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Service Crew Job Description in Singapore - Some people may be familiar with Service Crew as the spearhead position in a service retail company’s operation. Nonetheless, for those who do not know, it will sound foreign. Generally, a service crew is a kind of job position that has the task to provide services to clients or customers in an institution such as a hotel, hospital, government, or business company. However, business companies are most places that require a service crew. Moreover, service crew workers can work directly, individually, or in a team where every crew has their responsibility.

As we know that as a developed country, Singapore has many businesses that need service crews as part of their operations, so the job opportunities for this position there are wide open for everyone. Therefore, to give you more fruitful information about this topic this article will specifically explain more about the description of the service crew job and also its salary in Singapore.

The service crew workers have the tasks to provide people with good service. In some formal institutions, service crews are responsible for providing the information needed and helping in solving problems including criticism and complaint. Meanwhile, in business companies the crews have tasks starting from greeting, taking orders, preparing, presenting to collecting payment. In this case, selling is included in their duties. How does the service crew sell something? For example, in a restaurant, when taking an order from the customer, the service crew can suggest other additional items that may be suitable as a complement to the choice menu.

Another service crew duty is cleaning the work area. They may be assigned some cleaning tasks like sweeping, mopping floors, cleaning glasses or even throwing out the trash. They should also keep an eye on the material stock levels and always be ready to restock as needed. Then, the most important aspect of the service crew is performance because it will determine the customer satisfaction level. In other words, the better the performance, the better the customer satisfaction. Therefore, every service crew needs to be careful and can solve customers' problems.

To make the description clear, the service crew's tasks and responsibilities can be listed below:

  • 1. Welcome the customers

  • 2. Provide information and assistance (product or service)

  • 3. Monitor the surrounding condition

  • 4. Keep the work environment cleaning duties and responsibilities

  • 5. Maintain stock of goods

  • 5. Handle the customer's complaint

  • 6. Collect and record payment

The service crew has various working environments. Most of the tasks are in the office or building. In carrying out their tasks, the service workers spend a lot of their time standing and walking. However, some tasks are carried out outside such as the delivery crews who spend most of their time carrying the orders to customers.

Especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, most people prefer to use delivery service rather than direct coming to the store. This resulted in delivery crews working extra. Some companies changed the work system and even service crew duties that previously only served on the spot are now focusing on delivery services.

Nevertheless, as the pandemic era slowly ends, the real duty of a service crew is really needed and of course, the face-to-face interaction will be carried out again with some health protocols such as the must of wearing masks properly, washing hands, using hand sanitizer, keeping the distance with customers, has vaccination status and indeed keeping the workplace clean and neat.

For food and beverages businesses such as restaurants, most service crews work in a team where each crew has their task. One crew is for customer service, one for waiters, and one to be kitchen workers. However, there are also some business companies such as modern restaurants and stores that employed a service crew to work individually where all of the tasks are combined. A service crew in this context work as customer service, waiter as well as cashier.

Thus, taking orders to collect the customer payment should be able to be carried out well. This kind of system allows service crews to get more pressure in working, especially when the restaurant or store is busy with customers. They should be able to face and minimize the pressure to remain effective and consistent in serving customers.

Some service crews work full-time, but many are part-time. Because service jobs are most in-demand and needed, some companies provide additional workers part-time, especially on holidays and weekends. The service is usually open almost 24 hours a day, therefore the work system is mostly using two shifts.

Generally, there is no special education or training required to become a service crew. The training is usually in the form of short instruction directly in the workplace by the senior worker, superiors, or managers. However, some classy business companies such as hotels and fine restaurants require a service crew with certain training and minimum education level.

This is because those kinds of businesses have a high standard of service and crews who work there are likely to get a good career path. This kind of job is also a good option for the students who are looking for part-time because they can learn many practical lessons from experienced employees that would help them in the future to be professional service crews.

Singapore has various industries that pay their service crews’ salaries differently. In 2022, a full-time service crew job has an average of payment around S$2,050 per month. In Singapore, some companies prefer to pay their service crew employees hourly as part-time employees. F

or an hour, their average salary is around S$8 - 10. On the other hand, for an entry-level service crew, the yearly salary average is $21,600, while the average salary of an experienced senior service crew is $33,600 per year. Moreover, additional cash compensation is estimated at S$700. This addition includes bonuses in cash, tips, commissions, and profit-sharing. If you consider the basic salary and additional allowances, then service crews in Singapore can get their total payout at an average of S$2.750. 

According to, in some Singaporean cities, the salary of a service crew is higher than the others. For example, in Tanjong Pagar, the average salary is around $2,283 per month. In River Valley, it is around S$2,198 per month, while in Orchard city, the average salary is around S$2,084 per month, and in Bukit Timah, the average payment is about S$2,078 per month. In Outram, the average salary is around S$2,048. In Bugis city, it is around S$2,041, while in Singapore City, the average salary is a little bit lower at S$1,999, and in Sentosa, it is only S$1,635 per month. However, if you are in the other areas outside of those cities, you still can have respectable salaries as the service crew because every company has provisions regarding the salaries of their employees following the average salary in Singapore.

Although there is no specific or special education, the service crew job should have some skills, abilities also the knowledge that is needed to maintain or even improve the company's performance, including:

  • Can understand all instruction and information quickly and accurately

  • Can deliver information to the customer clearly

  • Can persuade customers (especially in the business company)

  • Have a good manner

  • Can carry out job tasks effectively and efficiently

  • Always be careful and pay attention to the detail

  • Skill to work in under pressure, especially in rush hours

  • Always on time on every occasion

  • Never give up on improving performance

  • Always keep the cleanliness

  • Willing to help other crews

  • Focus and be sensitive to the surrounding

  • Skill in handling customer complaints

  • Have the ability to solve the problem

  • Having bilingual or multilingual and several years of working experience can be a plus value

If you are about to work as a service crew, knowing and understanding the service job crew as a significant part of the company’s operational services will be very helpful for you to fit in this job quickly and professionally. You must understand that service given to the customers is the most important aspect of a professional service crew job. Providing a good quality of service is a must for a service crew and becomes a primary responsibility of this position.

Therefore, you have to maximize your ability to give a good service and at the same time show your hospitable attitude and fluent communication skills in every service to achieve satisfaction in the hearts of the customers or clients.

Besides all those aspects, you must understand that good communication is not the only aspect of providing a good service. To give an excellent performance, you need to be deft and handy in keeping an immaculate work environment to make the customer enjoy and comfortable.

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