they know they are capable of performing in this job or naturally have good communication skills. Do not feel discouraged if you feel like you don’t have any of those qualities but want to give it a try. Just like any other skill, you can learn to master any skills as long as you put your mind into it.

Communication skill may be the main quality a retail assistant must be able to possess. With this skill, retail assistants tend to have the ability to perform most of their job scopes at ease. However, these are not the only skills and tasks that a retail assistant carries. If you want to know more about retail assistants, read further.

Depending on the scale of the company, a retail assistant working in a bigger company tends to have more specific tasks. While smaller companies make the retail assistants have more different tasks. Here are general tasks carried out by retail assistants.

1. Greet the customers upon their arrival

This is the retail assistant’s first task in interacting with customers. It is a retail assistant’s job to make the customer feel instantly welcomed upon their arrival, make them relaxed and comfortable.

There are many ways to greet them. For example, greet them with “hello”, “good morning”, and so on. If it’s the usual or loyal customers and you recognize them, you can greet them by “hello, good to see you again”. It’s important to acknowledge the customer's presence. Then start a genuine conversation with friendly open ended questions to keep the conversation going.

2. Assist customers to find the suitable product and give suggestions if they need them

The key is to assist your customers. It can come in many ways for many reasons. Sometimes you have to tag along with the customers, sometimes you don’t have to. It’s important to know if they need you to tag along or not. That’s why communication is important.

To follow the customers or not depends on what company or store you’re working in. If you’re tasked behind the clear glass shelf, you most likely don’t have to follow around the customers. The reason is that the products are placed near you. So you can just move a little to get the furthest product.

In such settings, your task is to communicate the products to the customers. Help them to find the right product. Sometimes the customers have trouble choosing the product and that’s when you can give them suggestions. It’s important to prioritize giving them suggestions only when they need it. At this point, it’s also applicable to retail assistants working in bigger stores that make them have to move from one to another place to get to the products.

3. Deliver important information about the products to customers

Inform customers about the products is a retail assistant’s job. For example, you can compare between two products to help them choose when they need to know which one is better and suit them more. It means you need to have enough knowledge about the products, store, company and know the best way to communicate it with the customers.

The sales, promotions, or discounts information usually are set on the product’s shelf or store’s social media. If retail assistants inform the customers about the discount directly, this effort can encourage them to buy. Most customers will be attracted to buy something with a lower price anyway.

The effect is that informing customers about the sales can also persuade them to purchase more. If you succeed in persuading them to buy more because of sales, your company’s revenue will definitely increase. Then, you have done a great job.

4. Ensure the payments are processed correctly

In some companies, retail assistants work as cashiers as well. They are in charge of processing and receiving payments that include using the cash register. They balance the cash register, make change, record purchases, process returns, and scan items for sale.

5. Monitor the cash flow

The retail assistant who’s tasked to handle the payment process would also handle the cash flow. The duty is to track how much money is coming into and out of the store. It’s also important the worker assigned for this duty to possess detail-oriented quality. The reason is because when it’s about a company's money, they have to always make it right so that it will not cause issues later.

6. Process shipments

The shipping process consists of three main steps. They are to receive, process, and fulfill the order. First, implement an order management system to sync to the ecommerce platform when you receive orders. This is helpful to track the inventory and orders all in one place.

Second, verify order data and make sure it’s accurate before going to the next step. Last, when the order has been prepared and passed the final check, prepare it to be shipped.

7. Make sure the store remain organized and clean

Cleaning the store is also a retail assistant’s job scope. To make the store regularly clean, you have to also clean it regularly. It’s important to note that the right time to clean the store is before open hour and after closing hour.

Cleaning the store during busy hours is a big no because as a retail assistant, you should focus more on the customers, your main task. You should’ve done it earlier, later, or when a busy hour has passed.

By organizing the store you need to restock the products, ensure the price tag is in the right place, and check everything. Make sure everything is in the right place. Same as the rule of cleaning, only do it before open and after closing hours or when there’s less customers.

8. Handle ad-hoc tasks

Anything can happen and as a retail assistant, you still need to be able perform your job well. Sometimes emergency situations happen and that’s when you have to handle ad-hoc tasks. Tasks that’s not written in the job description before. For example, a customer comes to you to complain about the product. Your job is to solve the problem well and usually there’s no specific tips to be good at except to prove you are good at this.

Find Now! Retail Assistant Jobs in Singapore

1. Communication skills

As already mentioned in the beginning, communication skill is the main skill a good retail assistant must be able to possess. However, if you are interested but not confident enough to apply, remember that you can always grow your skill because skill is something that you can study, learn, and practice.

2. Problem-solving skills

Since you interact with customers regardless of their background every single time, sometimes unexpected things can happen. That’s when you need to be quick-witted. It is an important skill because not only you’re required to respond quickly, but also effectively.

3. Computing skills or computer literacy

As the tasks of a retail assistant have been laid out above, you can tell that it’s important to be able to operate computers for their purpose. There are several tasks such as operating a cash register and point-of-sale equipment that require them to have this skill.

1. Any major and level is welcome with conditions

The retail assistant’s job vacancy is usually open for entry level. It’s not limited to a certain major and level of education. However, the general stores usually want at least GCE O-Level certification and sometimes there's a minimum age requirement. If you have a certain company you want to get in, you can consider getting relevant education.

For example, a wine company would put minimum age as one of the main requirements. While drug stores would prefer hiring candidates with knowledge about drugs or graduates in related studies. One example that allows all majors to apply is for convenience stores.

2. Interest in the products

This qualification is sometimes required by the company. Especially companies that work by passion or interest. For example, the wine company that I previously mentioned. Basic knowledge and interest about wine is necessary if you want to apply for this position. If you don’t feel like having enough wine knowledge, you can show them that you are enthusiastic, eager to learn new skills, and willing to prove them.

3. Knowledgeable about the products and company

The other qualification that the company takes into account is your ability to be knowledgeable in front of the customers and remain humble as well as friendly and approachable. Being knowledgeable about the products and company means you are not only knowledgeable about it, but also able to communicate it well to the customers.

If you are a fresh graduate, looking for an entry-level retail assistant can be an option. You can start your career in this job and grow if you take the job seriously. Experience is vital for this job. So you can start as a retail assistant even if you have no previous experience. If you keep developing your skills and experience, you can become a retail supervisor. Then you can still move forward and become manager and then head of a department.

Finally, the retail assistant is a job that is usually required at stores. Their main job is to assist customers to get the items that they need. When the business is growing, the company will hire more retail assistants to maximize the customers’ experience. If you are interested to work as a retail assistant, you can find them on

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