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10 Side Hustles in Singapore That Allow You to Work from Home, 10 Side Hustles in Singapore That Allow You to Work from Home - By definition, side hustle is a piece of work or a job to earn income in addition to doing the main job. When someone already has a job and then they consider making extra money, that's the moment they need a side job. In short, side hustle could be a part-time job that you choose after your first or main job. If you are interested, here are 10 examples of side hustles in Singapore that you can explore to make extra money. 

Usually you'll be occupied by your main job on weekdays. So you have the option to do your side hustle on weekends at least. But side hustle also means you have the option to choose a more flexible working schedule, so you can have better time management.

There are various reasons people get a side job. First, to get extra money. This first reason has to be in everyone's mind because let's admit it that extra money could impact the budget for the better and to have multiple sources of income can be empowering.

Since a side job means you don't have the same duration of working time as the main job, you can finish the side job quickly and get paid quickly as well. So you can also enjoy the benefit of using the salary according to your purpose quickly. For example, you can use your salary from a side job to pay your debt because many people do. Just so you know, you are not alone.

Maybe your primary needs are already fulfilled so you get a side hustle to fulfill your secondary needs. For example, if you want to collect something related to your hobbies or interest, you can make it happen now that you earn money from a side job. Or maybe you want to keep the earned money as a savings.

Second, to beef up your resume. If you want to make your dream career as a college student or younger, you should build your resume early. Taking a side hustle that supports your resume can be a great first step. As you're progressing, you'll get better at it each day to eventually achieve your dream career. With such a competitive job market environment in Singapore, this reason has to be considered by everyone living in Singapore, especially if you are young and in a productive age.

Third, your side hustle can turn into a job that you'd love to do in the long-term. Some people get a side job to get the job done quickly, accept the salary, and move on. However, some other people end up loving their side hustle and building career and wealth from this side job.

Other than working side jobs for companies, there are also many stories where people start a business as a side hustle and end up making it as the main income once the business succeeds. As the business and the passions grow, they allocate their time and energy for the business instead of the previous main job.

In Singapore itself, more young Singaporeans are turning their passions into profit with side hustles. This has affected the many reasons people do side hustles while also keeping the interest in side hustles growing. According to Dr. Brandon Koh, an industrial-organizational psychologist at the Singapore University of Social Sciences, there's a term to call people turning leisure into side hustles or main career, it's called “serious leisure.”

Turning passions into side hustles can give them a sense of fulfillment. It's because side hustles that fit their passions will meet their psychological needs to do jobs that they deem meaningful. This idea of working a side job may have crossed everyone's mind. As it can bring them more financial freedom and flexibility into their life.

You also may have your own preferences on what kind of side hustle you want. First thing first, you have to identify your skills, passions, and interests. This first step is really important so you know which job you should apply to. Secondly, prepare and complete the requirements when you're done identifying. Last and the most important thing, start

Now, onto the next thing that you should know about considering side hustles. There are good side hustles if you prefer to work from home. There are also good side hustles if you prefer the kind of job that only requires a mobile phone. So you can do your job more flexibly and don't really need to sit down in one place too long. Any preferences can be good as long as you like the job. However, below are some of the side hustles categorized by both if you're interested between working from home and to work using only your mobile phone.

If you are interested in doing side hustle at your home, here are five examples of them that might interest you.

1. Online Tutor

If you have teaching skills, you might have considered choosing an online tutor as a side hustle. Students usually need a tutor from most of the school subjects, making any subject from school can be a choice if you're good at teaching one of the subjects. It's also possible to tutor subjects that's not related to school subjects but in accordance with the students' passions or interests. While the tutoring styles and subjects itself may vary depending on the age of the students.

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There are few tutoring subjects offered in Singapore that's popular today such as English, Chinese, Mandarin, Mathematics, History, Geography, and Science. As mentioned above, there are also non-school-related subjects that cater to the students' passions and interests. Some of them are Programming, Creative Writing, Speech and Drama, even Entrepreneurship, and many more.

There are also several ways to start a side hustle as an online tutor. First, offering your tutor service through your mobile phone or email contacts. But you probably prefer the second choice, applying to a company that hires online tutors because you want the process to get to your clients to be organized by a company. There are tutoring companies that provide this chance, they are:

Subjects: Coding, Scratch, and more

Subjects: Entrepreneurship, Gaming, Coding, and Robotics

Subject: English

Subject: Mandarin

Subjects: English, Humanities, Modern and Classical Languages, Math, and Science

Subjects: JC H2 Mathematics, International Baccalaureate & IGCSE English, Math, Economics, Biology, Physics, and Chemistry

Subjects: all subjects

Subjects: English, History, Geography, Science

Subjects: Creative Writing and Composition

Subjects: all subjects for primary and secondary school and junior college

2. Online Translator

Singapore has four official languages and they are English, Malay, Mandarin, and Tamil. There are other languages and dialects whose speakers are not dominant in Singapore but many still use them. This is also the result of Singapore being openly promoting multilingualism. There are Hokkien, Hainanese, Cantonese, Indonesian, Javanese, Arabic, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Punjabi, and many more.

By recognizing many languages, it means if you know one of those languages, you have a good chance to take online translator as a side hustle. You can offer your service by looking for one from Gengo or Fiver. But you can also work for a company. Here are several companies that provide translation services in Singapore and available for various languages.

It's also important to notice that translating is not only about converting writings from one to another language. Translating also means that you will deal with topic, linguistic, and cultural differences.

So if you have knowledge in a specific subject and also know two languages, you can state that on your resume. For example, if you know English and Arabic, you also have knowledge about healthcare, you can apply for clients that need to hire in those specified requirements and have a bigger chance to get hired.

3. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistant's job has been relatively unbothered by the COVID-19. In fact, this job is likely to keep growing even after COVID-19. The prominent reason behind this is because of the shift in people working from home and business transitioning from brick and mortar to an online presence. The second reason is business owners start to recognize the value of virtual assistant's roles to the company's bottom line – especially during rough times.

The role of virtual assistant is providing remote assistance to business management professionals. Though it sounds simple, no, it's not. Virtual assistants usually have multiple tasks at once that make them required to have good multitasking skills. To make it clearer, here are some of the responsibilities of a virtual assistant.

  • Managing social media such as Instagram and Twitter. These days companies also broaden their influence on other social media such as TikTok, YouTube, etc.
  • Communicating with customers about the company's business.
  • Organizing any kind of virtual meetings held by the company. It includes having knowledge and skills to operate and handle Zoom Room or Google Meet.
  • Making notes during the meeting and reporting the result after the meeting finished.
  • Distributing the meeting materials before the meeting started.
  • Prepare presentations.
  • Schedule appointments.
  • Any ad-hoc tasks instructed by the company

The requirements to get hired as a virtual assistant is quite simple. It's possible to offer your latest education degree, but emphasize your work experience in similar jobs and your enthusiasm. Since your experience and enthusiasm usually are the factors that attract the companies to hire you.

All the responsibilities mentioned above can be done properly if the hired virtual assistant can prove to have multitasking skills. This is also an important factor that can make the company consider hiring you. So you should be able to convince them that you can multitask well.

Despite the various tasks, this job is possible to be done remotely. Making this a good option if you consider work side hustle at home. Now, you may also want to check out virtual assistant job vacancy right away on

4. Graphic Designer

Back then, you needed to have a certain education degree to become a graphic designer. Nowadays, you can self-taught yourself to obtain these skills. Or you can join short courses and then build your skills by yourself.

Whether you want to be a freelance or work part time or a company as a graphic designer, portfolio and network are two of the most important factors to build a career as a graphic designer, even for side hustle. Though you can self-taught yourself, you don't want to squander the skills you already obtained.

The scope of a graphic designer is quite broad. You can start with learning the general knowledge about graphic design then focus on skills you want to offer. In Singapore, there are at least five graphic design jobs that pay well.

Find Now! Graphic Designer Jobs in Singapore

a. Art Director

Many graphic designers dream of being an art director. An art director is responsible for leading a team of artists. The tasks include determining which artistic elements to use, articulating the vision to the team, developing budgets and timelines, ensuring the best way to represent the creative director's concept, review and approve copy, designs, or photography. In short, art directors engage in multiple art forms instead of zooming in on just one.

b. Graphic Artist

A career as a graphic artist might be the right fit for you if you enjoy creating digital art. Graphic artists create posters, billboards, packaging design, logos, and marketing materials. They use elements such as colors, shapes, images, typography, and more to convey ideas to the audience. In order to fit this role, you will need skills in operating software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and familiarity with HTML.

c. UI/UX Designer

User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) designers are required to create visually pleasing and user-friendly layouts for mobile apps, websites, and more. As a job that revolves around users' experience, the demand to hire UI/UX designers has been growing higher as well as the fact that more people need and use mobile apps on a daily basis.

d. Animator

Not all graphic designers have the skills to create animation and motion graphics. Animator is a specific job with specific skills. For example, if a company needs to hire 2D animators, they should hire candidates that are actually capable of creating 2D animators. As not all 3D animators are capable of creating 2D animation and vice versa.

e. Product Designer

More or less, product design is a job that requires UI/UX designer skills or knowledge. Due to this, every product underwent the process of designing products before being launched to the public. Unlike UI/UX designers that make the design happen, product designer's duties include improving existing product designs and analyzing working concepts by similar products to match quality and performance.

5. Start a Business

The first thing to do if you're considering starting a business is to identify what business you want to focus on. There are many ideas to explore if you are interested in starting a business as a side hustle from home. If you already have one, you may start it as soon as possible. However if you still don't have the preferred business, there are three common business ideas you might want to consider.

a. Food Business

This is one of the most popular home businesses. Though it's common, it doesn't mean this business is easy to maintain. Many start this business, only some of them can maintain it for the long-term. Every business has its own ups and downs, but if you have passions in selling your home cooks, there shouldn't be second thoughts to start it.

b. Sell Handmade Products

If you have passions in handcrafts, you'd want to sell the products to earn extra money. So you can continue doing activities you're passionate about. If you enjoy knitting, you can create a sweater, blanket, or anything and sell it on ecommerce platforms. There are many others such as selling craft wooden furniture, candles, jewelries, pieces of art, and many more that suit your skills and interests.

c. Dropshipping Business

Starting a home business doesn't always mean you're the one to produce the products. If you don't feel like having skills to produce anything, you might want to consider being a dropshipper. As a dropshipper, sellers partner with dropshipping suppliers who manage the inventory and ship products directly to customers on the seller's behalf. 

There are side hustles that you can do only with your mobile phone. This option allows you to do a rather quick job compared to the previous category. It's because there are many things you can do just with a mobile phone.

1. Rent Your Property

First of all, you need to have properties you can rent. There are several types of properties legally available for rent in Singapore. They are House Development Board (HDB) flats, service apartments, condominiums, penthouses, and landed property. As for the landed property, there are three main types available such as terrace houses, semi-detached houses, and detached houses or bungalows.

You can rent your property on home rental platforms in Singapore. Here are 10 sites you can use to rent your property in Singapore.

2. Rent Your Belongings

You can rent your belongings to earn some extra cash. In Singapore, you can do it on MyRent. It's a Singapore-based app and site which looks to help Singaporeans monetize their belongings by renting them out on the app. They have seven categories of belongings that can be rented:

  • Cameras
  • Drones
  • Bikes
  • GoPro
  • Laptop
  • Video Games
  • Board Games

If you have a camera and rarely use it anymore or at the moment, you can consider renting it on that site. All you do is organize the process and receive the cash when it's done. The same goes with renting a laptop. If you want to try it but don't fit into any of those categories except laptop, you may want to do it for extra quick cash.

3. Driver

If you have a car and can drive, you can join Grab as a driver. You will need to register first, complete the requirements, and start the job. This job allows you to organize everything just from your mobile phone because you will accept and end the orders using your mobile phone.

In this era, it's possible to work as a driver for side hustle. You can adjust your schedule as a driver to other activities all by yourself. Making this a well-suited job if you want to have flexible side hustle from the time management perspective and also give you decent income.

4. Take Online Survey

Survey On The Go is one of the platforms that allow you to take online surveys and get paid. It's a site where big brands look for feedback from credible surveys. Their need for feedback makes this platform quite important to them and you might be interested in getting extra money just by filling surveys. There are 5 quick steps to do this:

  1. Choose to share data so you can encounter and get the highest paying surveys.
  2. Go to the app store
  3. Download Surveys On The Go
  4. Take surveys by access the app and fill in your replies
  5. Finally, earn cash. The more you move around and use your phone, the more surveys you'll be eligible for

The thing is you can't expect to receive a lot of money from this job, but if you want quick money, it's an easy way to score a few dollars on the side when you have some down time.

Find Now! Driver Jobs in Singapore

5. Earn Rewards for Searching the Web and Watching Videos

Similar to the previous example, you can try this on Swagbucks. You earn points by watching videos, shopping online, playing games, and searching the web. Then you collect your points and redeem them in actual currency.

Swagbucks and Survey On The Go are different from other lists mentioned here. But as a side hustle, both are quite easy to do and you can do it just with your mobile phone.

Finally, there are various options of side hustles in Singapore. You should consider applying for side jobs if the skills required to match you, if the job interests you, and if the schedule doesn't overwhelm you and your main job. The three of them are the main things to consider before choosing a side job.

The various side hustle ideas that have been explained above are a few recommended side hustles in Singapore. They're categorized by whether you consider working from home or you want a side job that allows you to work only using a mobile phone so you can work more flexibly. Hopefully, you are inspired to choose one of them or you are inspired to explore more to get the one that you dream.

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